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COVID-19 Vaccine Thoughts from a World Class IBD Doctor

The time is getting close with regards to several different vaccines being ready for the general public to help combat COVID-19.

For those of us living with ulcerative colitis, it is once again a crossroads of tons of information, decisions we need to make, and trust in ourselves and the healthcare system. Not an easy time, but we have all been here many times before(well…minus this covid mess.)

Dr. David Rubin is a pretty well known gastroenterologist doctor based in Chicago, and he has authored or co-authored an incredible amount of research.

And, he has just tweeted out some ideas on the upcoming vaccines and I wanted to share them with you below. So just give them a read through and see if you get some questions answered.

Everything below is Dr. Rubin’s tweet he is at @IBDMD on Twitter. If you use Twitter, I’d suggest you find him and follow him. He is a very informed GI doc who does a crapload for the IBD world.

*** Please do continue to read through to the comment section after Dr. Rubin’s data. Graham has added a comment which brings up several key ideas and studies about vaccinations and autoimmune disease which are important. I’m a firm believer in learning as much as possible from science before making health decisions, and Graham’s comment citing additional is a benefit to all of us.

****Updated here on December 9th, 2020. Ok, in the past few days, there has been quite a bit of comments on this posting. Particulary with respect to the absence of the alternative views to taking a vaccine right away without knowing what we all might be able to expect as potential adverse events (side effects). Also, with so much of the focus on vaccines for people who are “healthy” but very limited information on vaccines for people like us who have IBD, it compounds the question marks and frustration regarding next steps.

But, don’t worry folks, there are some very kind souls right here, and a very big thank you to Shirl, Olive Oil an Graham and many others for sparking the conversation on the other side of the story.(I must admit, as much as I am skeptical of how the modern healthcare system treated me in the final parts of 2008 and 2009 after my UC diagnosis, I failed to think of the other side before writing the original post here. My bad. But thanks for not being shy. All ideas are fair game.

So, here are some bits of research and news.

First is a link from the United Kingdom government concerning Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. There are several documents within the link, documentation about the vaccine for healthcare professionals and even vaccine ingredient information can be found. One iHaveUC user named Doug pointed this out and even highlighted some important aspects of the review regarding the lack of studies relevant to those with suppressed immunity/on medication. The downloadable version has highlighted areas regarding this for those interested.

Thank you again to all who are taking part and reading the discussion, below is the main body of the original post:

Dr. David T Rubin MD

“Here are my thoughts and a few updates about #SARSCoV2 vaccines, and also about implications for our #IBD patients.
A tweetorial in 20 parts.

1) Development of multiple #SARSCoV2 vaccines in the timeframe we have seen is a monumental scientific achievement.
Necessity literally bred invention.

2) The @pfizer and @moderna_tx vaccines are messenger RNA vaccines. They use genetic material to trigger the body’s immune system to make antibodies against the spike proteins on the surface of #SARSCoV2. They DO NOT contain actual viral particles and can’t cause infection.

3) Two doses are required with these vaccines. This is not uncommon for vaccines. The first exposes the immune system to the antigen, the second will activate memory cells, so your body will remember how to protect you if it gets exposed to #SARSCoV2.

4) The reason for the cold temperature is to stabilize the messenger RNA so it maintains its structural integrity and then can do its job in your body. This is a well-described but surmountable logistical challenge.

The vaccines will come with temperature monitors so you will know if it has been kept at the right temp during transport.

5) I am told that the @US_FDA is reviewing the @pfizer vaccine on 10 Dec and the @moderna_tx on 13 Dec. The @CDCgov has committed to rapid review and updated recommendations within 24 hours of the FDA decisions.

6) First in line for the vaccine will be front line healthcare workers. Also key will be residents of long term care facilities. The @CDCgov Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted today on this stratification.

7) The @CDCgov Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) has previously outlined plans for vaccination. Technically, our #IBD folks will be in the second tranche under the category of “use of immune weakening medicines”. But please read on 🔽

Reminder that #IBD pts have not been at increased risk for #SARSCoV2 infection or #COVID, and that the immune therapies used in #IBD (except steroids) have not been associated with worse outcomes. There may even be some protection while on these meds.

