Dicyclomine Help?


Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis summer of ’10. Pre-UC, I was a super healthy vegetarian that binged on tomatoes and broccoli, if anything. Post-UC, almost everything triggers me. I’m lucky to have a partner and a family that understands me and supports me, but UC has put my job into jeopardy and affected my social life. I’m working hard to control my UC so that I can get back to a normal life.


My UC is mostly under control right now, but that is from restricting my diet So severely. Even so, I still have a very rumbly stomach and unpleasant BMs anywhere from 2-6 times a day. If I eat so much as 3 steamed green beans, I’ll spend hours in the bathroom, super sick and unable to leave home.

My Colitis Story:

I was diagnosed with UC several months ago. After the colonoscopy, my doctor prescribed Prednisone for a while, and that stopped the bleeding. I’ve been on Lialda and I guess it’s helping? I don’t really know for sure. And I’ve been severely restricting my diet.

I got to visit my GI again yesterday for a followup after a few months of not seeing him and seeing how dietary restrictions and Lialda (and probiotic, vitamins, etc.) would do on their own.

Here’s what I told him: Before the UC “kicked in,” I was a super healthy eater and a vegetarian. I could eat a whole carton of strawberries, half a head of broccoli, several sticks of celery, tons of cucumber, a bunch of fresh spinach, and a whole tomato for one meal sometimes (that was my version of “binging”) and never see any digestive problems.

Now with the UC, I’ve very carefully tracked what things trigger me, and coupled with the things that I’ve been told to never eat during active UC because it could tear at the inflamed areas, plus a couple things I’m allergic to, it’s pretty much left me with nothing to eat other than starchy foods and meat.

So now I eat nothing but bread, pasta, potatoes, chicken, and fish in fear of making myself bleed again. I mean, I could actually handle the pain from time to time if it meant I could eat what I want – but I don’t know how to tell if I’ve pushed too far and damaged my insides. (There’s no way I want to go through that steroid again, plus I can’t afford another out-of-pocket colonoscopy when I’m still paying off the first.)

I had 5 bites of iceberg salad the other day as a treat and got so sick. Two brussel sprouts made me sick. 3 steamed green beans on Thanksgiving made me sick. 10 blueberries made me sick.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to first of all not get to eat any of the foods I love, and second of all to be gaining so much weight because of this massive increase in carbohydrates and fats.
(And third of all, to see everyone talking about SCD or other diets that work for them and being jealous that they can still eat steamed veggies and such. Sure, I have the highly coveted ability to drink a couple beers without anything going wrong, but I don’t need beer and would trade it for the ability to eat a salad in a heartbeat.)

So anyway, I told my GI this and he prescribed my dicyclomine, telling me that I should take it when I eat a salad or something that usually triggers me, and it would slow down my digestive process so that it wouldn’t be as hard on those areas that are inflamed, and hopefully I will be able to eat them without damaging my insides.

But I’m looking it up online and mostly seeing stuff like “You should tell your doctor before taking this medication if you have UC.” Nothing really about people taking it FOR their UC. Plus a lot of side effects that look just like UC symptoms. Kinda scaring me.

So I’m hoping someone here

might have had experience

with dicyclomine

that I can draw from?

Also if anyone has any ideas to something that could help my diet, I’d appreciate it. I feel like maybe I’m whining too much, because at least my UC is somewhat under control right now – but if this keeps up and this is the only way to keep it under control,

I’m going to be 400 pounds by the end of the year. :-/

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Added link: Dicyclomine from the National Library of Medicine

8 thoughts on “Dicyclomine Help?”

  1. OrdinaryWorldWhereRU

    Thanks for sharing your story. I am not on that medication so I would be interested to hear other’s responses. Like you I would kill for a salad but I am not willing to die for one. I too have had similar problems so I am on a protein/starch existence. I have been successful eating canned french style green beans that have been cooked for an additional 45 minutes. I also purchased a Vitamix blender and have been able to eat broccoli soup out of it. I use frozen baby broccoli florets that are steamed first. Then I add them to a cup of chicken stock and 1/2 cup of shredded cheddar. I let the blender run for 4 minutes and the broccoli is completely liquified. I have also been successful eating baby carrots that have also been cooked for 45 minutes. Maybe some of these options would work for you too. I hope things get better for you.

    1. Does turning it into a liquid take the fiber-y, indigestible parts out? I didn’t think about that – I’m not a big soup eater but it’s definitely worth a try! Thanks so much for the ideas.

      1. OrdinaryWorldWhereRU

        It is absolutely liquid when it is done. It does require a very tough blender to accomplish this though. It is also hot when the 4 minutes are up. I think the Blendtec is also a very tough blender that could do this. I don’t think a regular blender could do this and truly leave it as liquid.

  2. Hi Kay,

    My doctor prescribed me dicyclomine for abdominal cramps a couple of years ago. I took it 1-2 times a day I think, but I’m not sure if it really helped that much. Either way I don’t think it did me any harm. I now take Librax 2-3 times a day for cramps, usually before meals, and find it works better. It might be stronger than dicyclomine, but I have found it controls spasms and urgency more effectively, so that could be something else to look into. Hope you find relief soon!

  3. Try the “Eat Right for your Blood Type Diet” or at least get some pointers. It sounds like you need to stay away from ANY type of foods that are gas producing such as broccoli, cauliflour, brussels sprouts, etc. Do you have a juicer, maybe juicing some things can help. I hope you find what you can eat. It’s miserable to be miserable. I can’t drink any coffee, eat eggplant, any new meds for anything have to be in tablet form so I can cut them in half or 1/4’s for a fews days to see if I can tolerate them. Best of luck to you.

    1. I never really thought about juicing, I guess I just assumed that even in juice/soup form, all the same stuff would be in it so it’d still bother me. I don’t have a juicer but maybe I can rig up my food processor to try some stuff!

      That blood type stuff is pretty interesting, I’m just looking into that now – thanks for suggesting it!

      I am so very sorry you can’t have coffee – I manage a coffee shop and had to go several months without, myself – so wrong!! I’ve finally worked up to being able to have a few small sips per day. Coffee is one of the best luxuries in the world, I really hope you can enjoy it again one day. :)

  4. Hello,
    I am not a vegetarian but a vegetable and healthy food lover.
    I was prescribed dicyclomine when I needed to control my cramping. Before that I had been taking tylenol because I couldn’t sleep from the pain. Then, I got dicyclomine and it helped. I took one in the morning one at night, I believe. It really did help ease the cramping.
    I did not hear from my doc that it would help for digesting food better. Why don’t you try to take some digestive enzymes to help break down food?When I was in my flare I coudln’t eat ANY raw vegetables and only very few cooked ones. Mainly carrots… Give it some time, eat those potatoes and rice if that doesn’t give you pain. You;ll get better! I remember when I was finally able to eat salad again I cried becuase I was so relieved and happy.
    Good luck in getting better! Try the dicyclomine, I’d say.

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