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Adam from ihaveucDear UC’ers of the World,

It wasn’t too long ago, but a super cool guy named Dan from Northern England replied to a “tweet” that I sent out asking if anybody would like to take me up on a physical challenge.  I’d never met/heard/ or knew anything about Dan before, but for some crazy reason he replied and suggested we do a virtual “Pull Up Match”.  That was about 4 weeks ago, and that’s when theColitis Pull Up Challenge”  was born.

The idea was simple: each of us try for as many pullups by the end of the month of February, and video record what we come up with to share with each other and everyone else.  Thanks to some webcams and camcorders, we both were able to prove that some crazy guys with colitis can still have some fun and get some good workouts in too.   It’s pretty hard to declare a winner, but I would like to say that for sure “Dan is the Man!”  He’s a super positive guy, and I’m sure he’ll beat his current flare up real soon and get on with the rest of his life.

For anybody who would like to participate moving forward, feel free to shot some video cranking out some pullups.  I don’t see any reason why we can’t continue this moving forward.  Who knows, maybe we’ll have a whole bunch of different UC’ers cranking out pullups someday.  Who knows, maybe someone here can bang out 20 in a row…That’s my goal.

Great job Dan!  And I hope you get out of your flare ASAP!


9 thoughts on “Dan the Man”

  1. Woohoo! You guys were awesome! Looked great and it was so close!
    I just tried to see if I could do twenty but I only got to 1.5 so count me out.
    Nice job you two!

  2. Adam,

    I am in. I can bang out 20, but I have to do either chin ups or palms-in pull-ups since I have a torn labrum in my shoulder. Is that legal for the competition? haha


    1. Come on Jason, “legal”, hell, you can do pull ups, chin ups, sit ups, push ups, tootsie roll ups… whatever you want buddy!!!

      Just crank a video, upload it to youtube, and send me the link! I’ll put it all together for the next posting!!!

      you know if you bust out 20 of them, we’re gonna call up Guiness and get you in the record books right???!!:)

  3. Good job fellas! So Dan did more, but everyone knows pull ups are harder to do the way Adam did them, so I call it a tie.

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