8) Key questions: Will #IBD patients on immune therapies be less likely to develop immunity? Does it matter which therapy you are receiving whether you will develop immunity? MAYBE?

There are some data that older vaccines like for pneumococcal pneumonia (PSV-23) or influenza are less likely to result in immunity if patients are on combined anti-TNF and immunomodulators (azathioprine or 6-MP).

But it’s variable! Some patients are more immunogenic than others. With vaccines, being immunogenic is a good thing (you are more likely to respond to the vaccine). With monoclonal antibodies, being immunogenic is not a good thing (you become “immune” to the therapy).

So what about this messenger RNA vaccine? I’ve discussed a bit with experts here. Seems that anti-TNF (inflix, adalim) and anti-IL12/23 (ustekinumab) and possibly JAKinib (tofacitinib) will not impair immunity to these new vaccines.

Unclear whether cellular trafficking inhibitors (vedolizumab) may impair since they may affect lymphocytes ability to respond to the virus in the gut. Thiopurines (azathioprine, 6-MP) (which affect lymphocytes) may impair immunity.

5-ASAs (mesalamine), antibiotics will not affect immunity to the vaccine.
▶️ But also important is the potency and “immunogenicity” of the vaccine itself, which may overcome any effect of these therapies and be effective anyway… MORE 🔽

Example is the modern herpes zoster (shingles) recombinant vaccine (Shingrix) which is quite potent and effective at inducing immunity even in patients who are receiving chemotherapy. If you want to read more, look at this great study:

I believe that these vaccines against #SARSCoV2 will be appropriate and safe for our patients who are on immune therapies. I do not know that they will be AS effective at inducing immunity, but I suspect based on descriptions that they will come very close to being so.

There will be 3 years of f/u from the current vaccine trials. There will be post-marketing surveillance in the general population and the ACIP will adjust their recommendations.
But it is clear that we need as a society to work together with good leadership to get this done.

I will get vaccinated. I will work hard to get my patients vaccinated. In the mean time, everyone please stay safe and be vigilant.
Protect each other.❤️
20/ fin

Originally tweeted by David T. Rubin, MD (@IBDMD) on December 2, 2020.

So, big thank you UC’ers for reading up on some of the current thinking in terms of the upcoming vaccines which are soon to be among many of us. My expectation is that there will be future news with regards to the vaccines in the coming days and weeks and months ahead, but all we can do sometimes is to keep informed.

For all vaccines there are post authorization studies and side effect monitoring that is mandated by various national drug administrations (i.e. FDA in the USA) so we should all be kept informed as things unfold and develop.

And, a very big thank you to Dr. Rubin who was kind enough to allow me to reproduce his thoughtful post here for everyone to read who doesn’t use Twitter. I have actually never intereacted with him before but heard about him for years and just a few minutes writing him he wrote back saying of course post it up. Yeah to Doc for that.


45 thoughts on “COVID-19 Vaccine Thoughts from a World Class IBD Doctor”

  1. I was wondering if you could get a complete ingredients lists and an explanation of the items in these lists on the top 2 vaccines that are being considered. I would like to see what all they consist of as my son’s UC may had been activated by 2 vaccines (and other factors). He has been in remission for 3 years and I would not want to take the chance of facing reactivation due to these vaccines.

  2. Thank you for the information Adam. I don’t want to be responsible for putting anyone off the vaccine, it is very much a personal choice, or at least it should be. But we are still very much in the world where the greater good argument wins and small anomalies or bad news are swept under the carpet. Too many of us have the t shirt when it comes to blindly following doctors advice and platforms like this have provided important anecdotal contradictions and enlightenment, eg smoking/colitis bought me time and prevented surgery thus far.

    I have the flu jab annually offered to me but there is evidence both anecdotally and in studies that it can be problematic for autoimmune patients, Vaccine induced autoimmunity.

