707 UC’ers Colitis Pain Survey Results

adamMid October 2015 marked the kickoff of the first Ulcerative Colitis Pain Survey.

Spurred on by a UC’er who wanted to get some thinking going on iHaveUC.com about what others are up to with regards to pain medications.

Thought it was an excellent idea, so here it went.

Below are the results of the questions.  Each question is broken up on a separate page, thinking that this format might make it easier to read the results.  The button below takes you directly to the individual responses from people who uploaded their pictures to the survey:)


Question 1:

Have you ever experienced pain that you think is associated with your ulcerative colitis?

YES — 92% or 647 UC’ers
NO — 5% or 34 UC’ers
NOT SURE — 4% or 26 UC’ers


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