Dealing with Urgency

Meet UC’er Abe A:

My name is Abe and I am a 25-year-old male with ulcerative colitis. I was diagnosed about a month ago and started the SCD diet two weeks ago.

Some more background:

I am a college professor and professionally performing musician. I am also on a full ride scholarship getting my Masters degree. Ulcerative colitis makes all of these things incredibly difficult to do.


Currently, I have been dealing with urgency and diarrhea. I haven’t seen any blood in a while but it is intermittent. I have little to no gas. Recently I experienced a severe fever and nausea. I did some research and I think it might be “die off” symptoms.

Abe’s UC Story:

Ulcerative colitis has completely changed my life. I’m constantly afraid that I might eat the wrong thing or have an accident. Even going to the bathroom is loud and embarrassing. I have a very understanding girlfriend (soon-to-be wife) but it’s still embarrassing. It seems like I can’t eat out with friends anymore, share a beer and just be a normal person. At times this disease has made me quite depressed and eager to stay home. I’m not sure whether it’s the disease or the medication but I have been feeling fatigued and week as well. I’ve lost a little weight went before I was diagnosed I was trying to gain weight.

I’m most concerned that the symptoms will never fully go away or get worse.

One question is if there’s anyway I can deal with urgency for just one day. I have to make a long drive up to North Carolina soon with my girlfriend and I don’t want to have to stop too frequently or have an accident. I have Imodium which I was using to treat my symptoms before I was diagnosed. I read somewhere on this site that someone used that as a temporary Band-Aid. I’m just wondering if there are any other ways or better ways. Any quick fixes.
Another question I have is how long will it take for the colon to heal itself? I believe the diet I am on is low stress on my large intestine, but I still have incredible pain right before I have a BM.

I’ve learned so much from this site already, and I really appreciate the input everyone is done. By following SCD and doing some other things recommended on this website many of my symptoms have quieted down. Any and all input is appreciated and I thank you.

How Abe Treat’s His Colitis:

I am currently on the SCD diet. Natural supplements I’m using are chamomile and extra-virgin olive oil. Two medications I am taking our Uceris and balsalazide. I’m also going to start probiotics soon.

written by Abe

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8 thoughts on “Dealing with Urgency”

  1. This sounds like it could have been my story about 11 years ago when I was diagnosed. I was so sick I couldn’t go anywhere. Now I am practically symptom free and doing well, however that took a lot of time and a lot of trying things out and of course a lot of failing.

    About the trip. I don’t think there is a quick fix really. The only thing for me when I was very sick was to not eat solid food at all and drink home made juices. That is a real juice and not a (blended) smoothie. Smoothies have fibre and juices don’t and that’s the most important difference for UC people. If you start drinking water and juice the day before and continue on the day of your drive you probably will have no or very little bowel movements. You’ll be hungry though! I guess you can make it easy on yourself and buy juices at the store too.
    It works for me so I thought I’d share.
    Also don’t be afraid to just squat next to the car if you really have to, I know it’s no fun but I can’t tell you how many times I have left my marks behind like that all around the world actually. It is what it is.

    I got married too when I was just diagnosed and very ill. No fun, imagine a honeymoon in Paris, a small hotel room where you can hear EVERYTHING from the bathroom…..well I’ll leave it at that. I know things will work out for you, just be patient and keep trying.

  2. Two suggestions; when my son got a perscription for lamotil which works better for him than Immodoum. He was also recently given a prescription for Rowasa enimas which helped a lot in decreasing pain and urgency. It will get better.

  3. The urgency is the worst! The only thing that ever helped me was if I literally did not eat. I know that sucks, but if you don’t eat, you don’t have to ‘go’. Don’t eat the morning of the trip…drink some water, chew some gum. Wait until you arrive at your destination, and then pig out when you can be near the john.

    Cheers, and, like others have already stated…it gets better eventually. Urgency is very
    trying and annoying as hell, though. When it finally subsides, and it will, you can’t believe how good it feels not to have it. It’s really quite amazing how we live with it, isn’t it?

    Unless a person has experienced urgency, they have NO idea.

  4. Hi Abe.

    Have you thought about trying Fecal Transplants at home or Fecal Microbiota Transplants at home or in a clinic?
    I can’t say it will work but for me the transplants reduced urgency within a few days for me and they are also a really healthy and natural way of getting good bacteria back into your gut.
    There isn’t a lot of backed up research available right now but type in ‘The Power of Poop’ into your browser.
    Also, try and cut out sugar and grains and too much fibre….and maybe buy a good probiotic live VSL or Prescript Assist.
    If you and your partner are strong then I’m sure you could try it with no worries :)
    Good luck !

  5. Thank you so much everyone for your responses.thank you Bev.
    Yasmin how do fecal transplants work?
    How complicated is it?

    Thank you all, I’m thankful for this community

  6. Hi Abe. Google the Taymount Clinic in UK. Also google the Power of Poop Website.

    It’s a fascinating process but not for the squeamish.
    All depends on how you want to do it. In clinic you wont see or smell a thing… at home you will have to hold your nose ;)

  7. Please google the work of Dr Karen Mullins , the GI warrior, whose protocol with charcoal, diet, and powerful natural herbs proved miraculous… All the best of luck.

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