    Other vaccines have also been associated with issues. “Molecular mimicry wherein an immune reaction directed against foreign pathogenic elements, bearing similarity to human proteins, may evolve into an autoimmune process targeting the homologous self-proteins”

    Is it wise for autoimmune patient’s to have a rushed vaccine or to wait?

    There was a good piece out last week that gave advice on what to do if you have Covid depending on which medication you are on, having said that the second study slightly contradicts the medication risk results.

    1. Graham,

      A major thank you for taking the time to post your comment. Very much appreciated, as well as the studies listed.
      The very last study does a great job in the conclusion of breaking things down on a relatively simple level too.

      I had no idea about the first study and the molecular mimicry ideas that were explained there. Hopefully others here can give a full read to your comment and especially the ideas/facts/research and theories behind them.

      So so grateful to you, this is excellent and much needed to present some other views which often go against the conventional/modern/western med/etc… stance. I’m going to add in a line at the top of the post about your comment with the hope that folks here grasp that there is in fact research from other viewpoints which can be very helpful in making the best decisions we can make.

      And, is there a chance of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil Update in 2021 perhaps…?? (Graham is the international expert on EVOO.. check his research out here:

      THanks Graham!

  3. Has anyone researched the effects of the Covid vaccine on IF patients that has had a total colectomy and now has an ileostomy? Are we still considered to have UC after said operation?

    1. Ost surgery I am considered as having UC because I still have a rectum and slight bleeding . I will be meeting with my G.I. next week and these will be my questions too …can I take this vaccine or not?

  4. I have UC diagnosed at 60 and I’m 67 now. I am on Budesnide fii ok evnaintebance and I tested positive about 10 days ago , I experienced light symptoms and now have recovered, but I am having break thru bleeding occasionally and wonder if it’s due to Covid or because it’s not enough for maintenance.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      I was diagnosed with Colitis about 2014 (I am now 44 years old) not on Meds…
      Since 2015 my GI recommended that I see a psychologist as my desire for a child and the colitis meds don’t go together, I have been symptom free until now.
      Unfortunately I came down with covid beginning of Nov. (felt funny stomach issues before I came down with full symptoms for covid 10 days long. One Doc shrugged off my concern, cause I didn’t have diarrhea. Then a month later, after covid symptoms were gone, I was left with bleeding and it was definitely from behind, and not menstruation.

      A bit of my history with IBS…. did get preggo a few times but didn’t manage through. The infection manifested in different ways (when I was 3 months pregnant I had an appendicitis, they removed it and I lost the baby 1 week later. Went through a couple more miscarriages, I said, what is the deal with infection in my body. still no symptoms of IBS anymore… but clearly infection working in the body.

      I was fortunate to find a doc who worked more with the Eastern Philosophy that all sicknesses lie in the darm and the darm flora plays a HUGE role in prevention. it turned out that the darm bacteria (enterococcus, was high, related with e-coli which is normal to have in the darm, but in a balance with the good bacterias keeping it in check. however my good bacterias were way too low). We worked on balancing the Darmflora. was an amazing improvement and inflammation all over the body disappeared. less muscle pain, no more cold sores. She found I was Histamin intolerant. This comes with avoiding many foods with histamines, and boosting production of DAO enzymes. I am learning that certain sports & stress can also boost production of histamines in the body, or release them. Ironically when I was at my worst darm inflammation point when I was finally hospitalized in 2015 I was riding my bike a lot and felt that it flared up my darm more. I thought I was crazy until reading recently about the connection with the histamine inflammation and exercise. When the body is consumed with too many histamines that it can’t break down infections manifest. There is a lot of info coming up now on histamine intolerance and sports. worth a check into it.

      I had stopped the treatment, then after a years or so. cutting back some cost. Plus, I didn’t stick to the diet. I love food too much :-( Then the coldsores started to come back, and muscle issues too (I use the body a lot, and feel the muscles working. I come from the background of being a Profi Ballet dancer 20 years, presently teaching and coaching). So that was my first observations. when I was on the probiotics, vitamins, and enzymes, I could move my body forever without pains. But the first symptoms of the inflammation returning was the muscle and joint pains. Stool wasn’t an issue until the present. Thanks Covid!

