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Diagnosed with UC and Now Taking Lialda

About a month ago I was diagnosed with UC. After reading up on several UC support group websites, I pretty much thought life was over and I assumed my colon would have to be removed.

Prior to being diagnosed, I spent my entire workday running to the bathroom in my classroom every 10 minutes. I don’t know how I managed to evade going to the hospital, I looked like walking death.

I went to the doctor and he told me that the past 6 years I thought I had IBS, I’ve really had UC. He showed me a picture and a diagram to explain to me that my entire colon was ulcerated. He put me on Lialda (thankfully not Prednisone) as I have read too many horror stories about the big P. Apparently my GI wants me to stay on Lialda for a year.

I started taking Lialda and woke up the first night with night sweats. I had also decided to start the SCD at the same time. The night sweats went away and gradually my 15-20 daily trips to the bathroom began to decrease. I began to start to feel better. I’m not sure if it’s the diet, the medication, or a combination of both, but I feel great. I have not felt this good in a long time. The blood is finally gone and I’m going to the bathroom like a normal person. While, it is hard to stick to the diet it is so worth it. I follow the diet completely with the exception of the yogurt ( and the handful of m & m’s I can’t resist having in my classroom every day). There are some great books and websites out there to help with the diet.

My heart goes out to those still having symptoms. I think I am slowly starting to go into remission. I know it seemed like I would never feel better. I would avoid going out. Not want to do anything in fear that I would need a bathroom. But finally, either with Lialda, or the diet, the blood is gone and I am feeling great. Here’s to hoping that my symptoms along with everyone else’s keep getting better!

2 thoughts on “Diagnosed with UC and Now Taking Lialda”

  1. Nicole
    That is wonderful news, for I too have been diagnosised back in September 2011,when I was put in the hospital with my entire colon ulcerated. My GI has me on Lialda as well, although he told me its a life long drug :( I still have the bouts of blood and such and I’m trying to learn all I can about this disease, so you can imagine I read a lot! I’m 46 yrs old and I do believe I had these symptoms since my early 20’s (just not as severe) but like you I always thought it was IBS not IBD/UC. Guess, I should look more into this SCD that everyone talks about. I know I’m not allowed fiber (fruit & veggies), caffeine but wasn’t told anything else…so I am far from remission and still not sure what I can eat but protein & starches?? Keep up the good work, your story gives me hope that the Lialda will work…again, if I eat right. GL going in remission!

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