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Hi all, during my last major flare which i’m still in this was close to 2 months ago. I have been struggling to regain weight. This brings me to my main question of this post.


Will these help me to gain weight and eat more? If so which ones should I use?

I found a weight gaining post that was called ‘High calorie foods which don’t fill you up?’ to the reply of this was a suggestion to use Digestive Enzyme’s the idea beening the faster you digest, the faster you can eat again. This would sound ideal for me. I am just eating as much as I can, trying to follow the SCD diet and it is almost impossible for me to gain weight without steriod help, I have given up with steriods. Yes they worked during my first 2 years with UC but I feared getting weak bones, I have spine curve and lower back problems as well and exercise hurts these.

My goal would be to put on at least 25 lbs and get back to what I once was at 25 I am now 29.

-Cheers RIchard


Medications: pentasa

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  1. Hi Richard! Sorry that you are going through a tough time…I was in your shoes almost a year ago. I needed to try and gain some weight back (like 15 lbs.) I did try the digestive enzyme but it did not help for me. Although I wasn’t actually taking it to gain weight. How bad is your flare right now? I would say that the things that helped me gain weight were the fruit shakes with SCD yogurt, nuts, LOTS of protein, and SCD ice cream (made with SCD yogurt…whole milk yogurt). BUT I will sat that if you are in a bad flare right now some of those foods might be irritating to your system. I would look into adding extra calories like I would make salmon salad and add mayo, homemade salad dressing, cheese…etc.
    Getting back to the digestive enzyme, I wish I had better news to tell you. I tried to stay away from adding anything more to my body for fear to send me into more of a flare.
    Good luck!

  2. Hi Michelle, my flare is slowing down a tiny bit. Compared to 2 weeks ago 10-15 trips, I am about 8-12 with many during the night. Last few days I have been over eating I gained 3 lbs so a start but I feel like putting to much pressure on my UC, still bloody and almost no solid BM. Have had alot of salmon, egg salads, lots of cheese, chicken, some red meat, bananas and more fruit jucie drinks all day. These last few days I have had less veg and more higher calorie food at least my shorts feel tighter. I have been trying aswell to eat each 2hours which seems to have gained me 3 lbs in 1 week. Not sure how much longer I can eat like this, I don’t even feel full but the bloating is starting to show.

    Those fruit shakes btw do you make them yourself? in the UK they sell smoothies which I have been using for months and they seem ok. I would like to try and make my own, I remember reading people use frozen fruits for them which we can get in UK but have to search harder for them, I found some in my local farm shop but not in the supermarket.

    Im still waiting to start the SCD diet once I’m up to my healthy weight (20 lbs or so more). I fear to much I will not be able to hold my weight even once the flare has slowed if I eat fully SCD legal.


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