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Chinese Herbs A Cure?

Brent in SFIntroduction:

4 months ago, diagnosed with UC, From San Francisco, CA, 45 years old. Just back from Thailand where my symptoms were brutal. Intermittent flare ups but still managed to have some fun. It’s f-ing Thailand after all.


One week ago:
Frequent urge for number 2. Bleeding movements, bloating pain, cramps, gas that I can’t get rid of.

My Story:

After diagnosis I was pissed off, then sad, then downright depressed. I had a history of depression so this really sucked.
I tried Canasa (supp.), and Vicadin for pain for 2 months. Some relief but not a lot. Then Mesalomine (enema once a night). Slow progress.. but some.

A friend suggested a Chinese Herbalist in San Francisco who said he could cure me of UC. After doing a check on my palms, tongue, and pulse, he said I would be cured in 2.5 months. No alcohol, cigs, and a few foods (not difficult to avoid). Then he prescribed several herbs that I was to make tea with $63.00/week). He said that I would feel better in one week. He also said I should stop taking the western medicine that my doctor prescribed. ….which I did. 20 bm’s/day a week ago, now down to five.
No cramps, more energy, able to release gas, better mood, clearer head. I have to hit the bathroom several times from getting up to about 12pm. A major improvement. Still dealing with the urge to go in the morning, but there is now usually something there to release.

They want 100 more words so I’ll just do a rant:

I saw 3 doctors here in San Francisco, and they all said the same thing. UC is not curable. Take these drugs. I had already read the horror stories online about the side effects and I was freaked out. What I had been taking had no side effects and I was determined not to move on to the next level of prescriptions. The bottom line is I found a Chines Herbalist and it’s working. A small change in diet and the tea. Yin and Yang are out of whack and my liver needs cleansing (basically).
I will report back in another week.

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

UC Free

Colitis Medicatoins:

Mesalomine Suppositories, Mesalomine Enemas, Vicadin. Then nothing but a Chinese Herbalist’s prescription of a special tea

written by Brent

54 thoughts on “Chinese Herbs A Cure?”

  1. Brent,

    Super happy you’re having some great results, getting better sleep, and coming around. THanks so much for posting, and definitely would be great to get an update on how things are going for you in a few weeks time.

    Best of luck to a longterm continued turnaround and to you getting control of the UC the way you’re doing it!

    And why not some pictures from Thailand?????!!!!!!


      1. I’m also taking Chinese herbs in the form of pills. I don’t take any pharmaceuticals anymore, and I’ve had no symptoms since June 2016. My GI recommended them to me. I take isatis cooling by health concerns, flavonex by health concerns, RF Plus soothing GI combination by integrative therapeutics, and a turmeric capsule.

        1. This! This is also what did it for me. After 7 years of suffering it put an end to it. Havent had any issues for the past couple years and actually haven’t even been taking it for several months.

        2. I used Isatis Cooling to get into remission 2 years ago and just started taking it again as I felt some symptoms (just d, nothing else) creep back in. I bought the Flavonex and RF as well- what dosages did you use? I’m going for the whole Holy Trinity this time. Thanks for your help and hope you are doing well!

    1. Anyone can walk in to this tiny herb shop in San Francisco. They are called Vinh Khang Herbs and Ginsengs. 512 Clement St., SF., CA 94118 (Bet 6th & 7th Ave. Tel 415-752-8336. I have been hearing from everyone, including Adam, that UC in not curable. I went back to my Chinese Herbalist yesterday to confirm that I would be cured in a couple of months. He assured me again that my UC would be “Cured”. I love this guy.
      I’m on day 12 of the tea.
      I go back in 10 days and I will take a pic of my herbal prescription (it’s all in Chinese) so you can show it to your local Chinese Herbalist (if you’re not in the SF Bay Area).
      Stay tuned.


      1. Oh awesome! I live in SF too… looking forward to the photo. I’m thankfully in remission now but who knows how long that will last. thanks for posting this!

