Colitis Pain Survey Continued Q-2

Question 2:

What do you usually do to help manage UC related pain?

(participants could mark more than one option:)

Go to the bathroom — 19% or 355 UC’ers
Try to relax — 17% or 327 UC’ers
Go to sleep or take a nap — 13% or 241 UC’ers
Take a pain pill — 12% or 234 UC’ers
Other Option (see below) — 10% or 193 UC’ers
Sit down — 8% or 146 UC’ers
Nothing — 7% or 141 UC’ers
Take a shower — 5% or 100 UC’ers
Watch TV — 5% or 88 UC’ers
Meditate — 4% or 77 UC’ers


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Other Options from participants were:

  • Heat pack
  • take buscopan
  • heating pad
  • microwave bean bag
  • Oxy- 10 mg from my neck/ spine problems. Otherwise the docs have let me suffer until I have
  • take some ginger
  • tylenol
  • use a hotpad
  • I Pray to God all the time it works better than anything.
  • Stretch, listen to music, focus on breathing, heating pads, ice packs, & massage
  • Use a rice bag to sleep at night
  • I change my diet for a few days until everything feels normal again! (i.e. no dairy, no caffiene, less vegetables (Fiber)
  • heating pad
  • I take a small piece of grated ginger ,it helps relieve the pain
  • Change UC medications
  • try to sleep as much as possible, withdraw from family and friends and co-workers because they can’t see what’s wrong – it’s not obvious.
  • Take a bath with Epsom Salt, Lavender Oil & Baking Soda.
  • Use a heat/wheat pack
  • pray
  • get a back rub
  • heating pad on aching bones and muscles
  • Heating pad
  • Have chronic burning rectal pain that’s aggravated by riding, sitting or standing too long. Nothing seems to help.
  • use a hot water bottle.
  • lay down with a hot pad on my stomach.
  • Use a heating pad
  • Hot Bath, autogenous training (form of meditation), tapping cortosies,
  • soak in the tub
  • relief pain gel for pains in different parts of the body
  • Sit on a hot-water bag or take a bath
  • Smoke marijuana
  • Tylenol
  • Deep breathing. I breath through it like I’m in labour and having a contraction!
  • Take Bath
  • Take OTC Tylenol.
  • Read or look at a magazine, use a heating pad, take a xanax
  • Immediately go back to a more strict diet.
  • drink lots of water
  • yoga
  • Drink plenty of water and eat healthy and not consume to much crappy food
  • Put pressure on the area, play games on my phone to distract myself
  • Remicade used to obliterate it.
  • cry
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Use a heat pac.
  • use a heat bag or magnesium oil rubbed into stomach
  • Heat pad, peppermint tea, tomato soup (liquid diet)
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Deep slow breathing in a way that expands the stomach. Breathe in for six seconds, hold for six seconds, and release with the lips pursed as slowly as possible.
  • Cannabis
  • Steroids if severe and prep H
  • Massage my belly to aliviate. It’s usually gas.
  • hemorrhoid suppository
  • Asacol med & use my suppositories
  • Drink a glass of milk
  • I use gravol sometimes, it helps a lot, I relax and the pain usually subsides
  • cortisone or mezzavant
  • Chicken broth
  • Apply cold pressed castor oil to unbleached cotton flannel, place on lower abdomen, cover w/ plastic wrap, and apply heating pad for 15 min.
  • Sitz bath
  • Yoga and stretching
  • Dr. gave me dicyclomine which helps.
  • remind myself that I have been in worse pain and then ignore it
  • Take CBD oil
  • Take anti spasmodics
  • inflammatory aids like ground Turmeric helps with the arthritic pain
  • take Tylenol or Turmeric or heating pad
  • soak in the bath with epsom salts (magnesium sulphate)
  • drink plenty of fluids
  • Rowasa enema
  • walk; read a book
  • warm wheatgerm bag on stomach and foot massage
  • Yoga and Acupuncture
  • Medical Marijuana Indica candy 10mg to start – I do not smoke it


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