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Conversations about Vaccinations

Just had 3rd Moderna Vaccine update

Posted by I Have UC – Ulcerative Colitis Support Group on Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Today I wanted to post up a video which included a live stream on the page.

The video is about my experience (after only about 27 hours so far) from getting my 3rd Moderna vaccination yesterday. Was a bit more interesting this time because I’m now in a semi-foreign country of the Czech Republic, and the language spoken at the vaccination center was Czech, so had to be on top of my game with communications. Luckily, the young girl at the reception (recepce) desk spoke some great english, and she understood my busted Czech. I was most concerned that whatever shot they were going to give me was actually a 3rd dose of Moderna’s vaccine as opposed to something else.

She confirmed this with me several times and all was fine. In and out in about 20 minutes total.

And I can report that one day later I’m still feeling fine. Left shoulder which was the booster shot injection/vaccination site is very sore like it was previously. But I am expecting that to go away in a day or two. I was able to do a few sets of push ups this morning. I am sorry to report that I did not make it to the park this morning for my usual pull up session because the weather is freezing or just below freezing all day..and that is not so cool for outdoor pull ups…

The video, was pretty interesting to watch again after I had dinner tonight. I was surprised at just how many people mentioned that they had flare ups right after having either their first or second covid vaccination. This is quite troubling to me, because most definitely an ulcerative colitis flare is an awful experience that we UC’ers know far too well. And at the same time, there are folks who are getting quite sick and sometimes the worst results after a bad covid infection.

So we UC’ers find ourselves stuck in a tuff spot yet again.

The same goes for probably a large group of other people living with an auto-immune disease.

I am not at all going to tell anybody here what to do. First off, I’m pretty sure nobody has all the covid answers. Neither does anybody have all the ulcerative colitis answers.

But what I know for sure is that there was a time when I was prescribed medications to treat my ulcerative colitis. And several of these medications gave me absolutely awful side effects. So bad that I did not want and actually stopped taking the medications. And in many ways, that experience is about the same as for example a UC’er who takes a covid vaccination and subsequently has a nasty UC flare and refuses to get future vaccinations. I get it. And I hate it. But from my one-person’s perspective, I don’t think this is a selfish move.

I wish you ALL the best, no matter what decisions you make.

— Adam

27 thoughts on “Conversations about Vaccinations”

  1. Mary H

    Thank you for sharing your experience Adam. I have weighed the risk of whether I am more likely to be injured by Covid or the vaccine. I am willing to take the risk with Covid because in my experience in my own circle of people is that many are injured by the vaccine yet many recovered well from Covid. I feel everyone should have the right to make an informed choice as to which risk they are will to take rather than be mandated to put something into their body. My choice is to not get vaccinated. I wish everyone the best and pray we continue to have the right to health freedom.

    1. Completely agree Mary. I have been in remission for more than a decade and there is no way I would take an experimental medication that alters our natural immune system with the possibility of a flare-up that I am not risking. Especially since we do have therapeutics now which help in the Covid recovery. People with autoimmune systems have to make decisions based on the severity of their disorder I suppose and this girl will not risk my health. Adam, I am happy you have had no ill side effects. Since it’s been a short time since you took the 3rd shot, maybe report back to us in a month or so to see how you are doing.

    2. You summed it up perfectly. I pray and hope for the same things.

      We now know that the vaccine does not prevent transmission, but only gives a private benefit to the individual who receives the vaccine, making all vaccination requirements indefensible. We also know that natural immunity provides much better protection than vaccine induced immunity, as is the case with every other vaccine, and as I’ve already had COVID, and recovered fine, I will not be getting vaccinated. But as you perfectly stated, everyone has the right to make that medical decision for themselves.

    3. Jolie

      Same here. We have Pfizer here in NZ and I’m just not prepared to get it. We have traffic light systems so I can no longer enjoy the same freedoms as people who have chosen to be vaccinated. It is interesting times. And important reminders to be kind to people no matter what situation they are in as this is tough going.

      Re what to watch on Netflix. We’ve been watching Dope sick.. Can’t help but draw parallels

  2. Hello Thanks Adam and Mary to give your honest opinion. I should say I agree with Mary. I believe I still have my immune system to fight back any viral infection even Covid. I believe in we can improve our health my Vitamin D, C and etc. This vaccine is till new and there are many things unknown. It is safer to rely on our immunity and vitamins.

  3. Hey Adam,

    Fellow U.C. soldier ,
    I did get vaccinated with Pfizer , 2 shots, just fatigue, and had no issues with my U.C.
    How do you change up or hit that curveball that approaches the plate at uncertain times?
    The curveball that happened to me was daylight savings time change here
    in The North U.S. (Minnesota). As soon as daylight savings happened, a switch happened within me.
    Prior months, I was dosing everything with thick amounts of pepper. It was tasty food!
    As soon as the sun started to deplete on the horizon, my colon would feel pain all day till night, even with the slightest pepper amount.

