Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis

Here is a video that talks about how you are really the one in control of your colitis.
It is rated PG-13, not for less than teen agers.

Having gone to hell and now back at a normal life, I understand how horrible the journey can be. It is definitely one of those experiences that you learn it while you are living with the most horrible times of your life. If you are also going through those times, you are definitely not alone. Each week I receive many emails from people all over the world now who are just being diagnosed. You are not alone. It was me back in October of 2008, that was when I had the news broken to me. Just a few months after getting married as well. Surely wasn’t what my wife wanted to hear or actually see on the diagnosis report after coming out of the colonoscopy center. But, you get through it. As hard as it is to imagine when you are in the middle of the nasty symptoms, all the bleeding, endless bathroom breaks in your day etc… YOU WILL GET PAST THESE TIMES.

Once you make it past them, maybe you will start doing what I’m doing, and that’s trying to help other people, and let them know what you have learned along the way. It becomes your duty to tell your story and let others know what it is you can share about your experiences with ulcerative colitis.

Keep your head up, try to get some good sleep when you can, that is such an important part of healing. Even when I was going to the bathroom ten or more times per day, when I was asleep it always seemed to be better. You are going to need some good sleep to get past UC, and that’s what I am going to go do right now.

Good Night and sleep tight, don’t worry if the doody man bites

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