Colitis Alternative Remedy – Aloe Juice and Probiotics

What You All Should Know about Me:

I still work and go out reasonably unrestricted.

My Colitis Remedy Story:

Yes the drugs are pretty bad and I am pleased to say that I did a lot of research on the subject against the advise of my specialist. I find that by drinking a good quality aloe juice and a good quality probiotic every evening (and I have done so for 7 years) I have enjoyed a reduction of pain and suffering.

I am told to go back on medication to ensure that the symptoms stay away for as long as possible however I think that the medications kill the gut flora and actually may be counter productive in some cases…just my thoughts.

I once threw up every night when symptoms were bad, medications were fickle often giving bad sid effects. When I was finally operated on all the scans and tests were wrong and the surgeon informed me that they had to rip out a ball of welded intestines that literally nothing was getting through.

I made a pact to research everything I could find, medical advise was always the same ‘there is no conclusive data on what you are doing’ but here is my conclusive data…IT MAKES ME FEEL BETTER. I am not going to put in brand names as I am not trying to sell anything but I cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting the gut flora correct and putting a coating on the inside of the intestines.

You can read a thousand things from people trying to sell you the magic cure for a price but here is my story and it is free advise – it worked for me and it MAY work for you. good luck and let me know how you go…7 years side my last operation and still going strong…I feel better doing these things along with a clever diet of less meat more veg and cut out stuff that irritates like coffee cigs and too much roughage.

written by Alan

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  1. Love it Alan!

    I do tend to reveal the brand names of what ‘cured’ my UC, but that’s only because everybody keeps asking! (Sometimes I think that I really do deserve monetary compensation for what I may have done for the company…lol) I do agree that probiotics are absolutely key and crucial to taking control of this intestinal dilemma that we have. We NEED that good gut flora…it is essential for ‘good’ survival!

    Cheers….and I, too, now consider myself ‘cured’ BY MYSELF, against my doctor’s recommendation, with no meds at all! Probiotics and L- glutamine did the job in my case.

    Also, the meds…yes…they can definitely be counterproductive. They certainly were in my case. They quite literally made me even more ill. They even exacerbated the UC symptoms and caused a boat load of other problems I hadn’t had prior to taking them, like hair loss, nausea, worsening cramps and looseness, and acne, amongst other things.

    Cheers, and thank you for the wonderful post.


    1. I am pleased to hear that you are doing so well Bev. It seems that the only thing you can trust with this illness is how your body feels and reacts to what you put n it. I could have kept writing about different side effects and things that make me feel better, for example…
      I used to have to be injected with B12 every 3 months or I would start to become very tired and lethargic. I then started to do the things that I have previously written about plus for example juicing. I cannot speak highly enough of juicing although sometimes it does make things a little loose. I have a centrifugal juicer and my owns vegetable garden. I juice kale, silver beet, carrots, aloe plant inner, beetroot, fruit of varying types depending on the season and it is like an amazing vitamin pill.
      If I was not such a slacker I would do it every day and I feel guilty when I don’t. I now only get an injection about once a year and only then because I think it must be time to do it. I never feel lethargic as I used to do.
      Thanks for taking the time to read and reply and I wish you continued success and hopefully you may like to try the above ideas as well???


    2. Bev,

      How long did you take the L-glutamne and probiotics before you began to get some relief? I have taken myself off Asacol
      and Prednisone contrary to what my husband thought I should do :-). I am also taking Vitamin D…and the Vit D seems to be what has stopped my bleeding.


      1. Hi June,

        Some of the symptoms stopped within a day or two! The urgency and pain were almost immediate. I could not believe it. The bleeding never stopped on just the probiotic alone, so that’s when I looked for something else to stop that. I was recommended the L-glutamine for bleeding. That also only took about two days.

        Everything for me was quite fast. It doesn’t mean it will work that quick for everyone, though. You know how different we all our in our UC.


