Colitis Pain Survey Q-4

Question 4:

What type of pain medication(s) have you taken to help manage your UC pain?

[box style=”rounded”]I don’t take any pain meds — 41% or 287 UC’ers [/box]

[box style=”rounded”]Prescription pain medications — 27% or 188 UC’ers[/box]

[box style=”rounded”]Over the Counter pain medications (OTC) — 25% or 178 UC’ers [/box]

[box style=”rounded”]Other option (listed below) — 7% or 54 UC’ers [/box]


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Other Options & Comments listed below:

Other Options:

  • Tylenol usually. I’ve also been given oxycodone for hospitalization and upon discharge.
  • God is my pain medication all you have to do is trust him and pray.
  • just painkiller like advil
  • Both OTC and prescription pain meds at different times
  • Novaminsulfon drops.
  • salofalk is a miracle,
  • relief pain gels
  • dycycline
  • hydrocodone with acetominaphin
  • Tramadol
  • homeopathic
  • Antispasmotics
  • Tylenol with Codeine
  • cannabis
  • Bentyl
  • Zanix
  • Sometimes Imodium will ease the cramps..use carefully
  • Only take pain medication to ‘bung me up’, not pain releif
  • both prescription and OTC (otc worked better)
  • Cannabis
  • Demerol,during a hospitalization only
  • Tumeric
  • Advil extra strength
  • Essential oils or arnica
  • Alternative – Herbal
  • Both OTC (ibuprofen, acetaminophen) and Rx-levsin, percocet
  • acupressure. ….reliefs me sometime

Additional Comments:

  • I take Lialda, so I’m not really supposed to take Ibuprofin, but sometimes I do anyway. I have found a ginger supplement (in pill form, for me) helps take away some of the pain from UC. Not sure why that is, I started taking it for migraine headaches 6 years ago, and haven’t had a full-blown migraine since. A few auras, but no skull-crushing agony! It doesn’t kill all the pain from UC, but it shoves it down to a manageable level.
  • the joint pain associated with the cramping/stomach pain can be sever
  • Avoid Naproxen, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, etc. They are blood thinners, and will cause you to bleed more.
  • Vicodin is very helpful
  • taken very very rarely because they don’t work anyways. I have also not had very much luck with UC meds. That’s why after colostomy surgery, I was in shock and told the nurse, “my bum doesn’t hurt!!!!!”
  • When I was first diagnosed (15 years ago) I took vicadine almost daily. I was able to manage pain during my last flare up a short stint of prednisone and OTC pain medication.
  • Doctor prescribed this cause other types of pain killers aren’t suited for colitis patients.
  • Have also tried alternative medication such as wheatgrass.
  • salofalf is a rectal liquid you insert nightly for 2 weeks and it completely eliminated all the inflammation and bleeding
  • I usually relax. And increase my water regulation. Stop eating food which i think may increase it.
  • Not in favor of adding another pill to the many I already take to manage U/C and other maladies that developed these past 31 years (of having U/C).
  • Usually once I empty my bowels and I take bentyl I start feeling much better. Also heating pads help.
  • I’ve used Tylenol which does nothing. Lately I’ve had bad back pain and have used tramadol
  • I have taken prescribed pain meds as well
  • My doctor says I can’t use pain medication
  • Take Probiotics multivitamin supplement indicated to combat micronutrient deficiencies and assists in maintaining a healthy nutritional balance
  • The only reason I take pain medication is not for the colitis pain, but to help ‘bung me up’ if I know I have a trip coming up in the ‘danger zone’ (mainly early morning), since it seems to have that effect on me more often than not! Don’t take it very often though, only in emergencies.
  • I know there is a stigma where cannabis is concerned. But it really does help and is much safer for your body than prescription pain relievers and it’s not addictive.
  • I stick to basic paracetamol as I find stronger pain meds cause more pain and anti-inflamatories are a big NO-NO
  • I cannot tolerate pain meds, so don’t use them. I think it is dangerous to mask pain symptoms with drugs. Treating the pain directly, as with diet, is more likely to bring about healing than taking pain killers which can give a false sense about what you can safely eat without harming your intestines.
  • I take acetaminophen for joint pain and headaches but it doesn’t help the severe abdominal pain or cramping I get from UC at all.
  • NSAIDs aren’t good for UCers and narcotics can be constipating.
  • I have found that OTC pain medications aggravate my UC and make it worse. I’ve taken prescription pain medications after surgery (shoulder, oral surgery) and the same thing has happened. I try to avoid all pain medications.
  • I take herbal supplements to help with the pain
  • Only used pain meds when I was in the hospital and for two weeks afterwards because I was also experiencing back pain from a compression fracture. I was told that the compression fracture was due to frequent use of prednisone over a 3 + year period due to frequent flares with UC.
  • No non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). They cause me to flare.
  • when hospitalized, i used opiates to relieve uc related pain. otherwise, i use cannabis to control spasms, reduce urgency and manage uc related pain.’
  • I only take pain meds during severe flare-ups which I have not had since my gallbladder was removed in April ’15. My UC is 75% under control, so I try to relax, rest, and most importantly, watch the foods that affect me the most and drink plenty of water. Stay away from caffeine, sugar & diet drinks, and citrus anything to name a few.
  • I take Fentanyl Duragesic patches for severe lower back pain. If my UC is too painful to perform activities, I put on a patch. If the pain is slight, I take Tylenol.
  • I only take pain meds during severe flare-ups which I have not had since my gallbladder was removed in April ’15. My UC is 75% under control, so I try to relax, rest, and most importantly, watch the foods that affect me the most and drink plenty of water. Stay away from caffeine, sugar & diet drinks, and citrus anything to name a few.
  • I took Duspatalin recently for the pain and it worked taking two pills 20mins before eating… but then went on the SCD diet and the pain went so no more pills cause no more pain!
  • avoid oily & spicy food,specially red chillies. taking plain food specially vegetarian.Chewing pomegranate seeds regularly reduces the risk of UC.
  • I take spasmomen x2 every 6 hours or Nospa Forte 80mg x1 every 6 hours together with Solpadine soluble x2 every 4 hours.
  • I do try to stay away from prescription pain medications as much as possible. I will try OTC before going to the “good” stuff.

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