College and Colitis

My name is Matt and I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2013 after struggling with symptoms for about 6 months prior. I played hockey in high school and continue to play hockey in college.

I was out of a flare for about a year and a half, symptom free and living normally. I was able to eat anything and drink anything as well.

Colitis Symptoms:

The symptoms came back the summer before junior year in college and were extremely harsh. I was having a ton of dark blood and soft stool that would always leave me feeling inflamed and uncomfortable when I sat down at first.

Anyways I took lialda for this I am currently coming off predisone which I started at 30mg,20,15,10,5 and I’m on lialda as well as following the scd diet that I have been on for almost two months. I am having trouble handling a lot of food. This is my second timeout the diet and I don’t remember it taking so long to kick in and start helping. Flare and it took about 3 months of summer and two months into the school year to settle things down. When I was getting better I slowly added in foods off of the scd diet and wasn’t having any problems. I was not so much introduced, but finally gave aderal a try because the school work was getting crazy. I noticed I would go to the bathroom at least 3 times after taking it but no other issues were present.

Later in the year I took it for a exam and the following day my symptoms came back slowly and progressively got worse. I am courteous if anyone else has messed around with aderal. I know my trigger is stimulants. So it was stupid of me to try this. But just looking for some thoughts.

College and Colitis

I am wondering how important the intro is and if anyone else has messed with aderal. I am also interested in how many people are dealing with ulcerative colitis in college and how they manage. I am almost done with college which my gi doctor says is awesome that I managed to make it through with the drinking and all the stress, but I am still interested in others people’s experiences.

The predisone I feel has helped me in the past and started to help me this time but at the start of the predisone I was put on an antibiotic for an infected cut and I feel like that couldn’t have helped my stomach at all. My cramping for the most part went away, but the bleeding continues and I’ve tried what I feel like is everything to help. I’ve been alcohol free for over two months and like I stated before in the scd diet for about two months. I have lost 20+ pounds which I’m not complaining about, but I’m getting extremely frustrated with all the food going right through me. At most times I rather not eat all day to feel as close as back to normal as I can. I’m 6 ft 214 and working out as much as I can. I’ve also had to register with the disability office at my school because I was missing so much class towards the end of the school year. I know the scd will put me in remission and honestly if I stay away from stimulants I can never have a flare again. I am just looking for some feedback on what I could be doing differently with the diet and what not. Another thing that I find annoying is the lialda seems to take three months to help and then for most of the time it does nothing at all.

Medications / Treatments

I have tried glutamine as well because I think it has helped me in the past, but I cannot recall completely. I skipped the intro diet it have been strict with eating only legal foods. No day has been consistent. Some days I’ll have blood and water with small formed pieces, some just a bunch of soft stool and sometimes just blood. My bowel movement range from 3-8 a day.

written by Matt P

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  1. Hi Matt –

    I see you have not gotten a response. You have a lot of maturity to write for some help as a college student. My son is a senior in college and he at this point in his life would not write for some help. Anyway…I am our sons mom and sometimes I feel it’s me that is sick as I have been there every step through his illness for 4-1/2 years now! He/we have been to over 30 doctors and/or health professionals from Chicago to Taymount Clinic for a FMT. We found a wonderful NP in Madison, WI who has/had UC and has been over the top helpful for our son. Nothing helped and I mean nothing…supplements…all the biologics….SCD and GAPS and AIP…and most recently a trip to Taymount Clinic for the FMT. So our son had a blood test for heavy metals. Wow! I just about cried when we got the results, he was elevated in many toxic metals. So to make a long story short he is currently going through IV chelation and has seen some improvements. Chelation can take up to 2 years to remove all the heavy metals and then a maintenance chelation every year. He is still eating a modified SCD as he does have healing to do from the heavy metal damage. A wonderful paperback book to get is Poisoned! What You Don’t Know About Heavy Metals Is Killing You! It’s by Dr. Pamela J Owens. The book is wonderfully written concise and to the point with charts and tables to refer to…I’m on my second go round with the book. She refers to biofilms in the book and in our sons case this is the bugger that is preventing him from getting better. All the above things he has tried will do nothing if you have heavy metal toxicity including a FMT. The heavy metals trump anything else. Our son is taking an ADHD med and I’m sure the metals affect his brain. He was also a hockey player and has not been able to play for sometime. How he has and is coping is Imodium. He’s only had 3 chelations so he’s just started, has many more to go. As he heals will maybe do some FMT’s at home, start him taking LDN (also great new book The LDN Book Edited By Linda Elsegood), some supplements, continue with modified SCD and exercise etc. whatever seems appropriate. Today is his last college final! I know what you are going through Matt, it’s a constant struggle. College for him has not been the normal college experience. It’s been very difficult for him to socialize. I wish you the best. I hope some of what I said helps you and anyone that reads this. It has been a journey and is to continue.

    1. Lynn, thank you for the response, I’ve been doing very well these past two days and I’m excited to see the improvements continue to keep coming. As for the heavy metals, I am going for blood work next week, my doctor and mother always tell me I need to keep up with it. Thank you for all your insight and advice, I hope your son is doing well, and continues to get better.

      1. Matt –

        Glad to hear you are feeling better. Any elevation of a toxic metal will prevent you from becoming 100% healed. Our son goes to a NP and I can’t imagine his GI doctor checking for heavy metals. Not sure what type of doctor you are going to but the tests should go to Doctors Data in the Chicago area. Picking our son up from college today so will find out how he is doing. The best to you.

  2. Hi Matt,

    A couple of things that helped me and could be worth a try.

    Firstly I got the impression you are vigorously exercising, while exercise is good for us with UC the one thing I hear over and over is not to do too much. When I think back of my own experiences, too much exercise was not good for me. We dont absorb the nutrients others do and need a sufficient amount for healing. Also fatigue is common so worth leaving some fuel in the tank.

    Finally, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Its a great natural anti inflammatory with vitamins, anti bacterials and antioxidants to name only a few. You need a decent one and I take 10-15ml before breakfast, lunch and dinner then also before bed. It’s been my savour and I have had wonderful stories from other converts. You can find details by searching here or Google for Colitis EVOO.

    Best wishes!

    1. Graham, thank you so much for your reply. I actual was reading your story the other day and started added olive oil and yesterday some coconut oil. For the first time in close to two months I have had much improvement and I’m feeling great. Thank you again for your story and your advice.

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