    2. Sorry no website. But if it works, I’ll be sending out more information on his methods and where everyone can get the tea regardless of where you are.

  2. Andy
    Great news on your progress and BRAVO to you in trying something bold and against mainstream thinking! Herbs have been around a heck of a lot longer than Western medicine and homeopathy has been scientifically proven effective. And hey if it doesn’t work, at least it won’t hurt you or create disease somewhere else in your body (or make you more depressed).
    I am lucky to have found a chiro/DO who also believes that I can be healthy! I was able to get into remission so I know it is possible again. A lot of stress and avoidance landed me in a flare-up about 7 weeks ago, which I am slowly coming out of.
    I think with this disease you have to be very intuitive and absolutely fearless. No one will fight for your health as much as yourself!! we all need to be our own super duper advocates.
    Again thanx for sharing and keep us posted on your success!

    1. I am an expert at changing my tact with colitis. Something medicine doesn’t seem to have picked up on or studied, is that so many many Colitis or Crohns patients become resistant to the drugs they are taking. I believe this is either bacteria evolving to work around your meds, or the meds suppressing some bacteria and allowing others to flourish excessively. So I think it’s important to cycle things, and try something new every once in a while, despite being healthy. And I have tried just about everything from herbs, compounds, fermented foods, vitamins, drugs and worms with varying degrees of effectiveness.

      One thing I would point out though, is that natures drugs are still drugs. Many drugs are based on compounds found in nature penicillin is a good example. Chinese herbs can just as easily have unwanted and unintended consequences that are less well studied than their western counterparts. They may have been around for 1000’s of years, but that doesn’t that proper testing has been executed on them to see if they cause cancer after 20 years of use. They are also unregulated(and very unlikely to conform to manufacturing standards such as GMP), so you will never know exactly what you are getting. They can be full of toxic pesticides and crap.

      It is important when you head off into no-man’s land with your body, that you are mindful and take note of any changes you feel and get them checked out.

  3. Good to know. I do believe in the Chinese herbs. I’ve had UC for 10 years and currently got off 6MP. I started taking a herb called Yun Zhi. It’s derived from a Chinese mushroom. The brand of the product is called In Force Immune Builder. And it has done wonders for me!!! I’ve been on this for approximate 3-4 months. And I was comfortable enough to stop taking the 6MP and see if this can keep me in remission. I also do take probiotics, fish oil , and Boswelia. So far so good.

    1. Hello Trina, I’ve read your post regarding UC and sure I’ve had diagnosed with UC less than a year ago but suffered from it 2 years ago without going to see my GI doctor
      Doc prescribed Lialda 4 pill a day but it seems doesn’t do much to control inflammation, so I’ve ordered on Amazon Yun Zhi(Inforce immune builder plus Boswella and taking them for 3 days now plus the med and fills little better, we will see after 3-4 months of use how my UC is doing, I hope to be on remission 100% and will get rid of the med

      1. Hello Tina, this is Ben again. I’ve a question about the InForce capsules
        How many you been taking daily? I been told to take 3 caps 3 time daily for a month than to reduce to 2 caps 3 times daily for 2nd month and than for 3rd month 1 cap 3 time daily, any idea?

  4. Cheers Brent! Am I ever glad to hear this!! I am all for anything natural that actually works. The meds all made me feel worse, and did not work, however, I cannot consider surgery and want to keep my colon, should a cure actually come about in the future. I too, am now in remission…naturally…just with probiotics nad L-glutamine.

    Isn’t it wonderful to find something other than those awful meds?

    Fantastic news!!

    Welcome to the site!


