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Colitis is Starting to Flare, A Little Blood, Some Cramps

Hey Guys, remember me, my name is Adam.  And guess what, I for sure have ulcerative colitis!  How do I know this?  Well, about ten doctors have told me that it’s true.  There are some medical records stashed away in a few filing cabinents somewhere of my nasty inflamed colon all red and yucky out there.  And, I think my several months of symptom free specific carb diet living has finally come to a bump in the road known as a FLARE.

But, the good news is,  colitis flares are not uncommon.  It seems that nearly everyone who has ulcerative colitis goes through this type of thing unfortunately on some type of regular or irregular basis.  So, with that said, I am not tripping out.

Why do I think I am in a flare?

First of all, its 8:30 am on Saturday, and I am typing away, something I don’t usually do at this hour.  But, along with my colitis, I used to have really bad lower back pains, joint pains etc…  That seems to have come along with this flare too.  So, lately for the past few days I have been waking up at about 5 or six in the morning before my alarm goes off with some slight feelings of lower back pains again.  Strange how the colitis symptoms can come back in the same ways if they want.

Second, bowel movements have changed quite a bit.  No longer as formed poops as they used to be.

Third, some drops of fresh and some darker blood mixed in with stools when I poop.  I think that’s pretty cut and dry.

Fourth, here is the nasty one, the smell or odor surely is not as pleasant as it used to be when going to the bathroom.  This I remember qutie well from earlier days when my ulcerative colitis was out of control.  My wife remembers this quite well too, and she is starting to wonder how long this will go for.  That’s why they make air freshner for us though right?

Fifth, I have started to play the mind games a bit on what am I doing wrong, what have I done differently, you know, trying to figure out why a colitis flare has come up now, when all I want to do is going camping next month without any issues for the annual camping trip to the Stanislaus River!

So there you have it, I am pretty sure my colitis has started to flare again.  I am not super worried as its nothing like it was at its peak last year.  I am still just going to the bathroom 1-2 times per day.  I will be watching it very closely to see how things progress.  And, if things change, I will keep you all posted on what happens.

If anyone is wondering about anything that has changed on the diet side for me.  Well, I was at a wedding in Las Vegas about 3 weeks ago.  I strayed away from my strict plan on no alcohol and had about 3 to 4 drinks at the wedding.  Vodkas and one whiskey drink.(I think that was a horrible idea looking back at it) Also, I was caught eating a ton of cheese last week, I don’t want to go into the details, but for some reason I went back to eating all types of cheeses.  And, last week, I for some other reason found myself drinking about 4 coffees per day with half and half in each one which I bet my colitis did not do well with either. Otherwise, I have stuck to the SCD diet quite well.  I have not had any breads at all, so no change their.

One other funny thing to note, 3 weeks ago on the night of my friends wedding, I could tell I was beginning to catch a cold. You know the sore throat feeling.  So, of course, the plane ride home was filled with me feeling a bit more sick etc… And the next several days was sore throat and massive stuff coming out of my sinuses.  I called some friends that were at the wedding, and one other said he felt sick the day after, but shook the cold off within one days time.  For me, I am still having sinus symptoms 3 weeks after.  So, I think this might have played a part in the flare(if you are one to believe that the immune system is connected to UC, I don’t know it all just coincides together as for the timing….)

But, a colitis flare is just that, a flare, it soon will pass I am hopeful.  I have not called the doctor’s office just yet to make an appointment, I am guessing that a round of prednisone would be in the making to help with the colitis being set off.  So for now, I am willing to try and tough this one out with the help of all of you.  But we will take things as they unfold.  My uncle thinks I should at least go in and get a blood test to see what is what with that.  He’s probably right.

7 thoughts on “Colitis is Starting to Flare, A Little Blood, Some Cramps”

  1. Hey Adam! I hope your flare will pass and you dont go through a crazy flare like me! In regards to youre diet it shouldnt matter really with one whiskey etc. Flare ups are flare ups unfortunately and everyone with this illness is completley different in regards to how they adjust, effects of different drugs and what they eat and when they get flare ups. We just all know what its like and we are all here for each other through this evil unsocialable illness! Hope you get to go camping! :)

    1. Thanks Jen!
      Leave it to the Irish to make sure everyone knows flare ups have nothing to do with whiskey!!! For some reason I thought you might make mention of that!! Crazy how we are in the same boat once again. Lets all get through this stuff eh! Thanks for the camping hope, if you land out here come July 9th, you should join us Jen, we are looking for another whiskey drinker who knows how to go to the bathroom frequently!
      Talk to you soon

  2. Hi Adam
    Same here. Back on the toilet between 4 and 8 times daily and the SCD was going so well. I was down to 5mg prednisone. I have been on increased dose to 30mg for a week now, and still going 4-5 times some blood and pain. Worst senerio is that I am booked to go visit family in Western Australia in 2 weeks and am freaking out as it will be 14 hours from the time I leave home till when I arrive there. Its hard going eh!

    1. Hey Shirley,
      Great to hear from you. Wow, both of us, same scenario….??? Wow. I hope it calms down for you so you can manage a 14 hour travel, I’m sure you can Shirley!.
      I started swapping out coffee for waters in the morning as I was getting carried away with that stuff, not sure though why colitis decided to pop its head out in May?
      I hope you get down to 0 mg/day on the steroids soon.

  3. Adam,

    Thanks for all your posts – i actually found you on youtube. I am 21 years old, and have been suffering from UC for 3 years now… and in those 3 years i have been in remission for a total of 2 months… and as of 2 weeks ago, i’m an another flare. I am taking trips to the bathroom like nobodys business, and only to pass blood and mucous – fun huh?! I have been on and off prednisone, but it never keeps me in remission. So now, i am on the salofalk enemas. I am trying a dairy/gluten free diet, but its quite difficult to stick to. I just ordered the book you say, “saved your life.” Hopefully i can make it work!

    Just wanted to say i really enjoy your posts, and your positive attitude has put a smile on my face in the worst of times.

    Hope you’re doing well!

    1. Hey Sarah,

      Whats up!
      Thanks for the comment, that puts a smile on my face too! That’s pretty wack that you are dealing with this stuff at the prime age of 21. Aren’t you supposed to be off partying and having a great time at that age? Not dealing with some crazy bathroom runs hourly..
      I wish you some best of luck with getting diet to turn the trick for you. I just passed my one year anniversary on it, and in October it will be my one year aniversary of no medications, which I will be celebrating somehow. Thinking a vegas trip right..
      That’s pretty cool though that my posts somehow gave you a smile. I like that.
      If you want to get all crazy and write up a posting for the site, feel free. I’d be happy to post it up on the site for others to read, and you’ll probably crap yourself at some of the comments you get from others, bet it would make you feel good to know that there are others out there dealing with the same stuff too. if you want to, just go to : HERE and type away in the yellow box and once you send it, I’ll put it up for all the others to see. Just no terrorism, drug dealing, or porn, unless you got a really hillarious drug dealling story.
      Also, if you want to email me, im at Hang in there, serious but not fatal, that’s really what UC is all about.
      Laters Sarah,

  4. I also have flare ups at least two times a year. I have had this for over twenty five years. Its a real pain in the rear. Dr’s tell me that the seasons play a part in these flares but mine is stress. Good luck everyone. There are more of us than you know.

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