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Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis Via Biopsy, I’m a Pilot and Can’t Afford Frequent…

My name is Talat and belong to Pakistan, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis by biopsy test.

I used Masacol for few months and then quit as I still had loose stool and was not comfortable.

I started using Ayurverdic Indian medicine and got better, but now I get frequent episodes of constipation and use medicine occasionally.

I follow a strict diet and plan to stay fit as I am a pilot and can’t afford frequent break downs. I prostrate regularly and frequently as a good Muslim, and My God is very kind on me.

I like flying and sports!

Currently I have quite a bit of constipation.

Talat’s Ulcerative Colitis Story:

My hemoglobin gets low after flares but surprisingly I get microscopic bleeding which is not visible mostly, so I keep getting it checked in blood tests. I get skin rashes, eye puffiness and some pain in my shoulder muscles, moreover feel some pain in my teeth as well.

I have not had a colonoscopy for  3 years and I’m planning to get it done soon. I have lost about 6 kg of my weight Which is probably due to use of vegetables and fruits. But overall I feel that I get tired early now, lost some vigor.  I go to gym occasionally but do walk about 4 to 5 kilometers.  Initially it disturbed my life but later I got adjusted with it and came out of that shock which was there immediately after my diagnosis.

Sometimes I quit medicines and just use laxatives to relief my constipation. I don’t know whether that’s correct or wrong, if you guys may give me some ideas or thoughts on that, it would be much appreciated.  I am a bit worried too as I have 2 kids and praying that they don’t suffer from this problem.  If you guys are interested , please do try ayurvedic medicine, it’s awesome, and available in the USA. Please advise me if you have some suggestions for me.

I shall be grateful to you.

Thank you again,



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