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Colitis Food with Chicken, Bacon, Eggs, Tacos and Salad

Adam from ihaveucHi and thanks for coming to the site to look into diet and how it effects ulcerative colitis. Below you can watch the video version of the past day and a half, with some nice footage of food I ate before it went inside my mouth.

This page was created on the fly, but it represents a full day and a half of meals that I just recently ate, and digested right after with great success. I know it can be very frustrating not understanding what is going to be easy and what will be hard for your body to digest, especially when you are in the middle of great bleeding and pains in your stomach/intestine/brain etc… I remember always asking my doctors back when I went to them what I should be eating, and the answers were across the board. I definitely don’t remember them telling me to eat bacon and eggs, or tacos though. Yet, for months now, I have been symptom and medication free, and in my own sense, free from ulcerative colitis which is a great feeling. I hope if you are in the middle of the ten craps a day scenario, you see the light at the end of the tunnel soon. Nobody will ever know what you are going through until they do it. That’s for sure. As you will see on many other pages on this site: “Ulcerative Colitis Still Sucks!”

A quick shout out to Pete in Canada who wrote in earlier today talking about taking supplemental enzymes for his UC, and also his tip on gluten free pizza that seems to work real well for him. Thanks Pete

***One quick side note, I have been getting quite a bit of flack from a few people about how my coffee in the videos always looks like it has had some dairy added to it. I confess, yes, I do break the rules, and don’t practice what I preach 100% all the time. The tiny bit of milk is added to my coffee daily, and that is where I break the “no-dairy” rule. To my defense, I did try to use the almond milk for a while, but just couldn’t do it. Sorry for being a hypocrite on that one.- Adam

8 thoughts on “Colitis Food with Chicken, Bacon, Eggs, Tacos and Salad”

  1. Intresting video, I luv mexican food and especailly tortiallas, when I ws in Canada I used to have taco’s every day for lunch, really miss that stuff.
    You know I never used to drink milk alone if I eat cereal maybe then otherwise no milk I used to hate it and this ws before I ws dignose with UC, every time I drink milk my tummy would hurt but jus recently about two months ago I started Soya milk which work’d but when I had flare up then I couldnt take this.

  2. I loooove spicy food and people always ask “doesn’t that bother you?” Not at all. Love it, eat it all the time. There’s this long list of foods that are the standard foods to avoid when you have IBD, I hear it all the time – spicy, fried, soda, high fat, caffeine, blah blah blah. What people don’t realize is that if you eliminate the root of the problem (gluten, dairy, refined sugar) then people usually can tolerate those other superficial triggers in moderation.

  3. Hey Adam,
    Wow, I’ve been staying away from tacos, I used to eat hard shell corn tortillas once a week when I was just on the gluten free diet. After seeing the video of you eating this mexican food, get’s me wondering if I can add some tacos back into my life. Couple questions, I love salsa, do you just buy salsa from the store. I’ve read the ingredients and they mostly seem to be SCD legal. Also, what do you think about corn chips and hard shell corn tacos? I guess this would be legal after you get healed up and can start adding to your diet, which I’m not there yet. Love me some tacos and want those rock hard terds again. Peace!


    1. Hey Blake,
      Great questions, as for me, I actually still ate corn tortillas for the first year that I was on the SCD diet with some good success. But, the corn is still illegal, and so for the second year I did not eat any corn tortillas, or corn chips at all. And I think I’ve definitely had even better success overall on SCD. I would recommend to NOT eat corn tortillas until you are VERY VERY healed, like 100%, and then you can try to introduce them and see if they agree with you. I know several people with UC who do eat the corn tortillas and follow SCD succesfuly, but they don’t recommend that when there are active symptoms, and when you are just starting out. As for salsa, when I eat that, I eat only stuff that is fresh made, and never store packaged stuff, or I make it myself. I’m too worried that there might be some added sugars in there.

  4. Oh yeah, and taco seasoning. I think we usually get McCormicks. I don’t think there is anything in the ingredients that would be SCD illegal, but not sure.


    1. As for taco seasoning, that is up to you. I would definitely read the labels, and if there is corn starch added, or any type of starch, you should not eat it, as that would break the SCD rules.
      I make my own spices for chili for example with a ton of paprika, and some other mexican ground up spices that you can sometimes buy in bulk at the store real cheap, and then mix and match until it tastes good to me. i think you could do the same with making taco seasonings as wel. My advice though, once you are healed better, to make taco food just as salads to start with, and then well down the road try introducing corn tortillas to see how that works for you, and not to eat them very frequently until you are sure you can handle it. that might be 6 months, a year or more until you’re there though, it all depends on you and your progress in my opinion.

      1. As for the coffee and cream issue……try the new flax milk I recently found! Works great in coffee and for my smoothies! I do like the almond milk but am thrilled to have found the flax milk…..give it a try, you might like it too! And I think it is legal on the scd diet. :)

  5. Hi- I’ve was recently diagonised with UC after struggling for years with bloating, abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Discovered the culprits in my case was protein shakes, caffeine and dairy foods. I gym a lot and used to have protein shakes on a regular basis so now I taken collagen protein powder with almond milk and that seems to be working just fine. I also find eating a plain bagel with peanut butter helps me. Still cannot eat so many foods but at least now I know what causes flare ups and am able to manage this through diet…Doctors day diet doesn’t necessary cause UC and I suppose that is true with an autoimmune condition but I have certainly discovered that what we eat does impact how we feel. On a positive note, I’m starting to really enjoy seafoods (which I never did before) but given that my dietary needs are so limited these days salmon has become my favorite food. I was devastated when I was diagnosed after my colonoscopy and doctors scared me with talk about running the risk of having my colon one day removed unless I go on strong meds. This didn’t sit well for me given that I had to overcome Asperger’s syndrome and epilepsy…the thought of having yet another hurdle in life put me down. That said, Ice now discovered that it’s not the end of the world. We need to stay positive and keep smiling. UC sucks but it’s not the worse thing ever…we can still live a perfectly normal and healthy life. A caterpillar never really knows it’s a butterfly until it actually happens; so in a way I’m glad I got diagnosed and discovered I have UC…Had I not then I would have still eaten the things that already bad for me and continued with the protein shakes leading eventually to a ‘bad place’. Im in a good place now…there is hope.

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