Colazal and Prednisone and Pregnancy

Three Different Ulcerative Colitis Stories from 3 Separate People.

Here is the video which talks about all three of the different stories:

Story #1:

Colazal and Bad Reaction To It:

colozal was not good for me at all… i started having a flare and my gave me it and said it would take a few weeks to get the flare under control. I ended up in the hopsital for a week, had every adverse symptom that the warning label had and not one of the dr.s took me off it. finally got released from the hospital and my dr told me i was lucky i hadnt had a hospital stay and i needed to learn to deal with the disease that i was lucky until now. STILL IN PAIN, i got a second opinion. The new g.i. dr took me off colozal and put me on flagyll and prednisone, and digex, within 3 weeks i was back to normal.

Story #2:

“Life Sucks”

Hi everyone, my names Thomas, I am 25 years old and have been suffering from UC for 6 years now. The last few years have been pretty rough as I feel like I have been sick more than healthy. . It’s as if I have come to terms with the way my life currently is. Somebody asked me the other day, “normally, how often do you use the washroom and what does it come out like”? I responded, “normal, I don’t even know what normal is or feels like anymore”. I am at wits end with this stupid disease. I just want a normal life.  My medications: 3 years of prednisone and just started remicade

Story #3:

“Pregnant with Colitis

Hello all………was wondering if anyone ever nursed while on meds with Ulcerative Colitis? I am 10 weeks away from delivering my 3rd child…..I have two boys now 5yr. old and 3yr. old and am having my first baby girl! My started right after my 1st pregnancy. It has been 6 years now……..I am currently taking Lialda however will most likeley need the prednisone and remicade after pregnancy……..Not sure if breastfeeding can be an option? -Nikki


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3 thoughts on “Colazal and Prednisone and Pregnancy”

  1. Thomas,
    that is really tough and I have been in your shoes. Don’t settle for how you feel, tell your doctor that you don’t like how your therapy is working and see if he/she will adjust it or send you to someone for a second opinion.


  2. Hi Nikki!
    Congrats on your 3rd baby!!! A girl…how exciting! I have several stories on this site that you can find under pregnancy and colitis. I got UC one month after my 1st child was born(girl now 5yo). Was on Pred and asacol to help and tried to nurse thru that…only problem was milk production. Nursed her 3 months.

    For my second child (boy now 3yo), pregnancy was fine, delvery fine. Was on asacol and was ok. I nursed him 6 months…no problems (other than he stopped nursing and cut a tooth in the same week…dodged a pretty big bullet there :))

    For my third (boy now 2 yo), it was a bear. Started my preg. in a flare and was on pred. tapered off and then for the last three months was on 60 mg of pred…I will say he is a very healthy child so don’t worry too much about that. I was the sickest with this preg. and needed much more meds. I nursed him like 8wks. Problem was that every time you nurse (as you probably already know) your uterus contracts which makes your bowels contract…so everytime I would sit down to nurse I would have to run to the bathroom with a 1 wk old on my boob! It was def. interesting!
    My doctor told me that if I wanted to nurse that it would be fine, but he did advise me that the colitis could become more inflammed. Of course I didn’t listen…becasue your innate feeling to provide for your children is so strong especially just after you have the baby. I say start nursing, but if you find you are having more problems don’t feel bad by just giving her a bottle…it is still very special and she will be wonderful and healthy. Remember, when the mommy is happy everyone in the house is happy. If no happy mommy…watch out! :)

    Good luck with your delivery. If you ever have any questions, pls dont hesitate to ask!!
    Take care.
    Michelle G

  3. Hey everyone, UC sucks! woo.

    This is in response to story #1: I also had adverse reactions to Colazal as well as Asacol and Lialda. They are in a family of drugs containing 5-ASA, and though it is rare, there is such a thing as “Acute Intolerance Syndrome” to these medications. (Google it) I think that is part of the reason why my doctors could not get it through their brains when I told them over and over again that I could not take these medicines, and they STILL prescribed them to me – apparently it only affects a very small percentage of users.

    Anyway, the one time I’ve had a hospital stay it was because of that stupid drug – it caused me the worst uncontrolled bleeding I’ve ever had. Asacol and Lialda were also horrible, except since they start getting absorbed in the small intestine, I ended up puking up my guts into the bathtub while sitting on the toilet having bloody diarrhea. Awesome. No, Dr., I WILL NOT take this drug anymore.

    I’m doing pretty well now – I’ve been managing symptoms without drugs (except for a couple short term prednisone treatments) for about 6 or 7 years now. It’s never gone, and I have my especially crappy days (pun intended unfortunately), but it’s much better than life on 5-ASA drugs.

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