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Desperately Looking For Help


I’ve been dealing with Gastrointestinal problems for 13 years – officially diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 4 years ago! However – I am COMPLETELY different than 99% of people. I get severely constipated and toxic.

My Colitis Story:

It’s so hard researching a lot of this due to the simple fact of – everywhere you look, main symptom is diarrhea. Hardly EVER do I see someone with crohns or UC that deals with constipation. I don’t really have alternating bouts. It’s predominately constipation. I’ve been med free since the get go although my life is still a living hell. I’m ALWAYS sick. Not sometimes, always. There is no such thing as a flare with me. It’s 365 / 24 / 7. Many trips to the ER, admitted to the hospital, 3 colonsopies, etc. They say severe UC, Colitis with deep linear ulcerations in distal rectum. Proctitis, etc. My problems have escalated a ton. Now I am getting HORRIBLE jolting pains all through my body, I have a 12 MM kidney stone. And to top it of, my anxiety is at an all time high. I feel many times like I am going to pass out – no lie. It’s awful. I hate leaving home. When I do go to the bathroom, every few days, it’s hard huge balls that are caked in blood and mucus. Desperately looking for help…….

Submitted by: “Colitis Dude”

8 thoughts on “Desperately Looking For Help”

  1. I do not have UC, however I suffered with terrible constipation – similar to what you described – my whole life. I’m glad to say that I’m completely regular now and I believe it’s because I started taking Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega on a daily basis (pricey yes, but gives major health benefits and is the best on the market). If you’re against medication, perhaps a homeopathic remedy is more your speed. I recommend looking into taking omega oils, ground flax seed, acidophilus or other probiotic, and vitamin D.

  2. I do have the more common severe UC. I thought I had tried everything until I went on a juice fast (I am currently on my 3rd day) For the first time in 6 months I had a normal bm today. What I can’t believe is how many bm’s I still am having even without eating solids. So, perhaps many of us with UC have some constipation along with diaherrea, it sounds like an oxymoron but that is what I am realizing. It may be worth you trying a juice fast too. Hippocrates, Socrates and other philosophers swore by it and said that our bodies are self healing and if we give it a break from food it can focus it’s energy on healing instead of digesting. It is working for me, maybe it will for you too!

  3. Maybe also talk to your doctor about a course of prednisone? Try to heal those ulcers and get your bowel working properly again.
    Good luck,

  4. Dear Colitis Dude–I, too, suffered for years with constipation–I have Crohn’s but i wanted to suggest my book to you–I always feel like a self-promo type of person when I suggest my book, but what the heck, it is out there and helping lots of people, so it is meant–not in a marketing way– but in a caring way… I think it might help! I have a regimen of diet and lifestyle support that might work! It is called “Living With Crohn’s & Colits: A Comprehensive Naturopathic Guide for Complete Digestive Wellness” — the reason I would recommend my own book is that I had identical problems! I did go on Prednisone, as Peter NZ recommended–and that helped settle things down–I was even on Cipro for a time; but, after my surgery, I really got serious about wanting to stay healthy…. All the suggestions above are great: Omega Fish oil, probiotics, and I swear by (nightly) two tablespoons of Flaxseed ground up and mixed with water–this keeps me from getting constipated and makes things very regular–such a blessing for us UC and Crohn’s sufferers! Hang in there–don’t despair!

  5. Hi Colitis Dude, Can I back up what Dede has said, my original diagnosis way before I was ever diagnosed as having UC and Crohn’s was IBS and the symptoms of that were severe constipation, tiredness and stomach cramps. I was on laxatives for ages but even those did not seem to help, it wasn’t till I had the most distressing symptom, blood and loads of it that a colonoscopy and endoscopy revealed UC and Crohn’s (although I had had an endoscopy a few years prior which the consultants told me had led them to believe I had IBS). Due to the medication I now take, prednisolone, mezavant xl & other assorted concoctions I don’t get constipated but food still seems to take its time passing through my system which, I assume is why I still get pain. Dede’s book of which I have a copy, is full of helpful advice, I’m not selling it for her but I’m sure it might help you as much as its helped me.

  6. colitis dude, i have been dealing with severe constipation since my teens, i was diagnosed with Uc six years ago at age twenty two. I am either severely constipated or having severe diarhea always with blood, cramps, spasms and pain. If i follow a low residue diet to slow down the big D i end up getting hospitalised with impacted bowel. I am currently in hospital and xrays show i am constipated once again even tho i am having very loose stools up to thirteen times a day. U are not alone. I would defintely think about the juice diet but i can tolerate orange juice or fruit with acid. I break out in a rash and get cramps. Life with UC ain’t easy I think we are all troopers :-)

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