      I’m guessing the immune system was working so hard, and now it hasn’t stopped. I am thinking the diet changing and sticking to it will help. I have a colonoscopy in a couple days. Hoping to get some connections to people who can work and help with the histamine story.
      I hadn’t taken the probiotics for awhile and certain vitamins like a good dose of zink (15mg) and D daily. and now…. back on them. I think it is helping… but Christmas baking and tasting…well wheat is not my friend ;-S

      so i will keep you updated what the GI tells me. PS I am living here in Germany, not sure if it is any different how doctors deal with things. but I feel we do need to do our research and also guide our Docs a bit.

      Also one thing that I noticed helped was energy therapy, BodyTalk tapping, Yoga, and Autogenes training (visualization into releasing stress in the body).
      It takes a bit of time… but worth it.

      PS Adam, it was so useful when I was first diagnosed and found your sight. its a great thing to inform people, and not feel so foreign with this disease. Keep educating each other! Thanks


      1. Ps to the issue of a vaccine….. if your immune system is in check it should be able to fight it off enough. At this point after having covid, I still don’t think I would get the vaccine. However for those elderly who have affected Immunsystems, maybe it could be a benefit. I think people gotta go with their ‘gut’ feeling ;-) if it is right for them. But, who knows, I may feel different about it in a couple days after my GI appointment.

  5. “Dr. David Rubin is a pretty well known gastroenterologist doctor based in Chicago, and he has authored or co-authored an incredible amount of research.”
    So if you are well-known and authored some research, that means you know what you are talking about? He is researching from his prospective. There are many other doctors who don’t feel the same way. We just don’t hear their perspective because they are silenced. Every doctor on TV and in the newspapers say the same thing. Could there be an opposing opinion out there? I would like to hear both sides to this issue, but it seems liberal media prevents that. So if they won’t show me all of the research and varying opinions, then I don’t want any part of this. I’m sure Pfizer is panting about now thinking of all that money rolling in.
    So one “nay” on vaccination. All this information is too choreographed for me.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with you. I’m in remission to the point where my last colonoscopy found no trace of U/C at all. Why would I want to risk that for any rushed vaccine, many of which are being rolled out whilst still in stage 3 trials. The good doctor can spin what he likes but it’s a firm no from me.

    2. Hi Shirl,

      THank you for sharing your opinions, very much appreciated and you can clearly see you are not alone.
      IF you have some website links to other opinions/ideas liberal or conservative, we would encourage you to bring them forward, take the lead from Graham up in England. He’s an old pro at using the simple to use Pubmed resource that is available to browse research studies from all over the world.
      Either way, thank you for your opinions, and best to you,

    3. Your “liberal media” comment shows that you’re politicizing the vaccine and the virus, like most of the “red hats” in my office. The virus doesn’t care how you vote. Maybe focus on the science and not what your favorite politicians say. Personally, I’d listen to the “liberal media” long before the talking heads at fox propaganda channel.

      1. This pandemic does have differing views/approaches relating to the left and right. Mostly surrounding authoritarian measures on tighter lockdowns for people’s protection against a virus or their liberty to work and live. The right appear to be less trusting of the perceived wisdom and therefore the place to seek an alternative to “the truth” wether it’s actually there or not.

  6. I am in remission taking 150 mg Imuran (Azathioprine), for many years. My only incident was 3 years ago when doc tried to reduce to 100. Immediate flare which took months to get under control. Concerning, with regard to vaccine, that my drug is mentioned as possible deterrent with regard to immunity.

  7. Thanks for the kind comments, there may well be an EVOO/Covid post if a study comes to light. Various components have been linked with benefits for similar problems so I’d obviously recommend it as a precaution but nothing concrete yet.

