Christmas Party Binge – Don’t Do It!

George from Napa

George with his wife getting Jolly!

Last Saturday night my wife and I went to the home of some close friends for their annual

Christmas Party.
My UC had been calm all week so I decided to “eat a little” that night.
I did not drink alcohol BUT I did lose control by trying most of the food that was there.  If it
looked good, I ate some of it.  The problem was…… EVERYTHING looked (and tasted good).
Those little sandwiches……… yes, I ate them.
Deviled eggs with some spicy crap on top…….. ate those too.
Block of cream cheese swimming in merlot jelly…… yep, had some of that.
Fudge……. couldn’t say no to that.
Polled pork on a soft roll…….. of course.
(I don’t even like pork, but it looked good).
Those little cherry cheesecake pies in a cup…….. hmmm, yes
I won’t bore you with the rest of the list….. lets just say, most of what I ate was not on the SCD diet.
So how did I feel on Sunday morning when I made my 6 a.m. visit to the porcelain throne….
………LOUSY!  I had the worst UC flare that I’ve had in 3 months. Yesterday (Monday) my proctits
was still flaring away with more than a little bit of pain. Today its finally starting to calm down a bit.
If you have UC and are tempted to binge like a normal person during the Holidays….. My advice is:
DON’T DO IT!!  ………. IT AIN’T WORTH IT.   )>:
George in Napa

7 thoughts on “Christmas Party Binge – Don’t Do It!”

  1. George,

    I’m all about a nice party, but I can’t agree with you more on this topic.
    Great advice, taking it real easy on the holiday partying is definitely my goal this year. It’s sure tough, especially for UC’ers who haven’t had to worry about this topic before, but feeling healthy, even on New Years day is definitely worth it!
    thx for the post and the picture!


  2. Crazy… The power food has over us! Makes us dumb and blind! We know we shouldn’t but we go for it anyway because we drool and our mind made up enough excuses for us to “just go ahead and have a little taste”. I personally think deserts are the hardest to resist and also have the worst effect. They make those little cakes look so cute and yummie… Oh well, it’s worth to resist them anyway.
    Good health to all of us over these next holidays!

  3. George,

    I have sooo learned my lesson from indulging!!! I had my work Christmas gathering last night as well, I did avoid alcohol… it just isn’t worth it. I allowed myself to eat anything that didn’t have flour/wheat in it and was fine (heavy foods usually give me trouble) So i went for the corn chips, cheese dips, meatballs, veggies, only one piece of chocolate. I didn’t have any problems for once! My last year Christmas party was horrific, had pizza and almost immediately felt the effects, was so uncomfortable the entire night! I guess if you go in with an agenda (and stick to it) you should be fine. Learning to adapt and listen to your body is the hard part, but at the end of the night you don’t say “Dang, I wish I would of had the cake!”

    Happy Holidays, Sher

  4. Thank you for the reminder. I almost ALWAYS have an excuse as to why I can indulge a little at parties. It’s almost as if I feel entitled to eating whatever I want because I’ve done so good for so long. And then I always have my boyfriend in my ear telling me to put down the food. But thank you for the reminder. It’s much different when it’s coming from one of my fellow UC friends.

  5. Christmas binge update…..
    Its Friday night and my colon is still not back to normal after last Saturday night’s Christmas Party binge. The flare up continues….. last night I felt like I was passing a bowling ball through my rectum (if you can’t relate to that, you don’t have colitis) ….. yeah, a lot of pain.
    After the bowling ball was ejected, (it shrunk to the size of a pea in the bowl), a sitz bath was necessary….. the first one that I have needed in 6 months. The sitz helped some. Much less pain in my arse afterward!
    i have learned my lesson (I hope) no more Holiday binges for me.
    I think I now have the will power to make it to Christmas Eve without opening what looks like to be a box of See’s candy under the Christmas tree.
    This will not be easy.

    Best wishes to all for a Happy Holiday!
    George in Napa (>:

  6. Hi George

    First off, I love,love,love Napa. You are so lucky to live there, George! Sorry to hear your suffering and hope it gets better soon. You are human,though. I have gone as far as to put food in my mouth..chew it up real good, then spit it out. Take Care! Enjoy your post, they make me laugh.

    P.s. We just moved from Northern Cali (Folsom) to Texas about 9 months ago. I have fond memories of sweet Napa and most of the northern region

    1. Hi Erica, I really like living in Napa. I especially enjoy it when I’m in remission.
      I have never tried chewing up food real good, then spitting it out…… only because I never thought of it. lol
      I hope that you have a great Holiday season!

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