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Cured by FMT, Is It Possible for Colitis?


I am 46 years old. I am a patient of ulcerative colitis since 2002. I am into business. Initially I started having stomach trouble in the form of diarrhea and severe irritation in the stomach.

first fecal transplant patient FMT in India

Manas on his bike

On the advice of my brother in law we started showing to family doctor who put me on heavy medication but to no avail. My wife got very worried and insisted to go and visit a specialist. We went to a super specialty hospital where full colonoscopy disclosed ulcerations of the big intestines and I was diagnosed with Pancolitis! I was put on aggressive treatment of steroids and Mesacol medicine and after couple of months my condition stabilized. For a year or more I continued with the medicines and gradually stopped taking it. In place of it I started taking food supplements. I continued with my life in remission since then.

I am a husband, father and an entrepreneur from India, aged 45 years. I am fun loving and friendly guy. I am a UC patient for the last 12 years.

Some more background:

I am an eternally optimistic person and the first patient of UC treated by FMT (fecal microbiota transplants) in India !!

Manas’s Story about FMT

In 2009-10 I started having some irritation of the bowel and seeing that I restarted Mesacol. In 2012 I had partial colonoscopy which revealed the ulcers again. I was put on steroids for about two months and I responded well. But after that I had a flare. Then losing faith with the allopathic medicines we started holistic medicines for almost a month in January 2012. After seeing no result we opted for homeopathy in Feb-March 2012. We had an immediate result with it but unfortunately, on my insistence the homeopathy doctor completely stopped allopathic medicines. As a result of that I had a severe relapse in July 2012. Nevertheless we continued with it till Jan 2013 and seeing no improvement we stopped with them. In mid 2013 I had another colonoscopy which showed Grade IV status. Consequently I was put on 40mg steroids and full dose of Mesacol in July 2013 and continued on steroids for approximately for seven months or so. I was also given imm unosuppressant Azoran 50 with the full dose. Meanwhile we also went to couple of ayurvedic doctors and took their medicines but had no result in the stopping of bleeding and which stopped only in December/ January 2015.

The allopathic doctor who has been working on me has been a great human being. First he suggested me to go for Infliximab then later on he came up with the idea of FMT. Since it was a very new kind of treatment in India he had to work hard to get it approved in his hospital. Finally we went ahead with the first cycle of it in this month only. And with great joy I have to inform fellow UC sufferers that I have achieved a great result. In terms of physical discomfort it is almost 80% better and there is 50% reduction in frequency of stools. This automatically has reduced the bleeding also. We are waiting for the next cycle of it which is due at the end of this month. Mine is among the first FMT case in India. I am also planning to start my blog to help millions of UC patients in India as well as outside. Unfortunately in my country there are no statistics of UC sufferers. This might be a good help to them.

Final Thoughts

Hi Adam. I am writing after a long time and I am super excited. I wanted to wait a while for my results to become more conclusive before I wrote to you. I have had my periodic biopsy results which are showing consistent results. My UC is leaving me gradually. I am on the tapering of my immuno suppressants. Hats off to poop (FMT) !!

Finally, the aim of my great doctor is to stop the anti inflammatory drugs too. But that will still take some more time. The results of FMT have been astounding as far as I am concern. The credit goes first to my doctor. He has been an open minded person. He introduced me to FMT & then my brother in law who was more than willing to help me out and lastly to my great wife. She has been the pillar of my strength.

You and anybody interested in my detailed story can go to my site I and my doctor would want to help as many people possible in getting treated. If any one living in a country where FMT is still not approved for UC, Crohn’s etc they can contact me. I will be more than willing to help. We have the world class hospital here in India where I was given the treatment (FMT). They will be able to avail the best of facilities & practices. They can also avoid their colon getting removed after surgery and the other drugs especially steroids & immuno suppressants which do more harm than good.

Lastly, thanks Adam for inspiring me. Your website and fellow sufferers made me hopeful and I kept looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. And here I am going great guns for the last five months !

written by Manas

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16 thoughts on “Cured by FMT, Is It Possible for Colitis?”

  1. Hi Manas,

    I am glad to hear you are doing well.
    I have a few questions if you don’t mind.

    Firstly I am keen to understand how many ‘shots’ of fmt you have had and how was the procedure done? What was the protocol, how did they determine it?

    It seems to me, unlike with C.diff colitis, more patience with fmt for uc is required, I am glad you have seen some success.

