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Colitis Quiz #1


14 thoughts on “Colitis Quiz #1”

    1. What up Bev,

      Yeah, I was a little surprised to see that out of all the folks who have taken it so far, there have been only 3 peeps who got it 100% correct.
      I’ll make the next one easier, but besides that, was it interesting for you? Would you like seeing more of these? Yeah/Neah? let me know Bev/ and others.

  1. Hey I can’t take a quiz it stresses me out and we all know stress is bad for UC! I know you read the survey!
    Okay, maybe sometime I will when I’m done stressing about it…damn test anxiety!! :-)

    1. Get that guitar out!!!

      What up Shelly!!

      You crack me up!(Well, I’m assuming your joking:)

      Hope all be good up in the NNNEast!
      take care, and happy healthy week to you!

  2. Never heard of Fatburger, but would be willing to test that out. I hope you grade this on a curve cause I got 50%. Thanks Professor Scheuer!

    1. What up Tony!
      Great to hear from you, and hope you and your fam is doing good. 67% is a pretty darn good score, not sure what the average is at, but last time i checked it was a good bit below 50%, so pretty darn good.

      HOpe you’re well and getting ready for some summer weather out in the UK.


  3. Cheers Adam, sure is hot today but as you probably know the Sun is a bit of a novelty in the UK so we make the best of it when we have it :-) Haven’t spoken to Dede for a few weeks so will have to drop her a line and mention you. Great quiz, will have to have a go at another one.

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