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Colonoscopy Prep – Are You Pumped For Yours?

FIRST OFF, for any newcomers to the site, I would like to apologize for the introduction you’re getting to iHaveUC, you’re gonna see a whole bunch of crazy stories on this site for sure, and I’m hoping you won’t see another like this from me for another 3-4 years.

But for all you old-timers (Shelly, Peter and Bev) yes you are most definitely three of them), I decided to move forward with the colonoscopy that’s happening tomorrow morning.  Well, depending on when you all see this, Friday at 10:00 am I’m going to be getting violated by a pretty incredible GI doctor in downtown Oakland, California-home of many a famous Rap stars in-case anybody’s wondering.  I’m coming up on my 4 year anniversary of my original diagnosis with UC, and for a while I’ve felt it’s time to get a good look inside.  Maybe you have felt the same way if you’re a few years into your UC deal.

And maybe, if you’re at all like me, you too have had some crazy flashbacks before your second colonoscopy.  Anyone, anyone??  It’s pretty crazy to be thinking to myself, “Holy FRIGGIN TOLEDO, its been FOUR YEARS already???”

But it’s true.

Four years ago almost to the day, I was sitting in a different apartment, drinking up the goupy colonoscopy prep, and not sure what in the heck was going to happen.  I definitely did not think I was living with UC.  And I was still thinking whatever the strange “GASTRO” doctor was going to do the next morning, was not going to be any MAJOR news.  Did you feel that way too about your first colonscopy?

“Oldtimers, were you thinking you had some ulcers or hemorrhoids only???”

Well that was me in 2008.  I didn’t know what it was exactly, but the blood flying out of my butt, and the cramps and everything else surely wasn’t “RIGHT”…

Yeah, you know what I mean now. (oldtimers and new-comers)

Something was dead wrong.  And sure enough, my scope proved it.  Inflammation all the way around the horn.  It was a full on battlefield in there.  I know many of you who have written your stories here have the exact same story.  What a crazy thing to have in common UC’ers.

Severe Ulcerative Colitis Up and Down.  Pancolitis if you want to call it that, not the best news.

Those pictures were pretty depressing to look at once I was not high from the medications, again, maybe you all felt similar after your first butt violation.

Alright, let’s change some gears.  Let’s downshift, and sit back in the seat. 

Flash forward a quick 4 years and 3 different apartments.  And BAMMMMMM!  Here I am.  Trying to get this post written before I need to run off to “I think” my last or second to last toilet visit of the night before sleeping it all off and getting up for my second colonoscopy.  I’ve come a long way.  I didn’t know much about UC 4 years ago, heck, I didn’t know a single thing.  I think I was searching for it on Google like this “colitus”.  You might have done the same.  And that’s fine.  We aren’t supposed to know everything about UC when we’re diagnosed.

But come 4 years later, times be a changing.  The medicine cabinet has been empty for a few years now, and I’m not running around like a crazy guy anymore (ok, Michaela probably would disagree with that comment, but you all know what I mean).  I’ve learned a ton, and I hope you have too if you’re 4 years deep with a UC diagnosis under your belt.  My out of control severe UC is under control.  My days of living in the bathrooms at home and work and squirting blood all over the toilets are over.  No more wondering how on earth I could pay 6 bucks for a burrito and then poop the whole thing out twenty minutes later.(Seriously, I used to get pissed at the Mexican restaurants when that happened, I thought they simply had some bad fillings in the burritos which made me do that, no joke)  Things are different now.   I started having flashbacks yesterday, and tonight when I was getting ready to drink the colonscopy prep for the first time(you’ll see this in the video below), thoughts and memories from 4 years ago hit me upside the face.  It was scary back then.  I didn’t know what the hell I was doing 4 years ago.  I’m no doctor.  Nor did I go to medical school, but after that first year post diagnosis, it kinda felt like I graduated from a couple of them.

I’d like to thank everyone who participates on the site, especially the old-timers who have guided the site to where it is today.  And, for all you new-comers here, you’re all welcomed.  Especially the folks who are from far off countries!  (I’m still hoping to read a UC story from someone in Chile, or Tanzania someday.)