    My conclusion: You can not get enough Vitamin D. , the supplements go right through me (piss em away).
    I have read that sleeping a good amount can increase Vitamin D.
    Do you know a good way to charge up on Vitamin D?
    I wish you could smoke it.

    Thanks a bunch Yo.


    1. Hey Jeremiah,
      I feel you on the vit D thing.
      I don’t know how else to say it but I think the sun is the answer(and more specific the sunlight. ).
      Not a solution for everyone, but when we moved back to Prague this year, biggest requirement was that the place we rent has south facing windows. Seriously… last place we rented was facing east north east and was a big fat ZERO sunlight thru any windows.

      So… get your clothes off as much as you can stand and the local neighbors allow when the sun is shining would be my only advice. I g to the window, open it, and take my shirt off when their is sun out. ( was just one opportunity in past two weeks here in Prague… but did a 12 minute session and felt good. ) did the same a week or so before that.
      It is hard for many in the winter months. You are not alone.
      Sorry for the ramble… but I think the sunlight is key for the whole process

  4. Hey Adam, I received the Pfizer booster 2months ago with no symptoms from it. As a UC person with 49 years under my belt, I did not think twice about getting the booster. It made no difference on the slight flare up I had the time. My UC is”sleep now.

    1. Larry , I understand everyone’s decision. The 3rd vaccination ( booster) was something I had to take a chance on. I did great with the first two. I’m praying for us all. Stay safe!

  5. Allison-3

    Thank you Adam and everyone for your thoughtful responses. I’ve been away from this group because I haven’t had a flare in 4 years. But it’s important to feel connected to you all in health and not just during a flare-up.
    I chose to not get the vaccine until I am forced because I’m so afraid of a flare- but I think we all have to weigh the risks and benefits and I want everyone to have choice over their own health. I also experienced the GI docs trying to force feed meds in spite of the fact that I was so much sicker while on them!
    I wish you all peace and good health during these strange times.

  6. Maureen Urquhart-Jones

    Thank you Adam for your ongoing information and to everyone who commented. I had my booster last week with so far no side effects. I found it really interesting to hear the views of other UC folk fir and against and wish you all better or continued good health.

  7. Hi Adam:
    I had my 3rd Pzifer shot last month. Only a sore arm. I only follow what the public health officials, physicians and scientists tell me in a global pandemic. I also got my flu shot.

  8. Hey Adam,

    Thanks for posting your video on your 3rd vaccine experience.
    I’ll be honest with you all, I’m apprehensive about getting the vaccine. I had CoVid in Nov. 2020, and weeks later noticed a small flare coming on.
    I had been med free and symptom free since 2015 (aside from appendicitis 2017). Now 2021 thanks to COVID I believe a whole year of symptoms and meds.

    I was hospitalized in June of this year 2021 with a big flare, which they also found a bacterial infect in which they gave me antibiotics through a pill form.
    I seemed to recover okay until Sept. and another wicked flare came up. I was in the hospital with this for the ENTIRE MONTH of October! Salofalk and cortisone no longer had a positive. The opposite, it was a nightmare of a ride.
    They started me on Biological Therapie (Vedolizumab). I was apprehensive about going this route as it is not so long on the market for colitis patients and there is little research about short and long term wide effects… but had really no choice as the inflammation was so horrible. Unfortunately with this therapy my hair is falling out MEGA, as it inhibits the t-cell reproduction as well as other cells. :-( lets see, they say I should be on it 2 years!

    My Natural Doc, homeopathic, is convinced that taking the antibiotic in June created havoc and totally sent my Darmflora array. This time in the Oct. hospital visit when I had to have antibiotics they did it through intervenes (the only way for us UCers to Have it).
    I am still having not such a great result in the stool area. But some other symptoms have subsided.
    Natural Dr has also not recommended the vaccine in our situations (UC). she has had many patience with UC have -ve results after having it. however… here in Bavaria, Germany its getting pretty hard to go out and have somewhat of a normal life if you are not vaccinated. It is really difficult and stressful (also not great for us UCers). It’s like your given the choice, but lets push you in a corner until your so closterphobic you say yes, but it was your choice…..

    Anyway that’s my bubble situation here with covid and vaccine decisions. It’s really CRAPPY times.