        1. Hi Bev, thank you for responding to my question. I have been doing what you do. However, the only symptoms I have are blood and pus. I previously found a diet that has relieved me of gas and bloating and stomach pain. I have been doing the L-glutamine, but it is not the fermented like you use. I went to the website and they said they do not deliver to where I live, so I don’t know if that is why it’s not working for me. I do see some improvement, but I’m not sure what my next move is. I recently tried some protein shakes to give my bowel a rest, but it’s extremely expensive and it cost me close to $l00 for 3 days so I’m not sure it’s worth continuing that. Oh, I also was taking the anthanxthin and 5000 d3 (too much?) Can you over D. As far as the probiotics I am taking Super shield which has 12 different strains. My Dr. put me on Asacol 4 times in the past 5 months with enemas.. they are not working like they use to. I am trying to find my own solutions. Any other feedback is appreciated. Thanks again, June

          1. Hi June!

            Apparently you cannot over do the vitamin D. It can’t hurt you to take more, but 5000 is enough.
            I take 4000 units of vitamin D each day.

            The probiotic is the important thing, I think. It should be at least a 50 billion one. It should also be taken on a completely empty stomach, and even an hour or two before you eat anything. I take mine first thing when I get up in the morning, then I don’t eat for at least an hour after, because that’s when I exercise. Getting up at 3 or 4 in teh morning, taking it, anfd going back to bed for a couple of hours would work, too, if you are one of those people who HAS to eat right away in the morning. Also, I’m not sure if the glutamine HAS to be fermented. I know ‘fermented’ is agood think for UC, though. Anything fermented.

            Just keep on going with your own natural treatments…you will eventually find what works for you!


  2. Hi Bev!

    I don’t know if you remember me or not, but I am the gal who said I would try the probiotics and get back to you. My GI doctor gave me samples of VSL #3 and I had to stop taking them. It was just too harsh on my system. My stomach became quite distended and I had a lot of pressurized pain in my stomach. I called my doctor and he told me to stop taking it. I then went to a vitamin store in my area. I asked him if he carried the brand you take and he said he did not carry it. He did, however, suggest I try the 10 billion strain of probiotic he did carry. I decided to try it (eventhough it has a much lower strain than the VSL #3). I started taking it on October 26th and can really see a difference already. I have not seen any blood since taking the probiotic and am very happy with the results. I don’t think I need the L-Glutamine at the present time. BTW, in your most recent posts, you no longer mention taking Astaxanthin. Don’t you take it anymore and, if not, why did you stop????

  3. Hi Natalie! Of course I remember you!

    Do you know how happy I am to hear about the probiotics working for you?! I wonder if different strains affect different people differently…lol…that’s alot of ‘differents’! I am so pleased. So so pleased.

    You know, you’re right…I never mention astaxanthin in my posts anymore…and yes, I still take a capsule ever day! I’m not sure that it really did anything for the UC per se, because I started it at the very same time, along with the L-glutamine. Since it isn’t overly expensive, and it is a natural anti inflammatory, I have continued to take it. I figure, why not?

    I had a two blood tests recently, a vitamin D test and inflammation test, and the first time, my D was low, but now it’s alot higher. Since that is also a anti inflammatory, I’m not sure I need to take both, but I still do anyway…one 4mg capsule of astaxanthin, and 4000 units of vitamin D every day as well. I never mention either of them, do I? I could probably also cut the vitamin D down to 1000 per day (one pill instead of four) now that my levels have risen and are good, but I haven’t. I’m always afraid to change ANYTHING because I feel ‘cured’! I also eat a banana every single day…and I never mention that either. Those things may be more superstition for me rather than things that are vital to my remission. I just don’t know! I’m to afraid to stop anything I’m doing…lol…you know how it is.

    I am thrilled for you. Take those probiotics faithfully. Forever. First thing in the am on an empty stomach with watyer is apparently the best way to go.

    Cheers, and you should write a post to the UC community about this!

    Bev xoxo

  4. I forgot to mention…the vitamin D and the astaxathin should be taken with fat, since they are better absorbed that way. I know it’s true, too, because I always take them after I’ve eaten something with fat in it and my levels went way up after just a month of doing so. Lunch, usually. Mayo on a sandwich, or nuts, or french fries (if you can tolerate junk food that is…I can eat anything), or any fat.