Yes, I did start the site, and yes I do read and post up every single story that you can read here (well over 1000 now if you can believe that)…BUT you are what keeps me and the website going.  If I had to list out all that I’ve learned about UC, from your emails, your letters, your stories, come on, that would be a massively long list that might bore some of you to death.  And who wants to read all that poop talk right:)

This whole colitis thing doesn’t have to be scary.  Life for darn sure doesn’t end with a UC diagnosis.  Did you see the camping videos I shot a few weeks ago.  Tell me that don’t look like the best time ever right, well at least for those who don’t mind getting a bit dirty right?

So hang in there if you’re struggling, or if you have a family member who is in the middle of tuffy times.  The “hell” of UC doesn’t go on forever.  I’ve got some pretty high hopes for whatever is going to happen tomorrow (and I’m for sure expecting my GI to tell me to get on at least some maintenance drug), but even if he says I have some strange tumor or god forbid some crazy colon cancer, life for sure is only gonna get better.  My wife and I got some big plans for the future and they’re just getting started.

I hope it’s the same for you,

-Adam Scheuer

A little movie below that I shot earlier tonight.  Before you know what started happening in the zachod.  (Czech for poop room)

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32 thoughts on “Colonoscopy Prep – Are You Pumped For Yours?”

  1. Adam,
    Thinking of you and Michaela-East coast time…so best of luck…clean and clear and healthy…we’re all there with you :-)
    I know you’ll keep us posted (-I’ll have to watch the video later.)

    1. Adam………East Coast time almost 5! Hmmmmmmmm……….?
      Thanks for all the kudos from above…we uc’ers gotta stick together!
      You’re a real trailblazer and what you do is invaluable…thanks as always.
      Best, Shelly

      1. What up Shelly,

        Well its probably about 1:30am your time right now, and I’m hoping your fast asleep, but to follow up, I’ve got a pretty funny video coming your way soon. I need to get the A OK from woman of the house before posting since she’s in it, and sometimes she doesn’t like when I get camera happy, but some updates on the scope coming soon.


  2. Adam,

    Good luck! I hope the colonoscopy goes well and your GI is shocked to know that you ever had UC. Question: since you are on the SCD diet, I was wondering what colonoscopy prep you used? One of the things keeping me from getting a checkup is that I am afraid to break the SCD diet for the prep.

    Take care!

  3. Good luck w/the butt probe. The prep is the worst. I got a little nauseous watching you drink that stuff. Can’t wait to hear how the pics turn out.

    Take care,


  4. Hey well I missed your time to tell you good luck…you have probably already been probed by the aliens now. Hopefully the results are good.

  5. oh adam. i really needed to read your post. you give me so much hope that i will get better. i just had a fight with my mom about how i have to start humira… or else? i’ve tried all the other drugs and am trying the paleo diet at the moment. it’s helped but definitely still having a lot of pain and urgency. i hope i can eventually get better with just diet (still on 6mp) and am so happy you were able to do it. hope you have a beautiful colon for the doc. to see!

  6. Adam!!

    From one ‘OLD TIMER’ (thanks alot for that, btw) to another….I wish you the very BEST scoping EVER!!

    Mine is on November 15th. Oh, how did that stuff taste anyway? You didn’t even have bitter beer face after you drank it?! WTH? How did you manage that feat my friend-ito?

    Thinkin’ about ya tomorrow…


    1. Hi Bev,
      Good for you…hope you were able to get an early time! Not sure how it works up there? We’ll be cheering you on, too!
      I was thinking that you may want to look at the potential side effects of the herbal meds. to make sure no blood thinning or any interactions with the prep, etc…you’ll probably have to go to multiple sources/people since there are no real studies…and don’t forget to tell your Dr. and the prescreeners when you give them your “Med” list!
      :-) Best, Shelly

      1. Geez, I never even thought of that potential…blood thinning.

        Mmmm, L-glutamine, probiotics, and astaxanthin…I’ll definitely have to have a look see just so I know.