  5. My post up top says it was written Oct. 2nd but it was written a week ago. So here is an update.
    No real change other than feeling normal in the afternoon. My UC pain and discomfort is always morphing. I don’t experience much pain anymore, but I am Not in complete control of BM’s. I think that is the worse part about UC at this moment. I have yet to be in remission so I don’t know what it is like yet (other than how life used to be before diagnosis). I drink the prescribed tea religiously. Keeping my spirits up has been another major challenge. I haven’t worked in awhile (I work independently in video and jobs were’nt banging on my door anyway) and that hads me feeling down. No choice but to barrel forward and try to keep positive.
    I don’t think I am gluten intollerent but I have done my best to stay away from it. Specific foods to stay away from right now (per my Chinese Herbalist’s instructions) are beef, lamb, shrimp, lobster, peanuts, chocolate, deep fried foods, mango, grapes, cherries, and of course, alcohol. Cigarettes are a no-no as well
    I am eating healthy with lots of fruits and vegetables, chicken and pork. I feel clearer in the head which is important during this trying time (I was hitting the bottle pretty hard prior to getting serious about this illness). Cigarettes are the real enemy now and I am trying not to smoke but it is extremely difficult.

    Again I will report back in another week.

  6. Sounds like the herbalist has recommended a fairly comprehensive elimination diet! Is it the herbs or the diet that are working?

    Also I wouldn’t worry too much about quitting the smokes during a flare up, it has been shown repeatedly that cigs help colitis:

    In that study, smokers with colitis had a more normal distribution of gut bacteria. There are plenty of others kicking around though.

    I have personally experienced this, twice I have had to go back on the smokes for a month or two to stabilize things. I would obviously advise quitting as soon you are better for a few weeks, and spending as little time as possible on them.

    1. My gastro said not to quit as well. Not that I’m ready, although I realize it needs to be addressed very soon. Thanks for the comments Andy.

  7. Still on the Chinese Herbs (tea).
    Last Thursday and Friday were nightmares. Then came Saturday. I’ll try to sum this up quickly.
    I am in the beginning of my third week on Chinese herbs (nothing else).
    I had my first day of normality on Saturday 10/6/12. Same thing on Sunday (it’s Sunday night now).
    The Friday pryor, I found Greek God’s Greek Yogurt (honey flavor, fucking delicious) and Kefir (store bought, smoothie).
    Apparently these are good for gut (probiotics).

    Diet for the last 2 weeks (since taking the Chinese tea): No alcohol!
    Morning: Fruit smoothie in a blender (anything but mango, grapes, and cherries) with Almond milk and a little honey.
    Lunch: Chicken broth with an assortment of veggies (chicken, carrots, bok choi, spinich, green onions, squash, with olive oil and lemon pepper.
    DInner: Same as lunch pretty much
    In between: Greek God’s Greek Yogurt and Kefir drink (Rainbow Coop Market in San Francisco).
    Lots of water throughout the day.

    My Chinerbalist said no grapes, cherries and mango as well as beef, lamb, chocolate, shrimp, lobster, spicey foods, deep fried foods, and peanuts. Use a wok and cook healthy stuff.
    I have followed these steps religously.

    I’m keeping a daily log and Saturday and Sunday are highlighted with Normal.
    I haven’t felt like this in months (not out of the wood yet but Wow!)
    I don’t know if it’s the Chinese Herbs or the Yogurt or Kefir. I just know that I feel better. The urge for #2 from morning till about 1pm simply went away for a couple of days. And the rest of the day was normal. It could be the beginning of remission (not sure yet as I haven’t experienced it yet). Or it could be that something is finally working. I’m going to go with the latter for now.
    Simply put, I don’t believe in Western medicine anymore. So I’m trying another path. And my Chinerbalist says that this is a cure.
    This Thursday will be week three on the Chinese medicine (tea) and my guy says it’s the “cure”.
    Too soon as I will be doing the tea for another two months.
    I hope that I stumbled upon something real for UC and will share my experience on a weekly basis.
    I know the pain. I know the frustration. And I feel our traditional doctors are not the answer (more harm than good with their meds).
    Stay tuned.
    I have posted my Chinese Herbalist’s information earlier but let me know if you need his information (in San Francsco)
    I’m too big of a pessimist to get my hopes up. But I’m slowly believing at this point.


