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Diet and Farming Practices

My son has had Ulcerative Colitis for the past 7 years and is in flare up at the moment.  We live in England near London and we are both very fed up with the disease.

Diet and Farming Practices

I do not want to say too much about my son as he is a member of this site and I feel it is up to him to share his story but I would be very interested to know other people’s thoughts on the following
– I have a wheat intolerance but can manage spelt, I was talking to a farmer and he explained that the wheat grain used nowadays is very different to how it was 50 years ago, spelt is the original grain and has a much more open molecular structure. The grain nowadays is quite tight making it much more disease resistant and quicker growing.  Does anybody else feel that these changes in farming practices are contributing to people developing UC?
– I have the impression that UC is a a fairly recent phenomenon, is that accurate or is it just that we have been made aware of it due to my sons illness?
– We saw his specialist recently and brought up the subject of diet and he was adamant that it wasn’t relevant and strongly advised against him restricting it in any way as he is loosing a lot of weight and needs as much nutrition as possible. He then said that beer etc was to be avoided because it causes fermentation in the gut, is this not a contradiction ? Surely that implies that diet is important, what does anybody else think?
– Lastly it’s all so gloomy, it seems its meds, a continual downward spiral into ever stronger meds with the possibility of surgery and erectile dysfunction, it is very depressing, the medical profession never offer anything positive, it makes both of us feel powerless and angry.
I work as a cook and have always made homemade food so he wasn’t brought up on junk food so if diet does play a part it must be something to do with the way it’s produced. Does anyone have an idea of where its come from.
Thank you,
A “worried mum

4 thoughts on “Diet and Farming Practices”

  1. Sorry to hear about your son. I have been battling UC for over 30 years. I was 10 at my diagnoses. I am a farmers daughter from the great wheat state of Kansas and I have to disagree about the farming practices. Yes, the wheat has been adapted over the years, but in my opinion that is not the cause. It has to do more with our immune systems. As foods have changed you must remember that diseases have adapted as well. And I will agree you notice it more now that you have a loved one with the disease. It is like that with most diseases that are new to someone. Sorry to hear that they are talking surgery. When my gastro said surgery, I got into a drug study with a different Dr. on golimumab that worked good until they found my kidney cancer and booted me out. (That is another story and I had it before the study just didn’t know it). Get a second opinion for sure and don’t rule out the biomedics if you haven’t tried them. Best wishes and always here if you have anything you want to ask me.

  2. I would say it is more likely that over use of antibacterials in both humans and animals is a more likely cause. Simultaneously creating stronger more pathogenic bacteria and weaker immune systems.

    Add to that de-worming at a population level, when it is now been shown more and more that we are sacrificing our legs to save a foot. ie worms are bad but they are being shown to help prevent other diseases:

  3. What a great post!! All fabulous questions, too!

    Doctors are not even sure how to treat UC or what causes it. Because WE who have it, live it…we are often much better at identifying what may have caused it in us, and what works in managing it. Your instincts are impeccable. Sometimes the doctors talk out both sides of their mouths. Love what you said about the doc saying diet has nothing to do with it, and then talking about beer and fermentation…what a contradiction, huh?!

    The SCD diet has worked for a lot of UCers…including our wonderful Adam, the guy who runs this site. Probiotics and L-glutamine for me. No more meds…they do not work and cause a myriad of other problems! Why would I put my body in further jeopardy??? I’d rather have my colon taken out…which, by the way, I have decided NOT to do either. It does not need to come to that! That does not need to be the final result!!

    The colon can be healed, and we can replenish the good bacteria that we all need. Somehow, UCers have lost that along the way, be it through antibiotic use, bad food, illness…whatever. I can hear the frustration and disappointment in your post…we have all been there…I have been med free for 18 months now, and in REAL remission for the first time in 15 years, just on a GOOD probiotic, and fermented L-glutamine powder. I can’t believe how normal I feel again…I though that I never would again.

    You are a intelligent and thoughtful person. Trust your instincts…they are spot on!!


  4. Sounds like you are doing some research and well on the way to helping your son, I believe this is key. We are lucky to have the NHS but we should be prepared to pay occasionally for the assistance and help that they won’t provide, allergy, dietician etc.. I also live just outside London in Hertfordshire and have serious concerns about how good our treatment is. I smoked when my UC got too bad so have less experience of treatments than most but as you say, the contradictions! Also an overwhelming feeling you are just a human guinea pig!

    I had a recent colonoscopy with a poor prep so was told I needed another as it was inconclusive. Fair enough but I said the inflammation stopped a fairly short way up so was this really necessary (bearing in mind another health issue)? “We need to make sure it’s not Crohns”, well “Sherlock”, smoking works on colitis but not Crohns, schoolboy error I would say. “Oh you still haven’t had blood tests yet, we best get those done? Not a reassuring 6 months under this hospital.

    It takes bottle but make them work to justify their decisions by letting them know you are informed. If you ask me they seem only too ready to give up your colon or dish out meds without safe monitoring. There is little or no work being done on the areas we can all read about here.

    I will do everything I can to help myself and not be entirely dependant on the NHS, very difficult to do as we all know. I wish you and your son the luck and courage for a long, good UC fight.

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