  5. I can tolerate fries…I figure if I have to stop eating what I like then I’m no longer happy, as long as you know the consequences of what you eat and are prepared to accept those consequences. I sat glued to the TV eating an assortment of nuts the other day and loved them, unfortunately the pain in my stomach later that night told me that I had crossed the line. All things in life we take or eat have a consequence either good or bad.

  6. Hello again Bev!

    Thank you for being so happy for me. I am so glad I took your advice. I still take Lialda but don’t want to stop taking it at the present time. I will slowly stop taking it. I want to be absolutely sure that the probiotics are working before weaning off the meds. For the past couple of months I have been adding turmeric to my food….good for inflamation. I also take Osteo-Bi Flex for joint health. I take a slew of other vitamins including Vitamin D. In the past, I also had blood tests done to check my Vitamin D levels. A couple of times, my levels were quite low and I was Vitamin D deficient….had to follow a regimen taking prescribed Vitamin D which was 50,000 IU’s. I had to take one capsule daily for 2 weeks. (At least, that’s what I think I took…has been a while). After the last regimen, I decided to buy OTC Vitamin D capsules. I bought the 2,000 IU capsules and take them once daily (sometimes twice). I had blood work done on October 29th and my levels were in the normal range. :-). I really don’t take the Vitamin D with fatty foods though. I take all my Vitamins together. Maybe I should take the Vitamin D separately and have it with fatty foods. I do eat quite a few foods with fat content. I can eat ALMOST everything so I do eat french fries, etc. I am planning to submit my UC journey to this newsletter at a later date. I will be sure to let everyone know that I took your advice and how well the probiotics are working. Thanks again Bev and I, too, am happy for YOU that you’re doing so well! This disease really SUCKS BIG TIME!!

  7. You are fabulous Natalie!

    And, yes, having UC does SUCK BIG TIME!! I am starting to believe that it is not a ‘disease’ per se, but rather a ‘condition’ that we can get from our environment when things go wrong in our body, i.e: antibiotics, parasites, illness, medications, food poisoning, etc. Once a person gets UC, I now think that we can heal ourselves of it. It just means being ‘aware’ really!

    I am so conscious now of what I put in my body, like, say, advil. I know that I can’t take advil , as a person who has had UC…or cold medicines…or even pepto bismal. All of these things can actually cause intestinal bleeding, however small. No doctor ever told me these things could cause a flare, probably because there are too many things to mention! We have to learn and be aware ourselves and it can be difficult. Soda pops, alcohol, perhaps even vaccines. All things we maybe should avoid. I do for sure. I don’t take any over the counter stuff at all any more. Just tylenol if I get a headache.


  8. Hey Bev!

    You are pretty FABULOUS yourself trying to help so many people with UC. You are a real GEM!!
    I have to agree with you regarding meds being toxic. I was always the type of person who HATED taking ANY type of meds….including OTC drugs. As I mentioned before, I had a total thyroidectomy 4 years ago and HAVE to take Levothyroxine the rest of my life. I didn’t feel too badly about taking that one little pill daily. Then, in October of 2011, I was diagnosed with UC. My GI doctor put me on Asacol…..8 pills daily and that really bothered me a lot. I then asked the doctor if I could take something else with a lower dosage. He then prescribed Lialda. At first, my insurance company would not cover the med but finally approved it. I then started taking the Lialda….4 per day. Ever since I read your success story, I decided to try a probiotic and reduce my Lialda dosage to 2 pills per day. Being that I have a mild-moderate case of UC (despite the fact that my entire colon is affected), my GI doctor said it would be okay to reduce my dosage. I still don’t like having to take the Lialda and will try to wean off of it….maybe in a couple of months or so. I will see how things go. Thanks again Bev for all your help!

    1. I can’t believe the parallels between us, Natalie. I am also on sythroid for the past 20 years, for the rest of my life apparently! I don’t mind taking that particular med, either, because I don’t think that there is a really ‘natural’ way to get thyroid hormone, except for the pig way…you’ve probablty heard of that. I also have no side efffects from it, which is a first for me, med-wise. I’m not a good candidate for drugs…

      Anyway, I was floored when I was prescribed asacol as well, seemingly for the rest of my life, when I was diagnosed with UC. I’m the type who never even takes aspirin! Never really had to. My body reacts to meds like crazy…one tylenol and I can’t feel my legs…lol! A bit of an exaggeration, but I really do get the effects of a drug more than most people, I’ll just say. That asacol was just awful for me. The only time I ever tood prednisone, which was for pneumonia, not UC, it was a complete nightmare…and it was only for five days! I thought I was dying…but, I didn’t. Sheesh..