    Final question, what would you say was different before symptoms? Did something happen? Change of diet, viral infection, food poisoning, antibiotic use?

    Although fmt is the closes to a possible solution opportunity, we still need to find what’s different before the uc arises. I’m keen to learn of this as much as successfully procedures.
    I’m glad you are doing well.

  2. A truly wonderful post, Mana!

    I am a firm believer in repopulation of good bacteria as a ‘cure’ for UC..

    Yey FMT!!

    Cheers and lasting remission always:)

  3. Hi manas , this is great news . I too am an ulcerative colitis sufferer in India . I would be very grateful if you could guide me to the hospital / doctor who helped you out with this procedure in New Delhi . You could email me at with any details or your number so I could call you . Need help desperately as I too am on my second round of steroids and the doctor is pushing me to take azoran . Great work Adam , cheers , this site brings me a lot of relief as I feel I am battling this disease all alone . Bev you have been a great inspiration as well . Cheers – Ritu

  4. Thanks UC Family boy. I will be answering ur questions very soon.
    Thanks to Bev also.
    Ritu Sharma I cannot reach your mail as my answer is returned due to failure . So here is my number & feel free to call me any time. +919313770157.

  5. Thanks so much manas for your prompt response . I just realised I had made a typo in my e mail id , it’s . Thanks for sharing your no , will be calling you first thing tomorrow . Really excited as hopefully there might be a light at the end of the tunnel . Cheers – Ritu

  6. Manas,

    I am also doing FMT here in Australia through a hospital. I have been in what i would consider remission from the third week of having FMT. I too tink this is the way forward for uc sufferers.

    1. Jay Jones
      I am also in Australia and my 3 year old has UC and we are having no luck and they want to give her a Stoma. How bad is your UC and how is the FMT going?
      Am desperate not to give her a Stoma

      Kind Regards Amber

  7. Hi UC Family boy! Sorry for replying so late. I was given 3 shots of FMT & both me and the donor, in my case my brother in law, were checked for infections-basically stool tests & some other tests too. The doctor has the list of these protocols. The procedure was done through colonoscopy. Determination to go for FMT was taken after all else failed. No drug worked after a time. As far as symptoms before UC go, they are cramping in stomach in the beginning and then frequent irritation in bowel, bleeding etc. I have never been able to pin point any specific reason before the arrival of UC except stress maybe. Have you been able to identify anything?? It is very important to find out what causes it in the first place.

    Jay Jones great to know about your results. It is very comforting to know that FMT is now becoming the reason for remission instead of side effects causing drugs. All the best for your health.

  8. Hi Manas, Happy to hear that FMT has decreased the severity. My wife is having UC for last 5 years. I am also interested to know about FMT. My contact no is 09027617295.

  9. Hi Manas,
    Do you have an email address you would share? Would love to find out more about FMT in India. At this point I’m willing to go anywhere in the world that will perform the procedure. The US is such a scam for not allowing it. They just want people to be on drugs forever for the corrupt pharmaceutical companies. No one wants to cure or help any disease. They just want to profit from them! Sorry for the rant but I’m to my wits end at this point. Feeling lost and hopeless!

    Thank you!!

    1. Rebecca do not worry at all. You are going to be absolutely healthy again. There is hope and absolutely worth the wait. My email address is Write to me for any help or details you want. I will be glad to help you.

      Till then stay blessed…

  10. Hi Manas,

    Nice to know FMT worked for you. In which city in India, you stay? I am in US now. I would like to understand more about FMT and if it will help me. I am recently diagnosed with UC (specifically, Proctitis) and Celiac Disease (both are auto-immune). And as per doctors here, both are not non-curable diseases. After reading your article, I got some hope. In India, I belong to PUNE. I would like to understand – Am I feasible for FMT and how much time is needed for treatment.


  11. I Sachin. Sad to hear about your disease. In my opinion FMT is the best method to bring a patient in remission in case of UC. I am not sure about Celiac though. In India Dr Seth in Fortis, Gurgaon is doing it for the last one year and have had a 50% result which is incredible!

    In my case it was a one and a half month procedure. So, you can definitely consider this option. Anything more you would want to know then you can write to me on

    Take care & stay blessed,


  12. Thanks Manas for your reply! I know I am little late in replying back. I found name of Dr. Seth on internet. But I heard he’s not doing it for every patient. Anyways, I will send you email for other details.

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