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Current Meds are Lialda, Canasa as Needed, Prednisone, and 6mp – Keshia’s Story

Keshia DIntro:

My name is Keshia and I got my UC diagnosis in 2009. My doctors treated with Canasa suppositories and Lialda successfully and I was if remission for several years with only mild flares. Within the past year I have experience several longer flares and just had to bump up meds to prednisone and 6mp. I just started taking those so I’ll keep you posted.

Some more background:

I teach 2nd grade so there seems to never be a dull moment. With that being said…it can also be quite stressful. I live in Houston, Texas and I am currently looking for UC support groups in my area.


I am currently in a flare so my symptoms are diarrhea, urgency, cramping and blood.

Keshia’s Story:

After being diagnosed with UC in 2009 and experiencing a long remission, the UC has come back with quite a kick. I experience most of the same with my Doctors…no one want to discuss diet and they just shove more dangerous drugs my way. Earlier in the year I was able to successfully slow down a flare by doing a 4 week raw food detox. This helped my cleanse my body of all the trigger food residue and give me a clean slate to start with. It made it easier for my to identify what foods set me of. Coming out of the detox I was practiced a pescatarian (Vegies and seafood). I’m also looking to start the SCD program. I feel better but still not normal. So in order to get the flare under control my doctor put me on a prednisone taper and 50mg 6mp. We’ll see how this goes.


My current meds are Lialda, canasa as needed, prednisone, and 6mp. In an effort to aid the meds with natural supplements, I also take a really good food based prenatal vitamin, 4000iu of D3, ginger for nausea, and a QBC complex (quercetin, bromelain, vitamin C) for inflammation. To top off the list I discovered a awesome probiotic call VSL3. This stuff is great AND it is targeted to the UC community (but of course my Doctor didn’t mention this). You can buy lower dose capsules and powders on Amazon but the doctor can also write you a prescription for the really good stuff (VSL3-DS). I just had to ask for it. This is a lot … I know … but I am also convinced that the extra vitamins have helped my immune system stay fairly strong throughout it all. After all as a 2nd grade teacher, I do work in a literal germ factory. Good luck to all of my UC peeps.

written by Keshia

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3 thoughts on “Current Meds are Lialda, Canasa as Needed, Prednisone, and 6mp – Keshia’s Story”

  1. Hey Keshia,

    Thanks so much for sharing your story and good luck with the 2nd graders!!!! That’s 8 year olds right??? Wow, must be exciting.

    I just did a quick google search and there is a group from the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America ( and they have a South Texas chapter. Here’s a link to that page:

    They have different meetups and things of that sort I’m guessing and might be worth checking out,

    Take care and wishing the best for you moving forward,


  2. Keshia D


    Thanks for the post, and the link. I was able to get some valuable information on groups in my area.

    My 2nd graders keep me on my toes…and you are right they are 7-8 yrs old.

    I just started my SCD journey last week and so far so good. The bleeding has stopped and my cramps have lessened quite a bit! I’m transitioning to phase 1 now. I look forward to one day being able to reduce meds and finally gaining remission as I continue this journey. A girls gotta be hopeful…right? :-)

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