Didn’t Ever Think It Could Happen to Me! But it Did!

First off, I would like to say that I am so glad i came across this site, it has been helpful reading other’s stories of what they have and are going through.

Well I have had problems since 2009 but never thought it was ulcerative Colitis.  I started having bowel problems trouble going and going more often, I ended up getting a fistula down around the anal. So i went to see my family doctor and he sent me to a gastroenterologist and he said i had hemorrhoids and abscess, he lanced the abscess in the doctors office the first visit and let me tell you it wasn’t pleasant to have done. So December 3rd 2009 is when i had surgery to have the hemorrhoids cut out. After the surgery i was in alot of pain didn’t have first bowel movement for 5 days. After that i was doing better each day. Then about March 2010 I started having problems with my stomach bleeding cramping, so i went back to my Gastroenterologist and he said i had a fistula and sent me to a urologist.

Well that was so wrong because the urologist had no ideas why and what i was there to see him for. Well I was so stressed out and tired i just gave up. So for the next year and half i dealt with the fistula and the belly pains, constant diarrhea. But then in March of 2011 I started having stomach pain that i couldn’t handle any more, going to the bathroom every time was just painful it was so bad i had to hold one hand on the bathtub, i dealt with if for 2 weeks and couldn’t take it anymore, I went to the ER and they did a anal exam and seen the opening of the fistula on the out side, so for two years i have been dealing with the fistula. They sent me to see a new gastroenterologist and right away after seeing the fistula he wanted a colonoscopy done in two weeks. So April 28th I had the colonoscopy done and after that the fistula ended up getting infected, I couldn’t walk or lay or sit for two weeks, I went to the ER 3 times in them two weeks and they called my doctor and h e said they couldn’t do anything until they get the results back from the colonoscopy. So on May 25th was when my appt was to find out, and sure enough he told me i have Ulcerative Colitis and also treating me for Crohn’s disease also. So I have been taking the 6 prednisone twice everyday, that is 12 of them @ 5mg, taking Azathioprine 50mg 1aday and Flagyl 1 pill every 8 hours, so been doing this for the first mouth but it doesn’t seem to be helping, my stomach is twice as big as it was in May, I bleed everyday from the Fistula, i have discharge coming out of my rectum, i have spasm going from my retum to my stomach. if I rub on both sides of my stomach i have knots (my dad says it is where my colon is inflamed. I don’t know if i can do this with meds. My appt is this Wendensday @ 10:30am. When my dad was 29 years old he got Crohn’s and was put on meds for two years and it didn’t help him so in 1984 he had the surgery where they took his colon out and has the ilostomy bag, So my dad knows what i am going Thursday. I will keep everyone updated after my appt on Wednesday.


Medications so far:  Predinisone, Azathioprine, Flagyl


Submitted by: Jeff

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4 thoughts on “Didn’t Ever Think It Could Happen to Me! But it Did!”

  1. Jesus Jeff, hang in there buddy! I thought I was in bad shape, it just goes to show you that it’s all relative! I hope you feel better soon. Have you only seen one GI doctor? Have you gotten a second opinion? Have you seen a nutritionist? I think you need to see a nutritionist who can advise you of what foods you can eat or juice so you can get some colon rest until things get better for you. Give your body a rest and the opportunity for the medicine to calm things down. I’d still see another doctor if I could. You are on quite a bit of drugs that have some pretty awful side effects. Take care!

  2. Thank you Elisa for sending me your comment. Two be honsty with you I have two GI doctors that i am seeing. I see one for the UC/Crohns and the other GI doctor is seeing me for the fistula. My doctor in my home town is treating me for he UC/Crohns. Now I drive 2 hours to see my GI for the Fistula “which is columbus ohio”, I do have surgery on July 15th in columbus ohio for the fistula. And i see my GI doctor here in my home town Wedensday 29th to find out what is going to happen next since the meds seem to not be working.

    I am just over the whole thing but i wont give up yet, I will let eveyone know what is said at the appt tomorrow

  3. Wow Jeff – you are one tough guy. Make sure you stay on top of your doctors and get the answers to your questions. I’m shocked you had to wait a month for your colonoscopy results. They can see what is going on right then and there when doing a colonoscopy. I wonder if it would help to go on a low fiber/low residue diet or maybe have some meal replacement drinks such as Boost or Ensure? It is easy to get dehydrated when you’re in a terrible flare – this causes the spasms (in my experience).
    Take care. Be persistent.


  4. Hi! It breaks my heart to hear what you have been through. I know how painful things can get. You sound like a tough guy. It’s good you have your dad for added support, but that only helps things to a certain degree. I’m not a doctor, but I would really suggest modifying your diet once you are at 100% to reduce the flare ups. You have uc and crohns? I didn’t know that it is possible. I know that some things that work for uc do not work for crohns so you want to be aware of that. Also, smoking is not good for people Crohns I’ve read, if you smoke or are thinking of smoking you really should talk to your doctor.

    We’re all here for you! Stay strong, get better and stay well! :)

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