  9. Yeah….I remember when you said you were taking Synthroid. I don’t know about you, but I feel that ever since I have been taking Levothyroxine, I have put on weight and I am always so tired. At times the fatigue is extreme. When I told my Endocrinologist about it, she said it was not the med. Every 6 months, I have blood work and my thyroid levels have been normal since my surgery. Go figure! I know the med you are talking about that’s made with pig’s thyroid glands. It’s called Armour. My Endo and I talked about taking this med in the event the Levo didn’t work. I never tried it….never really liked the idea that it was made from pig’s glands…YUCK!

    As far as Prednisone….I HOPE I NEVER HAVE TO TAKE IT! I think I would refuse it and try something else if my doctor told me I had to take it. Glad to hear that you were on it for only 5 days. I am really surprised that you were on the Asacol for 13 years. You say it didn’t help, but it must have helped to some extent….right???

  10. Yep, actually, more like 15+ years straight on asacol…I just recently had to get all of my medical records for a life insurance policy and I was diagnosed with UC in 1996…not 2000 like I thought. Boy, time does fly by when you’re living…it seemed to work at first, on the very low dose of one pill, three times per day, and the side effects weren’t that bad either. As the years went by, and the UC got worse with each flare, the dosage was increased, and it really seemed to make things worse in alot of ways, instead of better. The doctor said it was the UC, not the meds…you know the score. I believed everything the doctors told me back then. I have since taken charge of my own health and my life!

  11. Kudos to you Bev! I, too, want to take charge of my own health and my life. Since I have had a computer (2005), I have always surfed the net and have done extensive research regarding health ailments and meds. We are both on the same wave length and I do not want to take a lot of meds which I consider ‘POISONS’!! In 15 years, approximately how many flares did you have?? I have been reading, via this newsletter, that a lot of people get flares yearly around the time of their very first flare. Did this happen to you? Were you ever hospitalized because of complications of UC? Thank God I had only the one flare….just before I had the colonoscopy and got diagnosed with UC.

  12. Yes, that sort of did happen to me (the flares) and I only figured that out recently. Every winter, I seemed to have a flare…now I wonder if it was I got a flu shot every October or early November. I made my husband get it by himself this year, so at least I’ll be more protected, but I opted out for the first time in years! It’s strange to not have gotten one this year, as I truly used to ‘believe’ in them protecting the general population…who really knows, right? For too long, I believed the medical community to a fault, and these days I am starting to question things.

    Also, every time I’ve had to take an antibiotic, and especially the last time, two winters ago, I somehow got pneumonia. I took the most powerful awful antibiotic drug called avelox for it. That led me into the worst flare of my UC life…my last flare, hopefully forever. Now that I am wise to probiotics, ih=f I ever HAVE to take another antibiotic, I will take my probiotics four hors apart from them. That way, my poor gut flora won’t get completely destroyed!

    I have been lucky in one way…I have never been hospitalized for UC. Although I was so anemic during the last flare, I needed two bouts of intervenous iron at the hospital. I never want to go back to flaring again. I feel like I won’t this time, because I am SO AWARE now. Of everything!


  13. Well….let me tell you….I only got the flu shot ONCE in my life. The only reason I got it was because I was working in a health clinic. I worked for our county Health Dept. as a secretary. The head nurse advised me to get the shot. I really didn’t want it but thought perhaps it would be a good idea because of all the patients who came to the clinic. I probably should have gotten the flu shot every year because I always got either a cold or the flu every year around this time. Since I don’t like to take ANY meds, I refuse to get the flu shot. Who knows what will happen when I get older though. I may have to get it at some point in my life. Time will tell. I have been on antibiotics quite a few times in my life and feel that they may have contributed to my UC. I truly believe that I have had UC way before I was diagnosed last year. I always had a low immune system and always had stomach problems (gas, etc.). I bet I had IBD when I was in my 20’s…..40 years ago!! My niece has IBD and I pray to God she never gets UC.

