Definitely have Work to do, But back to my Happy Self!

My name is Annie, I’m 22 and just recently posted up my story about being at my wits end with my 6-7 month flare with colitis! Giving a little update…

The Update:

So, since I last wrote in, I am now sitting in the hospital being treated for my very severe Ulcerative Colitis flare. Not pretty! My husband basically tricked me into going to the ER (I hate doctors/hospitals as I have yet to meet any that do much but push meds at me without any other advice, etc..) I was admitted on Thursday, had another colonoscopy and whatever those are called when they look down your throat into your stomach… After seeing the incredibly disturbing pictures of my colon, I refuse to keep going on the way I have! As soon as I get this flare a little bit into control and go home, I am starting the SCD diet! :) I hope to share the success that many of you mention on this website!

The reason I was getting the stomach pain and throwing up is because they beleive I have an H. pylori infection after finding gastritis during mycolitis baby procedure. Will start antibiotics for that once the results come back. I am also now being re-treated with strong doses of solumedrol, so far seem to be working (definitely less blood, and going much more less often! Hoorayyy!) but I know I can’t keep going this way with all these crappy meds! Steroid side effects= no bueno but until I get home and can start the SCD diet, I am making do.

I would like to thank you all for all your great advice, and say that I have such a better outlook on this whole thing! I am back to my usual great mood, even being stuck in the hospital… be it from now knowing I have a greaet group of people to get advice from, Adam’s funny videos, (You have been cracking me up and really giving me some much-needed entertainment while in the hospital!) or the fact that I am incapable of staying down in the dumps about something for very long!! And man, walking around the hospital floor and seeing all the other patients that have it so much worse off than I has also really put things into perspective..:/

I can’t wait to start the SCD diet and let you all know how it’s going! But Oh boy that chocolate will be hard to let go of though… Being French Canadian, I grew up eating sweets, baked goods and desert after every meal. Except maybe breakfast.:).. My sweet tooth has definitely decreased over the years but still need that chocolate fix every once in a while!!! :)

Hope to get out of the hospital Monday… my awful GI (won’t even get into the newest issues that have happened with this lady again ugh) wants to meet with me Monday and plan on started the stronger meds. Truth is though I’m terified! Hopefully I can just keep doing the steroids, start the diet and get things under control! :D

Boy am i a blabber mouth! Having nothing else to do but scan the web and watch TV in this tiny room doesn’t help either.. :)

All my best!


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4 thoughts on “Definitely have Work to do, But back to my Happy Self!”

  1. I hope you don’t mind me chiming in here but I recommend looking up prednisone and it’s side effects. There are many good reasons that they don’t keep people on high doses or long-term use of it anymore. Especially women with certain traits like a thin frame. Personally my resistance to taking the proper meds to manage the disease was dangerous and I have been warned that if there was a ‘next time’ like the last, they may not be able to dig me out of the hole. Maybe try asking for a second opinion. I am not advising not to do the diet but I also, personally, don’t believe that all doctor’s are in the pockets of the drug companies and working against improving the health of their patients. Mine said if he could hand me the cure, he would in a heartbeat. He also reminded me that the real monster here is the IBD and not the drugs used to manage the disease. My GI doc also told me that he had no answers because the truth is they don’t even know what causes the disease. When I asked about foods he said it would be trial and error because what works for 1 person may not work for the next. He also said that what works today may stop working later. That being written, I have found my own diet that is helping me keep things at a manageable level until I try Remicade. My diet consists of no wheat products and yogurt with live active cultures at every meal. I drink lots of purified water and I drink Lactose free milk (my bones need the boost after being on prednisone for so long). I don’t drink any sodas or alcohol at this time. I only go 3 times a day with that current setup. I haven’t tried gluten free products yet but I am going to see if my present low carb diet really just needs to be wheat free and not low carb. I am glad you are getting some concentrated treatment now. I truly hope you continue on the road to good health. (I should mention that my GI doc always has me checked for c-diff after any round of antibiotics.) I wish you luck with the SCD diet and hope that works for you. If it doesn’t, don’t give up, just keep testing to find out what does work for you. Sorry for being so wordy.

  2. Hi Annie, glad to see your mood and symptoms are improving (even if it’s from solumedrol)
    I thought giving up on chocolate and bread would be more difficult. I wish you the best of luck (and with your GI as well – I am scared of all those meds, too, that’s why I got on the SCD diet)

    from a fellow french-Canadian UCer and SCDer


  3. Thanks for the update Annie. Glad to hear you are on the mend! Is the pic above – you and your baby – wow beautiful! Both of ye! It is amazing how well we can look when our insides are so sick! The camera test down your throat by the way is called an endoscopy. Hope you will be out of hospital soon and the very best of luck to you on the SCD diet! x

  4. Hi Stacy! A month ago, I was right where you were- except I’ve had colitis for years and developed an infection to the Humira I was on. The SCD has PROVEN to help keep my inflammation down. I refused Remicade and am setting up an experiment, where I get OFF the drugs (Only on 15 mgs of prednisone now) and rely on the SCD to get me back in remission.

    Yesterday was my one month anniversary! The results speak for themselves! I hope my studies can help you- Feel free to check it out, hope it helps.

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