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Colitis Super Star Interview – Aaron’s Triathlon and Remicade Success Story


Aaron is an incredible UC’er.  He has accomplished so much since being diagnosed, it’s pretty amazing.  Yet he is such a normal guy.  A father, a husband, a genuine nice guy.  Probably much like the rest of the UC’ers who have unfortunately come down with this disease.  But let’s not let it stop us from making the best of our lives and moving forward.

Below are some pictures that Aaron sent me to post on the site, pretty incredible indeed.

More interviews to come in the future.  If you feel that you would enjoy being interviewed, feel free to send me a message through the contact form and we’ll see if we can put something together.

Oh wait…there’s more…Aaron participated in created another video with his GI team…and here it is below:

Thank you again so very much Aaron for sharing your story.

12 thoughts on “Colitis Super Star Interview – Aaron’s Triathlon and Remicade Success Story”

  1. Great story Aaron. You are correct that you have to take life by the horns. Ive had UC for 40 years. I was diagnosed when I was 10…its my 50th birthday next week. I work hard every day to find what works for me but I have never given up. I run a weekly 5K trail run, lift weights and I teach Zumba and its been the best thing I could do for my body, making me feel better about myself, and helping me deal with stress. I know my trigger foods – and those new to the disease will eventually figure that out. Ive tried every medication there is – as a matter of fact, I was part of the clinical trial for Remicade, which unfortunately gave me drug induced. Tomorrow I see my surgeon for the second consult. I wish you luck and continued success with the Remicade. Best of luck in your triathalon!
    In good health,

  2. I was very interested in his food changes, if any, so thank you for asking the question. I was very surprised to hear him say “no red meat” as I have just started Paleo, which is lots of meat. It seems with UC, everyone tries to find anything that will work.
    My husband was given Remicade a couple of weeks after his last chemo treatment because he had such severe diarrhea. Within 7 hours of the infusion he was feeling 100% better. Sadly, after about 6 weeks, the diarrhea came back. I am so glad Remicade worked for Aaron.
    This was a great interview, Adam. Thank you so much for putting this out to everyone. Very, very informative.

    1. Hi Shannon,

      Yes, I was surprised as well about the red meat. And, yes indeed, it is an incredible story that Aaron has been such a cool guy to share with us.
      I hope to bring quite a few more of these, can’t promise all will be with UC’ers as awesome as Aaron…(but i’m pretty sure there are a ton of people reading the site just like him:))

      take care, and wishing you and your husband the best,

  3. Remicade works for my brother atm. He has been on it for 8-10years now and going strong. He had a real serve case of UC.

    I am still trying to control mine, this has been the best year for me so far yet 2 flares, latest one being aggressive…urgency being the main issue, followed by fatigue which would be by limitation of foods.

    I aim to get some more enemas which seem to control it for me

    But I have taken the leap…and maybe somewhat leaf of faith!
    Tomorrow I will go for my FMT consultation with 10 infusions to follow.

    Gut imbalance we know we have, but addressing it might not be enough, but might go some way to resolving, starting to resolve…
    I have my reservations but let’s see. Seem like the only option before looking at remicade.

    Will keep you all posted..

  4. What a great interview. It is such a great message to get out there that life is not over just yet. I am also a triathlete, it’s a great way for me to relieve stress. Like to say good luck to Aaron in his ironman. I completed ironman Lake Tahoe in September.

    1. Congrats Dan on the Tahoe Ironman!!! you didn’t stop in South Shore and get your gamble on did you??:)) Let us know when you’re ready for your interview:)) -Adam

  5. Aaron,

    Congrats on your success and fortitude. Also kudos to your wife and family for what appears to be great support for your endeavors.
    Thank you for doing this interview with Adam (thanks Adam!) and giving us a history of ups and downs of your illness. It gives me and other UCers hope and inspiration to keep working towards remission.
    I am curious if you are on other medication besides Remicaid, and what supplements you may taking? After exhausting all other meds I am now on Remicaid but my doc has supplemented this with Methotrexate ( one injection per week), Lialda (Mesalamine) and I am tapering off Prednisone by 1mg per week. I am no longer producing blood and mucous but I am feeling very week. I used to bike and kayak, now I am walking and going to a physical therapist to regain strength and muscle. Your interview helped me to push myself to increase my strengthening routine with the help of my PT yesterday!

    1. Hi Joanne.

      I’m on remacade, methotrexate and mesalazine also and have been for about 9 years now. It’s the only combo that works for me and, combined with no red meat, lots of water (both to avoid constipation) I’m able to keep myself very fit and have a 95% normal life.


  6. what a fantastic story – thanks for the inspiration. i really enjoyed the short film! i really enjoyed the format and the length. it was great to be able to listen to it while doing errands around the house.

  7. Thank you all for the kind words.
    I wanted my story to get out there to hopefully inspire those to find their own personal “triathlon”.
    Just finished an infusion today; in addition to the infusions I take sulfa, imuram and Florastor.
    I’m going to taper to a plant based diet over the next couple of months in an attempt to eliminate the fats from my diet.
    Thanks Dan; I plan to get my M-dot tattoo following the ironman!
    I wish you all the best of health!!!!

  8. Hats off to the both of you Aaron and Adam! I felt inspired watching this video. Adam, you asked some great questions. Aaron, your honesty and positive attitude was a bright light. Again, I think this interview highlights the two necessary components required to start fighting this disease; a HEALTHY mental attitude and a HEALTHY lifestyle. They just seem so intertwined in the success of many.

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