    I am definitely cynical in general and agree with the uneasy sentiments above. Historically my immune system (being over active) would deal with anything rapidly but I was put on 100mg Azaithaprine a year ago, when I had flu like symptoms in February I reduced it to 50mg. I have stayed on this dosage (with EVOO obviously) plus vitamins C and D. If the local infection rate is high then I would be more cautious but there is sensible evidence that there was immunity to begin with (particularly on the continent of its origin). The relations of this virus have been around for years and immunity has increased significantly/naturally since the outbreak. With the vaccine roll out, I understand that herd immunity can be reached far quicker than the official line would have us believe, I understand this only needs to be 60-70%. It seems to me governments are wedded to the vaccine and that everyone must have it, that does make sense from their point of view but we are entitled to be the exemption if we choose and are not acting selfishly if we decide not to. We’ve been through enough.

    There were 2 cases of brain/spinal cord inflammation in the Oxford/Astra Zeneca trial which is a different type to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. I have already had Transverse Myelitis so for this reason, at present I’m going to sit this one out and let others do the community immunity work on my behalf.

    During this period I have been trying to avoid conspiracy theorists, even if occasionally trying to fact check them. One Dr I have been listening to is Mike Yeadon, former Vice President for respiratory diseases at Pfizer. Look him up if you haven’t already.

    1. Michael Yeardon was also the chief scientific adviser. He has excellent info if people want to look at the other side of . I will not take the vaccine.

      1. Hi Jennifer,

        Yes exactly, I used to bang on about it here but not so much in recent years. The more I discovered about it the better it got though I’ve only really posted information relating to IBD and inflammation. Adam’s reply on 3rd December provides a link (select the top one), most of the relevant information is there without having to go through my years of trials and tribulations. In that thread is a study of the first human trial specifically for Colitis, I’ve just checked it and it has disappeared so will have to track it down and post again.

  8. Adam you are very kind, thank you. I started to regret what I wrote because of possible backlash. So I was surprised that others understood where I was coming from. Yes, I found Graham’s comments to be honest, and informative.

    Graham, you couldn’t have said it better when you described my comments as “uneasy sentiments” that hit a chord. I was no longer speaking about my personal beliefs, I was now speaking against the current rhetoric. What does that tell you?

    I have listed a couple of Dr. Mercola’s interviews . Yeardon’s interview is listed below. Mercola has interviewed many others that you can find on his website. I recently found “Truth in Media”. They have Robert F Kennedy Jr’s interview about vaccination and civil liberties, I included that also.

    Make sure you research the CDC, WHO, and the FDA and also Dr Fauci and his Institute. This makes for interesting reading.

  9. Oddly enough Shirl I had previously seen 3 of your 4 links. It’s harder to run in the opposite direction to everyone else, we may not absorb all the information like the academics but our gut instinct can serve us well. I try not to have a contrarian default position but so many times we are disappointed yet unsurprised to uncover the hidden catastrophes and manipulative lies of various greater good strategies.
    I feel that we are in the peak of this right now, behavioural manipulation by elites and those abusing 2020 to implement their agendas to a majority that rolls along with it in seemingly blissful ignorance. This is stressful and almost torture for those who question everything and have a healthy mistrust of our betters.
    The consistent line parroted by MSM is understandable in a war like situation but still alarms me. Event 201 held in October 2019 by Bill Gates Foundation and WEF runs a full scenario about a future pandemic and how to deal with it. Controlling media was discussed and agreed as an important tool to manage any outbreak.
    I guess we just have to be careful when we run from the arms of our long term manipulators not to go straight into the arms of another.

    1. Graham, you expressed everything I feel and believe. It’s sometimes hard to imagine why people buy into this so easily when all through history we have been used, lied to and manipulated by our leaders and our government, and why Bill Gates is involved is a bigger puzzle. He was selling mediocre software and now he is a vaccination authority.

      I think our Founding Fathers warned us of this.

    2. Hey Graham and company,

      Here was a link that I had not noticed before lingering on pubmed…

      Whether or not you are taking immusuppressors… the word “may” always seems to find its way into study conclusions, but interesting none the less.

      “Effects of immunosuppressants on immune response to vaccine in inflammatory bowel disease”

      Conclusions: Immunomodulators may impair the immune response to vaccination in patients with IBD. Vaccination should be made at the time of diagnosis or before starting immunosuppressed therapy.

