Diet – What To Avoid And What To Include?


I’m a freelance journalist and language practitioner from South Africa, have four-year-old daugther and I’m happily married. I’ve been diagnosed in July this year and it was quite a shock (not sure if I’m over it yet!).

Colitis Symptoms:

I’m having a flare, urgency to go, bloody stools and lower back pain. I’m also feeling tired and irritable, and just ‘not me’.

My Story:

The thing I’d really like to know, is what should I eat when I have UC?

I was diagnosed in July this year, after having symptoms for at least a year and half. The symptoms started out as just a little blood after a stool, then mucus and blood, and then flared up to urgency to go, lots of blood, diarrhea, bloated, tiredness, moodiness and just really not being me at all. I was scared.

Have had 2 colonoscopies – the first did not deliver anything meaningful (I think the doc did not know what to look for, and was not familiar with UC!!). I must say – the first was done when the UC was only just peaking it it’s head out … the doctor even said she thinks it migh be piles, but she cannot really see anything … WELL … Went to a gastro-entestinal specialist the second time around, and was diagnosed after the second colonoscopy.

I’m still a little bit confused with haveing UC – there are so many stories and tips on the internet, and no-one can really tell from research what causes UC, what remedies really works, etc etc. So – I have not yet made real changes to my diet (I know I should!), but again – there are so many different opinions on what’s good and what not, that it left me feeling more confused. My question is: what food should I avoid at all cost, and what should I rather include in my diet? I’m taking supllements: Omega 3, probiotics, vit B, vit C and Zinc, as well as L-Glutamin. Oh, and I’m currently on Asacol (3xdaily) and Asaprez (2 daily). Sometimes it feels as if I’m taking so much medicines and supplements, it’s driving my crazy – I was as fit and healthy as a fiddle before being diagnosed …

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

In remission and pregnant.

written by “Anna M”

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  1. Hey Anna,

    I myself am part of the group who thinks diet can have a major role in controlling UC, not the only part, but a big component. There are several different types of diet’s that many UC’ers use, GAPS diet, the SCD Diet, the Paleo diet, etc…

    And you are absolutely correct, there’s many upon many stories and ideas (heck I’ve even written books on this crap), but at the end of the day, we’re all different, and our bodies change from day to day and year to year.

    So where does that leave us, well, we still have UC and we need to move forward somehow. I think its great you’re doing your research. What would be really great is if you could meet someone in person who also has UC who is using diet to treat their’s. Maybe I was lucky, but that is what happened to me.

    That said, I avoid alcohol (beers, wines, liquors). I also avoid things like chocolate, cane sugar, corn syrup, milk, most dairy in general for that matter other then some hard cheeses, breads, and potato to name a few. Sounds like there’s not much left right?

    Actually, quite a bit is left, and I’m thankful for that.

    I just had breakfast a moment ago, and ordered 4 eggs with crispy bacon. And that did it for me. Last night we had friends over and I cooked baked chicken and Zucchini Lasagna (you can see the recipe here which I posted last week: )

    Yesterday for lunch I had a Tuna Fish salad, and for breakfast I made a smoothie ( again this recipe was from a VERY old post, one of the originals, actually it is the very first post EVER on this site: )

    And there are more ideas of what I’m eating here if you are still interested:

    So that if nothing else will give you an idea of what I’m up to on the eating side of things. I just had a colonoscopy which you may have watched the video for, and although it did not come back 100% clear which is what I was expecting, my colon has gone from 100% Severe 4 years ago when I was diagnosed down to 75% clear and 25% mild. NOt perfect, but pretty damn good and I can’t give medication any credit because I don’t take medications.

    I wish you the best, and I also hope you can find some folks where you’re at to chat with in person, as it will for sure be a mental and physical boost for you.

    Take care and thanks for sharing and wising you the best moving forward,


    1. Hello Anna,

      I would like to be in remission and be a mother one day even though I have UC thats my goal. I was diagonised with UC since June 2011 and I was excluding only diary foods from my diet but, lately my doctor suggested me to think about surgery and its crazy I would never want to have pouch out of me. I have tried to be on diet for 3 months and it worked after that I was not doing diet and the symptoms came back again. However, I woke up since an hour ago this morning and made decision to be on diet till the end of my life rather than removing my colon, trust me its worth to be living healthy and on diet this is a better way after all I being through including those who has UC also. And the diet only includes healthy food which is good for other parts of our body. Adam helped us alot through making this website and its really great that we are all here sharing our stories with each other.


  2. hey girl! i have found that an SCD/paleo diet has helped with my symptoms.

    okay foods for me:
    beef, chicken, bison, salmon, sardines, anchovies, tuna, eggs, avocados, greens, non starchy veggies, bananas, berries, dates, mangoes, oranges, nuts, seeds, olives, kombucha, vinegar

    i avoid:
    beans, dairy, grains, cacao/chocolate, alcohol, preservatives, carageenan, gums/fillers, coffee, soda, starchy veggies like potatoes/sweet potatoes/spaghetti squash.

    if you are really struggling with symptoms, i would read up on the GAPs intro diet or SCD intro diet. they can be helpful with decreasing bm’s.

  3. Hi!
    It’s a struggle with UC! I’ve had it for a some time now (diagnosis 8 years now) and but had surgery straight away (so even though in a flare I am fairly decent). But to be honest I wasn’t until recently taking my own responsibility to heal. I was trusting the doctors to heal me, to cure me…

    Just like Adam writes there is probably one diet for each of us! There are also many diets out there. For me I knew straight away that SCD/GAPS/Paleo would work with a few tweaks. I would recommend you, as Joanna writes, to look into them. They are however not miracle-pills, they take time.

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