  9. While I prefer to not be on medication, I find I cannot manage my symptoms without it. Thankfully, by changing my diet, I’ve been able to drastically reduce my use and dose of meds. Regarding your self-proclaimed “hypocritical” stance, Adam I see it this way: for me i see a big difference in taking something everyday that overtime may potentially damage my liver or kidneys or other organs and a vaccine that is usually a one or two, or in this case three jabs. I get the flu shot every year, and did so again this year. I also just received my booster for Covid. Although I had already received my first dose before hand, my workplace mandated vaccines and we saw a drastic reduction in cases once mostly everyone was vaccinated. Even though our county is a hotspot. I also know people who lost unvaccinated family members (young and healthy and old) to this disease, and a number who had Covid, recovered, thought it was no big deal, but are now suffering long-term heart and neurological issues as a result. Having UC is enough to deal with, I don’t want to have to deal with something else besides. Also, I don’t know how I would forgive myself if I gave the disease to someone else and they lost their life, or their health were forever damaged by it.

    1. I completely agree with you, Pauline. I don’t ever want to think I passed this virus to someone that I could have at least potentially reduced my viral load with a vaccine, and I would not want the cocktail of drugs to treat a severe Covid infection and especially any superimposed bacterial pneumonia or hospital acquired infection, never mind the stress of a ventilator or long haul Covid.

    2. I really like Pauline how you have put all your actions and thoughts into words on this. I agree on all your points. It is very unfortunate but a close friend and past roommate of mine lost both his father and uncle to Covid just before the vaccines were available last year. And the winter when this whole mess started a high school friend lost his 44 year old brother. All awful. I wish you the very best , Adam

  10. My daughter was diagnosed with UC last June. She was started on mesalamine, had to take prednisone for a little while, and now is doing medicine infusions Every eight weeks- I think it is Remicade? Her bowel symptoms have improved but she is still having extreme stomach pain. She started journaling to try to figure out what might have triggered it.
    My frustration as her mother and trying to help her figure out how to navigate this disease is the medical community says it has nothing to do with what you eat, take your medicine. But everything I read says that it matters what you eat when you’re in a flare up. I totally understand this is an auto immune disease so not food allergies, however, Michelle definitely is affected by what she eats.
    We have a family member that has been managing her UC for a number of years by Diet and a vitamin system along with probiotics in kombucha.
    Would love some feedback from other people who have UC Pointers for me to share with my daughter.

    1. I have had UC symptoms for 10 years that have progressed to a severe diagnosis more than a year ago. I have been mostly SCD for several years and have taken more than 10 different medical products, currently on Stelera and the only thing that has worked for sure, during a bad flare last November was Predisone, which I was glad to get off of in January. Currently I am having really good success with Budesonide Enemas, which have me feeling like I have not felt since my last remission and before before UC. Very expensive and have allowed me experiment outside of SCD without any issues. I have taken my Booster, Phizer, on top of Phizer and Astra Zeneca 2nd and first doses and had no issues with any, other than being a bit run down after the 2nd dose and usual sore arm. I also take an annual flu shot and feel these are all essential for me, my family and friends. I totally agree we are solar powered and so much has been written about the goodness of Vitamin D, so I take supplements all year round, get outside every day, regardless of weather, especially on sunny days. My other immu and gut boosters are Oil of Oregano , SAP ProBio probiotics, Calcium, Vitamin C and EEVO. We are our own science experiment and there are far too many things for me to consider, I am trying to keep life simple and only change up one supplement at a time, if I do and see the results. A second GI doc that I now have as I consider a stool transplant suggested I cut out Onions and Garlic, which I did for a few weeks and have reintroduced a bit in light of the enemas, always in a cooked form.

      Good luck everyone and thanks Adam for starting and keeping this essential service humming along!

      1. Hey Garry,

        Big thank you for your message and sounds like you have found a great set of solutions to your UC, and that is fantastic! Really big thanks for sharing all those details.

        I like you am a believer that the sun is a big booster shot we can all take advantage of daily. Glad you are seeing the light on that and perhaps its helping you too.

        Take care, and best to you in this new year of 2022!


  11. My son was diagnosed with UC in 2012. He went in to a flare in 2020 for several months after his previous medication (Asacol, I believe) stopped working. He started Entyvio in 2020 07 which has been great for him. Last sigmoidoscopy shows a remission. In 2021 01, he tested positive for Covid. He had severe sore throat, headache, mild fever etc. The most troubling symptom was bleeding ulcers in his throat. Luckily, no interruption with his medication nor any other UC symptoms. His Dr said the ulcers in his throat were likely because of his UC and that is how it presented for him. After two weeks, he was feeling better. He received his first phizer dose in 2021 05 and his 2nd dose in 2021 08. He had no side effects or UC issues following his vaccines. Unfortunately he doesn’t do well with needles and passed out shortly after his injection and got a concussion from hitting his head on the floor.

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