  10. Thank you Adam, it confirms what had been suggested that in my case (Azaithaprine) it may not be beneficial. Adding to that other personal reasons for thinking it may cause harm unfortunately makes it unviable. I have no doubt whatsoever that I will receive the call for the vaccine, again proving that these decisions are too often made for healthcare providers and society, not necessarily for the patient. This sadly underlines why we must continue to inform ourselves and not leave our health entirely in the hands of experts. Fortunately it looks like there will not be compulsory vaccinations though entry to some venues and travel may create some inconvenient hurdles. Arguments with the wife incoming “Oh just take the vaccine”

  11. I’ve had Covid symptoms since Tuesday, to protect clients and their elderly relatives getting together at Christmas I had to get tested and stop work. It’s come back positive for my wife and I, looks like she brought it home from work. I stopped taking Azathaprine when symptoms started and will resume when symptoms are gone. Fairing better than my wife so far, feel rough but ok, stable, taste odd, sweats with aches and bit of a cough. Taking it easy.

      1. Thanks Adam, feeling better today so only 2-3 tough days if things keep progressing. In addition to usual symptoms it seems to affect your old weak points, my wife’s tonsils, my neck, back and slight confusion/irritability, all previous. Will update anything else relevant but this appears nothing extraordinary.

          1. Hello Adam,

            All done, about 7 days of it but both very slow to improve compared to usual seasonal illness. Still not fighting fit after 10 days but getting there. Only knew 1 person with it this year but now lots of friends and family in our area both positive and unwell. Glad I’ve got it out of the way and 1 more reason for me not to have the jab though I’d arrive at a different decision if much older or different circumstances.

  12. Happy New Year and best of health to all. Sorry to hear you got sick Graham…get well soon. I am attaching an article on gut health. If you derive anything from it….great.

    I wanted to ask you, Graham, about your comment on Dec 3rd regarding smoking and UC. Do you think there is a connection? I quit in 2008 and had the worse attach ever. I mentioned to my doctor that I thought my smoking cessation contributed to the UC flare that put me in the hospital. He kind of laughed at that. I read about some doctors giving nicotine enemas, I think he laughed at that too.

    I have another riveting question for all…I spoke with a cousin in Washington State the other day, and she said she can’t wait to get vaccinated so she can travel and see her family. Does anybody think that once you are vaccinated all the mask wearing and distancing and illness will go away? Some are saying that this will continue for months, some say years. Some say the virus is mutating so nothing will change. Has anyone else been thinking about this?


    1. Hello Shirl,
      Apologies for the delay and thank you for the article, I’ve just read it again. I wish I could read things only once in order to absorb the information instead of over and over.
      Regarding smoking, it may not help everyone but it seems to work as well and fast as anything else. There are a couple of big threads on here about it. The success is mostly from ex smokers delving for the emergency brake but I remember a lady who’d never smoked, so desperate to halt and reverse the disease who successfully did with about 6 a day. It works really fast, about a week from terrible to no blood for me. Without embarrassment I share this with anyone, some obviously don’t believe you but so what, it saved my colon. Obviously doctors don’t want conflicting messages about smoking so it’s buried and information only available in places like this. As I get closer to 50 the need to quit for longer or forever is pressing. I seem to have found something in addition to EVOO and haven’t smoked for a year, reaching 14 stone. For the first time, the mirror displays a man looking back at me! Most docs here know and reluctantly admit the connection. After spinal cord inflammation from not smoking and being an NHS guineapig, I told my doctor I was going to smoke and get myself right. She actually agreed with me that this was the best course of action. I can’t offer a certain explanation why it works but it will always be my emergency brake. Controversially, I think young patients facing surgery should be advised to consider smoking and maybe sign the official secrets act.