        My scope is scheduled for the afternoon, if you can believe it! I had the last one super early in the am, and that was even hard to wait for. Ugh. Oh well. This will test the old stamina…lol

        Cheers, and thank you for tweaking my brain about any blood thinning side effects…I really didn’t even think of it.

  7. Great video Adam!
    Hope you owned that scope and showed those docs what’s up!
    Ill hear from you soon!
    Alsoooo BEV good luck with your upcoming scope! Hope all is well with you and you have awesome results!
    Stay warm up their in Canada!
    Johnny drama

    1. Yo Drama!

      Yep, thanks to Adam, I am feeling like I’ll go thru with it…this will be the first time scoped while not in a flare, so I’m thinking it will be all good.

      So far, so warm up here in Canada still, but I’m sure that’ll change real soon.


  8. What UP Folks,

    All well, doing some couch recovery and getting ready to dig into to some tasty smelling meatloaf from Michaela. The butt probe went real well. I must have hit some REM sleep during it, because when I came out, I could have sworn I was getting ready for some egg breakfast at a campground somewhere…

    As for the results, pretty darn good. Not 100%, which is what I was expecting, but mostly normal, some “mild” colitis in the final section, but all in all, that’s pretty darn good news, and what I was expecting. (And for all you all out there, yes indeed, you can feel like you’re 100% in remission but still have mild UC going on, so no harm in getting probed for the final verdict:)

    Taking the precautionary biopsies throughout, those results I get back in a few weeks if not sooner. Did not end up taking a video of the prep, so that ain’t happening. Maybe in 4 years LOL!!!

    Meatloaf time, and wishing you all the very best. And for sure, a butt probe when you’re feeling good is WAY better then when your whole pooper is severe, so if that’s you, believe me, you got something to look forward to.

    Buenas noches amigos,

  9. Wadup brotha!

    I forgot to post you my results after my 2 month period on SCD. I had the colonoscopy and it turned out moderate. From the looks of it, things were much better than before. I was in major severe stage just 10 weeks before, so to see those results in such a short period, really made me hopeful that things were going to turn out for the better. What a life style change and test on resisting temptations from illegal foods….but I have seriously not touched an illegal food except one by accident.

    4 years you’ve been going through this since diagnosis? Wow…….I’ve only been through 4 months and it’s been a really tough battle. I had up and downs for the summer but by Aug and Sept. things were getting pretty solid with the poops and it was becoming more consistent.

    But I’m speaking too SOON! My lady made me some really spicy shit with jalapeno’s and it stirred up my colitis BIG TIME! How is this legal SCD food? I won’t be touching hot peppers again for a LONG time…maybe never!

    At least I have the security of the intro diet to subside this and get things back on track. It’s such a simple process and it doesn’t cost hoards money. Just good simple foods that are extremely nutritious. Can’t beat that. I should swing you my colon shots and we can compare! I want to see yours so I know where I will be in 4 years!!!

    1. What up Trevor!

      Hey man, sounds like you be getting stuff under control, and that’s friggin awesome!

      You know what, and I’m not kidding about this, besides the fact that everyone reacts different to different foods etc… I swear you can buy ten jalapeno peppers, and 8 of them will be somewhat mild, and then two of them will be hotter than anything in the world…crazy how that happens sometimes. I’ve gotten jacked by those green things before…. And no touching your eyes after playing with them, or some other spots too for that matter..
      take care bud, and super glad to hear from you,

  10. Hey Adam,
    Sounds like pretty good news…it took how many years for your colon to get like that-guess it could take just as long to completely heal if that is possible? Guess that’s what separates us IBD’ers from ibS’ers. Our trick is to keep it at bay the best we can perhaps never at 100%, but probably no one ever is? The best case scenario is to get the clean bill from the biopsies.
    Even though you’re a bit disappointed you know you are still going in the right direction…UC is a war, perhaps a forever “gift” so we’ll just keep fighting and hopefully winning the battles.
    Keep doing what you’re doing and being a great game changer in the UC world. We all appreciate EVERYTHING you do! THANKS
    We’ll be waiting for your update.
    Best and continued progress toward good health from coast to coast friend, Shelly :-)

