I’ve been diagnosed with mild-moderate ulcerative colitis a week ago following three months of bloody stools and diarrhea. My mother had UC (surgery) and so do both her brothers.

Medications: Mesalazine thrice daily

The Story: Although I’ve got my own three semi-experts, I’m curious having read others’ posts on which foods affect them more/less.

As I’m newly diagnosed and on mesalazine, I haven’t been venturing past potatoes, chicken, fish, white pasta etc. I miss my fruit and veg but I’m worried it will make things … uncomfortable again. And being a young woman working in London isn’t conducive to running to the loo every couple of hours!

I’m Indian, and love my Indian, Mexican, Chinese & Thai food, basically anything tasty and with a kick. Have other sufferers found that they can still eat the same foods they used when the colitis is under control? Also, what have people found to be the best way of helping get colitis under control to start with?

written by:  Ani (from London)

3 thoughts on “Daughter of UC”

  1. Hi,
    Know what you mean about finding a loo quickly in London!
    Just thought I’d say I love a good curry etc. too and the kick doesn’t seem to affect my colitis at all. I wouldn’t have a hot one in a flare but otherwise I go for it.
    Good luck to ya – I miss brick lane and curry mile in Manchester!

  2. Hi Ani,

    I was just diagnosed with UC two weeks ago…and am in the same boat. I’m indian too, and love food with a kick to it. It was nice to see that other people are in the same boat, and that some people are able to still incorporate a good curry into their diet ( thanks Peter!).

    I’ve noticed that during my flare-up, I am unable to handle even the most basic spice. The only spice I’ve been able to tolerate is curcumin, although I feel like it could be psychological since everyone says its good for inflammation. For the moment I’ve been having very bland non-gluten and non-dairy foods. But, they can still be yummy. For example, vietnamese spring rolls filled with vermicelli noodles and some boiled veggies has been easy on my system and a nice taste of asian cuisine in an otherwise boring repertoire.

    I look forward to hearing from spice-lovers who have experience with food choices outside of the flare-up period as well.


    1. I’ve been wondering about the turmeric or curcumin for a couple weeks now: I know it’s great against inflammation, but I was wondering if it makes a difference if we only cook with it. Is there any effect if it’s just the spice in our food? Because I read that turmeric is really hard to absorb. Does anybody know? I wonder about this in general, same with garlic and ginger… I’ve been using both like crazy and I’d like to think it helps. I’ve just read that they’re all anti-inflammatory but I don’t know whether the amount I put in my food makes a difference?

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