  8. Setback! Drank 2 bottles of red wine on the weekend when I was feeling so normal. I paid for it big time on Monday. It’s 5 days later and I’m just starting to feel a little better. No more alcohol.
    Also to keep things honest, I am a smoker (about a pack day). I know, I know….but it’s worse than heroin trying to quit.
    Just started my 4th week on the Chinese Herbal Tea. About 2 months to go. My symptoms are constantly morphing. The pains in the gut are pretty much gone, no blood during BM’s, but the frequency is back. And there’s always something there (as opposed to before with lots of pushing and no results). I don’t know where all of the crap is coming from. It seems to be endless. Mosty soft and loose stools, but some evenings it’s diarrhea (I think coffee is the cause and I have stopped drinking it). The biggest problem is not having control. When it hits me, I need to be near a toilet, pronto. There is no holding it in 95% of the time.
    Another huge problem is fending off depression as I am unable to get out and drum up some work (self employed in video and photography). Keeping my mind and body busy is difficult.
    I don’t know if anyone is still reading this so I will use this posting area as self-therapy and hope others stumble upon it.

    Morning – fruit smoothies with Almond milk and Green Vibrance (excluded oranges out of curiosity, suggestion found online), and green tea (separately).
    Lunch – Chicken broth with tons of vegatables and pork. Greek Gods Honey Yogurt (this stuff is amazingly addictive and delicious. Tons of probiotics as well.
    Dinner – Same as lunch
    Snacks: almonds and quinoa chips (Trader Joes), sunflower seeds (in the shell), apples, strawberry icecream.
    Exercise: treadmill 30 minutes (sporadic at best). Working towards doing it daily.

    1. Hi Brent,

      How are you doing since your last post?

      My husband and I are following your story. Thank you for posting about the Chinese Herbalist and for your updates.

      We are considering giving him a call, but we would have to work remotely with him since we are in So Cal.

      My husband also was diagnosed with UC. He frequently has what looks like yellow pus with bowel movements. Did you ever have yellow pus or yellow colored diarrhea?

      Take care,


      1. Hi Jovana. Sorry for the late reply. I don’t know if my guy in SF can work remotely but maybe he has a collegue in SoCal. As far as symptoms go, everyone is different. I have heard of and experienced the muccous. Sometimes yellow, other times not. And not excessive for myself.
        If you need my Chinerbalist’s information or have direct questions, let me know.

        Tell your husband that it gets better. I was losing hope just a few days ago because I felt it was never going to get better. It does. In the meantime, tell him to keep his head busy. Thinking about it all the time is very detrimental (which is what I did). Being depressed fuels flareups.
        Eat lots of fruits and veggies, Chicken and Pork seem to be the meats that are allowable (Specific Carb Diet (SCD)
        I didn’t do the diet, but I got the book “Breaking The Vicious Cycle”. I didn’t read all of it and have not gone on the diet. But it’s in my arsenal if I need to try something else. It’s quite restrictive.
        In the meantime, during flareups, go easy on the fruits. This has been suggested by many people with UC. I drink 3 smoothies every morning but never let up on the fruits. But that is just me.

        Also, start keeping a journal of what he eats, drinks, and how he is feeling from day to day. You may find that some foods are causing trouble.

        Good luck to you both and I hope I have a possitive update for you in a couple of weeks.


  9. Geez, Brent…there really is something to the alcohol thing! Wow, that’s really telling. I haven’t drank any alcohol in years, and I’m glad I haven’t. I do not want to do anything that may cause a flare.

    As everyone knows (nauseatingly), I am in tremission, I think, thanks to a good probiotic and L-glutamine. I always worry that something may start a flare…like for instance, I have a very bad cold (or flu…who knows) at the moment. I will take NOTHING for it. There are things in cold medicines that can start a flare. I will ride the cold out…naturally. Also, I had a couple of infections a few months back that required the dreded antibiotics. I had to take them, so I doubled up on the probiotic, being careful to take them four or more hours apart from each other.

