Combatting Ulcerative Colitis Through Naturopathy

Hi, I’m Akshay from Pune, India.

I’m 25 yrs old and have been suffering from ulcerative colitis for a little less than 2 years now.

My work, social life and confidence took a huge hit during this period. I tried a lot of medicines but they were only able to curtail my problem but not cure it.

Two months ago desperate to try just about anything to get cured, I agreed to undergo naturopathy treatment, a science my mother was a firm believer in. I enrolled myself in a naturopathy center on the outskirts of Pune. I stayed there for a period of one month, getting treated by natural methods.

They helped me change my whole diet, lifestyle and thinking which has helped me combat UC. The basic thought process of naturopathy is that you were born healthy, but you fall ill because of the foods you eat, the environment you live in and the lifestyle you lead. At the naturopathy centre they put me completely off spices, milk and bakery products, leafy vegetables, pulses and beans rich in gas and non vegetarian food. After 2 weeks of following this diet I was put on a 2 day fast of only fruits followed by a 4 day liquid fast of vegetable soups and juices. Soon after i was introduced to food slowly.

Along with my diet regulation I was practising yoga, living in a pollution free, green, peaceful environment which was very calming and soothing. I had a hip bath every morning and afternoon, a mud pack application on my stomach and a full body massage each morning, and an enema twice a week. In the evenings we were advised to pray and meditate for mental peace helping us de-stress completely.

I have been following the diet rigorously and slowly introducing newer foods, which has helped my motions solidify and reduced the frequency of my motions. Apart from my diet I try to meditate by practicing deep breathing exercises, and I try to stay calm and positive in my outlook. This has helped curb my UC a great deal. i did lose a lot of weight due to the fasting I underwent, so I’m working hard on gaining that weight back now. Also I’m completely off any modern medicines which is great. I’d recommend any patient of UC to read up on naturopathy and later their lifestyle and diet according to the teachings of naturopathy to help you combat Ulcerative Colitis and get back to a normal healthy life.


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6 thoughts on “Combatting Ulcerative Colitis Through Naturopathy”

  1. Hi Akshay,
    What a hopeful post. I have grown up using homeopathy and naturopathic medicines my whole life because my mother is such a believer, and now, so am I. Could you share the name of the Naturopathic Center you were treated at? Thank you for sharing your experience, Ashley

  2. Hi Akshay

    God bless you for long and healthy life. It is great to hear UC treatment by Naturopathy at
    Naturopathic Center at Pune outskiert area, Could you please send contact number & full address
    of Naturopathic Center you were treated at. My e-mail is
    Thanks for your coperations.

  3. Hi Akshay,
    Nice to ready your experience. Can you please share Naturapathy center details where you treated? I am also suffering from UC and would like to try the same. Also please share your present condition.

  4. Hi

    can u tell me what sort of juices u were taking ? And what sort of food was introduced first?.. i am also doing naturopathy for uc treatment .. i am taking carrot juicewhich kind of makes me have more motions with mainly mucous.. in how much time did ur blood stop and mucous reduced to normal levels..

  5. Dear All,

    The Center that akshay has mentioned on outskirt of pune is

    Nisargopchar Ashram
    Uruli Kanchan – 412202
    District – Pune, Maharashtra (India)
    Phone : +91 20 2692 6298 | +91 20 2692 6230
    Fax : +91 20 2692 6225
    E-Mail :

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