Colon Free 10 Years

Free at Last, Free At Last, Free at Last, thanks to the surgery, we are free at last:

I guess I don’t have it anymore since I don’t have a colon any more thanks to ulcerative colitis. Just found out my brother (1 yr older than me) now has UC. He says his was brought on by a medication. (Of which i can’t remember the name.) I’m forwarding him a link to this site cause he really needs a place to talk w/ others about it.

I recognize remicade from my brother’s treatment. He says it didn’t help. Back in my day, it was sulfasalazine. I also had prednisone right before the end.

UC 10 yrs off and on flare ups. Then one day, it flared and ate my colon. 2 surgeries, 13 pts of blood later, no colon. Had a bag for 3 mos. Reconnected. Now, 10 yrs later, I eat and drink anything i want. Sleep thru the nite w/o having to use the can most nights. Am on no medications. Surgery and recovery were hell, but life is good now.

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