  11. Adam, even though the results said that you have mild uc, we all honestly have to realize that before the prep you drank that nasty moviprep to get out all cleaned up, I’m pretty sure your colon was in shock since you we’re averaging 1-2 dumps per day then you ended up shitting prob a dozen, that definitely had to irritate the colon and make it inflamed! I think their need to be a approved method without drinking that stuff and getting anal raped, hopefully one day their will be
    Johnny drama

  12. hahaha.. i have to say im realy glad to have found this site.. i happen to be home myelf drinking a nice little box of kleen prep for a violating scope in the middle east tomorrow!!!!! when i first foudn this site i was in the middle of a flare up (nos i know its a flare up and not normal!!) and went to medical that week and asked for the same doctor i had here that was actually smart and better than the military docs!! i have to say she is amazing!! took 2 weeks to get it approved but when she saw me she instantly remebered me… maybe it was because they dont put you to sleep for the procedure, just drug you, and i was the assclown walking through the nurses station butt naked offending everyoen but the single nurses…. maybe. when i saw her she asked if i have been checked up on and taking my meds, and i told her i only knew what she said i had and that the doc on base were just like ehhh, its all good!!! so i sat through a 45 minute chew out session, then told asked if i had any other med problems.. did you know uc causes arthritis? or is she pulling my leg? any how. glad your scope went well!!! im just starting my niht of fun with the toilet and the avengers!! nothing like a watching a little hulk action wile it feel like.. well i will leav that alone!! this will be my 3rd check. the first 2 were back to back to see if uc was what i really had and not crohns!!! so hats off to you sir with this great site!!! i feel like im finally learnign so much.. and cheers!! im drinking nastyness out of my favorite pint glass!!!!

  13. Great news Adam!
    Slow and steady progress and healing wins the race.
    You know in four years that colon is going to look like a brand new baby!
    All the best-

  14. A recommendation: As someone who has had moderate to severe UC for 20 years (90% involvement of the large intestine, transverse colon is 100% involvement and worst) , I have had virtually every type of colon prep that is available commercially. Most are god-awful and end up making my pain and symptom levels go off the charts. Some have been so bad (ie. visacol) that I was physically unable to finish them. After much trial and error, I now refuse to do any prep other than PicoSalax. I have to order it from Canadian pharmacies ( you need to order a 2 pack, runs about $22-25). It is the number one prep used in all of the Commonwealth countries. I have no idea why you can’t buy it in the States, but it is hands down so much easier to do. You mix one packet, which resembles tang crystals or KoolAid into 8 oz of cold water and drink. You drink your prescribed abount of fluids ( no red or purple, but otherwise your choice), usually 6-8 cups or more over the next several hours, then take a second dose of PicoSalax and continue drinking copious amounts of fluid. It tastes like tang, does its job perfectly, and doesn’t make me vomit (unlike GoLitely, mobiprep, etc). I had to have 4 colonoscopies alone last year, I couldn’t have done it without PicoSalax. The only thing better IMO is if they could knock you out for the prep all together ;-)

    1. No worries, but hey, if you get the chance, I’d (and some others who try to stay away from some of the sugars and sweetners out there) would be way interested to know what’s up with the ingredients in there.

      Like you know all too well, us UC’ers are going to be doing scope jobs more often then the common folk, and if there’s a great prep that’s “better” than the other options that are pretty much shelled out on us for no rhyme or reason, let it be known!!!

      thanks again for sharing and your input!

  15. Per website : ingredients – magnesium citrate. Non-medicinal ingredients- natural orange or cranberry flavor, potassium bicarbonate, saccharin sodium.

    http://Www.picosalax. Com

    I don’t consume artificial sweeteners but this colon prep is so superior to any of the others that I have had , I wouldn’t care if there were ground up faeries in it – I would use it anyway. It’s not like you are consuming much of it or that it is staying in you very long LOL. FYI – I have only used the orange version. Never knew about the cranberry until today.

    1. Thank again so much for the research! I’m gonna go luck up “ground faeries” now:)))) take care, and best of luck to you with your next scope job!

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