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Dan’s Ulcerative Colitis in London

Hi guys , my name is Dan, i’m a 30 year entrepreneur living in London.   Adam asked me to share my story on the site. I hope this can be useful to some of you out there.
I have had been suffering from consistent pressure headaches from 2008, I now longer suffer from these headaches and not sure whether they are related to the following symptoms….
It all began on December 2008 when I had an episode of abdominal pain with frequent visits to the toilet. After a visit to the GP (doctor) he dispatched me home with a diagnoses of a stomach bug. The symptoms got better after 2 weeks but  Some 3-4 weeks later I began to feel the same symptoms again  with some signs of blood in the toilet . I went back to my GP and he insisted it was a type of bug that was persisting and the blood was the cause of minor hemoroids.  I got better after one week and actually believed his crap! By the middle of 2009 I had another episode of the same symptoms, coincidently  I had eaten some dodgy Chinese food in China town and again my GP convinced me this was just a case of food poisoning.  By October  2009 I began to notice I was loosing weight at a fast rate, I have always been light weight  67k but I was now down to 62k. I also had developed a pale looking colour even tough I was eating like mad! My apettite remained in tact but I was consistently feeling very weak and I was always having nausea. That same October  I had another episode (I now know it was a flare ups). This particular episode was with terrible nausea and weakness, and I knew that if I was to be taken seriously I needed to go straight to accident and emergency . They did an X ray and confirmed there was severe inflammation in the colon and referred me to a gastrologist. I was to be seen within the next 2 months (Can you believe this, 2 months!).  By December 2009 just before I saw the gastro team I had another flare up.
That same December I saw the gastro team., after a colonoscopy I was finally diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis/ Chron disease (for some reason they can not determine whether its one or the other or both). I was immediately put on Asecol to be taken three times a day indefenetely  which worked wonderfully, it immediately gave me relief. This however did not last as I had another flare up in the middle of February 2010. By this time I began to research alternatives and came across Adam who introduced me to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I began this diet by the end of February and continued with the Asecol treatment.  However, by the middle of April I had another flare up which was really disappointing given the fact that I had all may faith on this diet but there was one thing I had over looked, my  daily doses of Asecol contained some of the specific ingredients the diet strictly prohibits. I have now replaced the Asecol with another that is free from Lactose and Starch. But I will cut out all drugs very soon!
The most recent flare of the middle of April landed me in hospital for one week due to the loss of blood and weakenes. I was then put on some high doses of steroids ( Prednisolone) which I will talk about on the Prednisolone page.

9 thoughts on “Dan’s Ulcerative Colitis in London”

  1. Hey Dan Welcome to the club! Hope you are doing well! I am now back on steroids at a high dose. Im not happy about it but it has stopped my flare being bad…just waiting on the backne and moonface now just in time for my birthday (the big 25!) but at least i might have a chance to celebrate it this year rather than being in hospital like last year with a feeding tube down in my stomach

    1. Hi Jen,
      Yeah, those steroids are real sh**t. I have just come off them. It was my first time one steroids and it will be my last. I will be writting about my experience soon. I did not get the moon face but had whole load of other effects including insomia, mood swings, etc. I wish you all the luck this time around. Happy birthday in advance! hope you get better.

  2. Hi Dan,
    my mom was just recently diagnosed and was put on Asacol right away. The pills made her so much worse, she got off the pills and did the diet and has been feeling so much better. I hope you find what works for you soon.

    1. Hi Sara,
      Thanks for the reply. I am surely getting better with the diet. I think my biggest problem at the moment is the weakenss. Been taking some vitamins to see if it helps. Hope the diet continues working for your mum.
      Wanted to ask whether she is completely strict with her diet. I mean I follow it very strictly but I have heard of people that continue to eat corn and oats?

  3. Hi Dan, thanks for your story, im presently tapering off pred’s and salazopyrin and doing ok at the moment, but no doubt will get a flare up in the future, caught a nasty chest infection recently due to immune system being suppressed by meds and that shook me….take care of yourself, Kieran in Ireland

    1. Hi Kieran,
      I know the Preds do the trick and is the fastest way off a flare up but I personally will not take them ever again. You Im getting many stories of people that continue to get flare ups on a regular basis. I want to ask a question. Are most of you on the Specific Corbohydrate Diet? and if so is it working?
      I have complete and utter faith in this diet and if it does not work in the long run I will undergo surgery as I refuse to live with constant flare ups and drugs that mess with my body and mind. I detrmined to beat this!
      Kieran, I hope you continue to make progress and just a little word of advise,remain possitive and do not expect the worse as you will attract the worse. You will be just fine…

      I recommend a book, it has nothing to do with U.C or chrons but will keep you in a possitive zone, its called The Secret. It has worked wonders for me.

    1. Hi Ed,
      just read your article. I noticed you where also wrongly diagnosed with food poisining. great social site you have, allways good to have firends that I relate to here in the U.K.

  4. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for sharing, i was also “fobbed off” with tummy bugs, run down and IBS to name but few ailments! They tested my blood so many times. I even stopped going to the doctors when I would have an episode (like you, now known as a flare up) I was made to feel like i was wasting their time, and i couldn’t understand that with or without the numerous anti biotics i had for all these mysterious tummy bugs, and all the colofac and other IBS medicines, that i just wasnt feeling better on the meds all the time and that i would still “flare up”. Family didnt understand my energy loss, and put it down to me being lazy!
    I’ve said my little UC story on facebook, but basically I have no faith in my apparent specialist in the hospital even after i was fianlly diagnosed (Over 3 years), it was only what i found out with most of that help through Adam’s site on here and facebook. (Being told that the only advice she had for me to help myself was to “avoid a spicy curry feast” didn’t really fill me with hope… was made to feel like i was a time bomb waiting for that horrible cancer word to surface)
    I can’t afford a private consultant and thank fully in some way, that i’m a stay at home single mummy! My children know mummy gets ill and they also know what to do if something happens where i can’t get to a phone! I feel guilty that i have to burden my kids with this and that i have to break days out with them.

    Anyway! Onwards and upwards, now i understand what i have a bit better, i’m finding days are getting a little better to deal with!

    Fay (S/E England)

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