    It is like a miracle that you are doing so well Bev. I just hope that the probiotics will work as well for me. So far….so good. Like I said….I can eat almost EVERYTHING. The only thing I cut out is corn and popcorn. I LOVE POPCORN and really miss it so much. I used to have a drink or 2 with a meal when I went out on a Friday. Now, I drink lemonade with my meals. I will, however, have an OCCASIONAL drink. I haven’t touched one in about 3 months. Can you eat popcorn, corn or drink alcohol?

  14. Natalie, I think if you are eating pretty much what you want, then the probiotics are working for you!

    I actually haven’t had popcorn in ages, but I don’t remember it ever bothering me. As for booze, lucky for me I’ve never been a drinker. My stepfather was a raging alcoholic and I remember it when I was little, so I always just hated it. I used to have a vodka cooler 3 or 4 times a year throughout my 20s and 30s, but I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in about two years, now. Ever since I found out that alcohol can also cause intestinal bleeding, like advil and other random things, I just steer absolutely clear. I don’t even want to try…but who knows…maybe I could have a drink. I just never even want one or think about it!

    I have eaten corn on the cob occasionally and have had no problems as far as I can remember. The only things that really used to ‘hurt’, and only when I was in a flare, were broccoli and almonds, if you can believe it. Now, I can eat both problem free.

  15. Thanks for the info Bev. I don’t want you to think I am a booze hound. I would have a glass of wine or a vodka and tonic with my meal on Fridays (at a restaurant). So, that was once a week only. I was able to eat almost everything way before I started the probiotics. In fact, ever since I was diagnosed, I’ve been able to eat almost everything. The only reason I started the probiotics was because I want to wean off the Lialda. I eat broccoli and almonds on a regular basis. I also eat cashews and pistachios. I eat greasy french fries, bacon, etc. etc. with no problems. Again, I have been able to eat all these foods since my diagnosis. I guess I have been pretty lucky and I hope it stays that way!!

    1. LOL…you don’t even sound like a ‘booze hound’!! That’s a great phrase…I think if alcohol does not trigger anything UC-wise, then go for it!!

      Yes, I have been ultra fortunate as well in the eating department…thank goodness! I wasn’t particularly hungry while I was on the meds all those years, but I could basically eat whatever I wanted. Everything went right through me anyways, no matter what it was! I finally have an appetite again, not as big as before UC, but I am so grateful to have it back. Food is one of the ‘joys’ of life and it can get downright depressing when you have no desire to eat.

  16. Ha….I remember when I had the flare (and didn’t know what the hell was going on), I couldn’t eat hardly anything. I didn’t feel well and wasn’t hungry. I lost around 10 lbs. in 2 weeks. I have my appetite back and eat anything and everything and have gained those 10 lbs. back! OMG….tubby Natalie! I really need to get serious and lose some weight. I remember wearing a size 5. I won’t tell you what I wear now….YIKES!! People always tell me that I carry my weight well but I don’t feel comfortable. I keep saying I am going to go on a diet and don’t do anything about it. My cholesterol is pretty high so I really should start having a little discipline and SOON!! BTW Bev, how did you send your picture to the newsletter? Can you give me instructions?

  17. You go to GRAVATAR on the internet, and then you can add a picture, which then automatically goes right on to this UC website! Adam told me how to do it:)

    1. YEEEAAAAAH BEV!!!!!!!

      I knew you were the coolest, but now you’re convincing people to get their pictures up next to their comments!!!!!!

      OK, you’re already queen of probiotics, now I think you’re going to have to assume the role of Queen of Gravitars!!

      What the heck is going to be next????

      You’re awesome, I love seeing what other UC’ers look like!

      (OH UC’ers, just so you know, you can change your pictures whenever you want! it’s as simple as can be.:)


  18. Thank you so much Bev. I have been meaning to ask you for a long time now…just kept forgetting. I am glad I finally remembered to ask you and I will try it when I have some time. Thanks again and HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

    Adam: I agree….it is great to see what people look like when they submit their stories. Thanks for this great site and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you too Adam!!

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