  13. So…this is all new science. The facts are still coming out. The truth is that UC in and of itself is unknown And somewhat unique. We all react differently to different things. The most important is to read, read, read…all sides. In the end you must choose what is best for you. Overall, the statistics look very good for the vaccine. The herd immunity, from what is unfolding, is seemingly not that simple if new research shows that a person retains immunity for a set period of time. The exact numbers are yet to be determined as well as those from the vaccine itself.
    The thing is…this is NOT a political sight that Adam has created (oh so many years ago!). This is a platform to share your thoughts and ideas without backlash,( unless it is super crazy…to be determined by Adam!). We support each other and give rise to information that would otherwise be left unsaid by the general medical field. Adam has assembled all this information at our fingertips, from medical professionals to all of us in the trenches sharing our bits of wisdom, both good and bad. Be kind especially in these extra stressful days and be open to all opinions,behether you agree or agree to disagree.
    Thank you as always Adam for all you have done and continue to do.
    Best and good health,

    1. Shelly (from Maine)

      Sorry typo…whether you agree or disagree.
      Graham, hope you are feeling better. I didn’t see that part of your post until after it finished loading. Be well.

  14. Hi Shelly,
    Good to hear from you and appreciate your wise comments and wishes. “Information that would otherwise be left unsaid by the general medical field” sums it up really well. We are possibly best treated by being viewed as a large group but so often it’s far more individual than that, the best doctors understand this. These questions and this platform are so important. It links in mentally as a support group which we all need now more than ever. So much going on it’s really tough managing this. I’ve tried not to fall out with people, my brother works in the NHS and is full lockdown, at times I’ve been financially abandoned so wanted restrictions as light as is possible and appreciate the serious hardship many endure. There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel now.

  15. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, thankfully. I know you will stay educated. One thing I want to add about these vaccines is that they are made differently than say the flu vaccine that has such a low %rate and then the flu changes and it isn’t covered! (Especially it seems by the time it gets to the US and often mutates in late winter.) The Covid vaccine, ***as long as the strain basics remain the same like Polio, etc, is made from its mRNA. The flu changes and mutates. Covid has been around for so long and scientists have been warning of this and other fast spreaders like Ebola, but we are a reactive society Not proactive. We have an administration (US) that doesn’t believe in science, made masks political, and ignored the pandemic from the beginning and kept saying it was going away and we could drink bleach! So here we are…
    I am leary of the vaccine (As I am of ALL meds and vaccines) as my immune system goes haywire. I don’t fall under any study because I don’t take meds, but know after al these years that my immune system cannot handle too much without going into a tailspin, as it does now every fall and spring with ‘allergies’ and changing weather.
    The best thing is to keep an open mind, keep reading because the science is still unfolding, and take care of yourself.

  16. I’ve been noticing recently the statements made that people with autoimmune problems should take vaccines or that we are highly vulnerability to covid. I’m pretty sure they assume we are on medication, there is no in brackets or small print stating so.
    Surely this is highly misleading for those who are not on or take minimal medication. I feel the same as you Shelly, I’m not disrupting my immune system as the risks likely outweigh the benefits.

  17. PCR tests are a scam
    German lawyer suing the world for Covid lockdowns
    Masks don’t reduce transmission of Covid
    No asymptomatic spread
    Just some of the craziness embedded in links on this thread.

    Yes Covid is real. Masks and social distancing help prevent transmission. People that are asymptomatic can spread the virus. Yes lockdowns suck and are a problem in many ways. whether you choose to get vaccinated or not is your own choice. Leave it at that. To peddle in conspiracy theories on this website to fit your narrative as to why you won’t be getting the vaccine is lame. I wonder if they came out with a vaccine for UC (which is looking more hopeful with mRNA)would these same people take it? My bet would be yes.

  18. Graham
    I hope you and your wife are fully recovered from your bout of Covid.

    Below is an article on the Mayo Clinic website on nicotine patches.


    Many years ago when I was first diagnosed I went to Mayo clinic for help. Out of the four doctors I saw in one day each of them asked me if I smoked cigarettes . At that time they were thinking of starting a clinical trial on nicotine and its affects on UC.

    1. Thank you Joanne,

      We are well now and hope you are too.
      I tried patches years ago, there was a benefit but no where near enough. It seems nothing works like actually smoking but I believe doctors would have a nightmare getting everyone off of them when effective. It’s a great tool when needs must but requires discipline to be able to stop and start.

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