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I’m a performer who lives with Ulcerative Colitis. It’s an interesting situation being on stage and having an immediate attack, let me tell you!

My Story:

I’ve been singing for a living since I was 13 and have always had stomach problems, which is awful for a singer or a performer of any kind! In the specific instance I’m going to tell you about, I was performing at Universal Studios Orlando in their Christmas show, Grinchmas, which is based on the “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” book by Dr. Seuss. It’s a very popular show at Christmastime, so I was extremely excited! I was performing as Cindy Lou Who, one of the main characters. My colitis was flaring a lot during rehearsals, probably because of the stress and the late rehearsals. I had told the cast about my problems and we just kind of made a joke of it, because for me that’s the only way I can get through it! The cast called me “Cindy Lou Poo,” respectively. So, on a normal 6 show day, we were nearly finished… I kissed the Grinch, saved the day, and the finale music started. I sang my solo at the be ginning, and then realized something AWFUL was about to happen.. I was about to soil my tights! I looked over at my mom and gave her “the look” and the message started getting passed around the stage… “Cindy’s gotta go!” “Everyone get ready to move at the end! She’s gonna be runnin’!” I heard the message get to the techs backstage over the loud speakers… and I knew the second I finished my last line I was RUNNING

colitis actress

I'm the girl in pink in the middle

through my house and to the bathroom! I didn’t even stay to wave after my line and BUSTED out of that place!! I don’t think I’ve ever had to run so fast, usually in an attack I get right to a bathroom, I’m not in the middle of performing for 1,000 people! When I finally came back from the bathroom, the breakroom had my lunch all prepared for me so I just sat comfortably and relaxed! My cast was so supportive and helpful, thankfully. It could have been a disaster!! Now, I’d tell you about the t ime I was “best friends” with Tinker Bell at Disney World and nearly the same thing happened… but we’ll save that for another rainy day!

My Medications:

Taking 4 Lialda daily and a mesalamine enema at night, also atropine when I’m flaring!

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6 thoughts on “Cindy Lou Poo”

  1. wow i thought i was brave to go to the county fair. lol you are amazing. I loved the way you write. if you everwant another career to go on writing would definetly be it. you have a way of capturing the audience. probably in singing also. :)

    1. Haha, thank you! :] I figure if you don’t laugh about your illness, then you’d just be upset! <3 Better to keep it positive!

  2. I am also a preformer. I was only diagnosed in January, so I haven’t had to deal with a flare up during a preformance. I actually missed an audition because of my very first flare up and am grateful for the timing, otherwise, I might have had to deal with it during Godspell… I just wonder if it could possibly become a handicap for us. I see that it was fortunate timing in this case, but what if it were to happen in the middle of a song? We both know there is no stopping nature, so what if this hinders our jobs of the future? Are you scared of it soiling your reputation? People looking at this one aspect rather that your talent? How do you cope with that fear?

    1. Hi Kate!

      I’ve experienced flares during many performances, and this one specifically happened before the finale so I still had an entire song to get through! It’s definitely a handicap, and I’ve dealt with it at countless auditions, but it’s something you’ll learn to push through!! The best thing to do is relax, because the more you think about it the more stressed you’ll be and the more it’ll hurt. Reputation? No way! I think my reputation has gotten better when people know that I struggle with such a condition on a daily basis and still push through towards my dreams. The entire city knows I deal with this (I do a lot of theatre) and respect me more for still pursuing my goals! I’m never afraid, I know that this is something a lot of other people deal with and I’m not alone! You have to look at the positives, there are a lot of other people coping with this illness that are strong and still going! :]

      1. OrdinaryWorldWhereRU

        Your story was amazing to read and your reply to Kate uplifted my spirits. It so great to hear that others know and support and laud your efforts! Thank you for sharing and being a strong role model.

  3. Were you in the most recent grinchmas this past month because I saw it and it was great. Its good to know you don’t let your illness bring you down!

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