Colitis Pain Survey Q-5

Question 5:

What is the name of the pain medication you think works the best for you?

(Listed in order of most common response from particpants)

[box style=”rounded”]Tramadol[/box]

[box style=”rounded”]Tylenol[/box]

[box style=”rounded”]Paracetamol[/box]

[box style=”rounded”]Ibuprofen[/box]

[box style=”rounded”]Percocet[/box]

[box style=”rounded”]Norco[/box]

[box style=”rounded”]Acetaminophen[/box]

[box style=”rounded”]Oxycodone[/box]

[box style=”rounded”]Codeine[/box]

[box style=”rounded”]Aleve[/box]

[box style=”rounded”]Hydrocodone[/box]

[box style=”rounded”]Buscopan[/box]

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