    Having this UC is a real pain. We have to be careful in everything we put into our bodies. I was taking advil for years, and nodoctor told me I shouldn’t. I have since learned that with UC, we should only take tylenol. God only knows howv many flares I’ve had over the past 13 years because of a small stupid slip up like taking an advil for a headache. I was quite pissed off when I found that out, (on a television health blurb not from my doctor), about advil, after taking it for years…

    Anyway, I guess what I am trying to point out is, that I suppose we have to educate ourselves as to what may trigger the damned flares. It seems that any little thing can…

    Cheers, and you can get back on track Brent. I know you can. Even tho it sucks, you may just have to kiss the booze goodbye for good. Man it bites to have UC!!!


  10. 5th week on Chinese Herbal Tea. I was geting discouraged because the number of bm’s have been around 8 every day. Uncontrollable urges and just feeling like shit. Until last Thursday Oct. 18th, 2012. I had a normal day. Two normal bm’s, then Friday, same thing. As well as Saturday, Sunday and Monday (today). I don’t know what in the hell happened but I’m pretty convinced that this is remission. I dropped the ball a little as I haven’t been paying close attention to my diet. I’ve had a few vodka’s as well. But. I’m back on track today. I don’t want to jeopardize any progress. I’ll post again in a couple of weeks. I’m pretty sure I am getting better with this Tea.

    1. We are so happy you are feeling better! Keep following the instructions from your Chinese Herbalist. We believe in it. We will email you later.

  11. Hi again.
    I just completed my 6th week of Chinese herbal tea. I went in last week to see him and he seemed a little disappointed that my symptoms were still there. That made me disappointed as well but he said that we were on the right track.
    I have a history of depression and I think I have been going through it since being diagnosed. As with anyone experiencing depression, there are many days that just plain suck. But every so often, the hopeless feeling is lifted. If only for a quick moment. But I’ve been through it before and I know that it will pass. My diet remains the same but have added Green Vibrance to my smoothie in the morning. Not sure if it is really helping but it can’t hurt. I’m going in for a physical next week to see how the major organs are doing ie. liver and kidneys. I’ll report results when they’re in. I’m sure that not being able to work triggered my depression again. I’ve been cooped up for so long and it has gotten to me. The un-controllable urge to run to the bathroom seems to be going away. Losing control of my bodily functions hit me really hard. I’m positive that when it’s gone, I’ll be able to function again with work. I keep telling myself to hang in there and hope you do the same. It just can’t be like this forever. Remaining hopeful and I’ll post more results soon.

  12. I am now into my 10th week of Chinese Herbal Tea. BM’s are fewer (about 3/day) and getting more solid. Pain remains in complete check, and bleeding is completely gone (except for some hemmoridal bleeding which is unrelated). I am now just working on getting through the depression without taking meds. I know I’ll overcome it but it really sucks when you’re in the thick of it.
    I continue to eat right but I am not fanatical about it. In fact, I had Jack in the Box the other night and I didn’t feel physically horrible othe than the fact that I just ate Jack in the Box. I wouldn’t suggest it to healthy people.
    I’m anticipating a few more weeks on the tea but I will take my herbalist’s advise regardless.

    1. Brent,

      Get your guitar out buddy!!!
      Sounds like you’re getting ahold of the symptoms and that’s GREAT NEWS!!!! Good job buddy, I know you’ve been working really hard at it, and its paying off. Awesome man!

      I hope we’ll get a chance to connect in person again next week!
      Now you got me depressed knowing that you just chowed on Jack in the Crack!!!:) All good my friend.
      Hang in there, and see you soon,


  13. Hey Brent glad to see you found the wonders of traditional chinese medicine. My dad had severe gut problems about 20 years ago and when he went to the bathroom it looked like raw hamburger meat (I’m taking his word for it of course :O ). He went to american dr’s who told him nothing could be done and he’s have to be on maintenance drugs the rest of his life. By chance he found a chinese medicine dr. and 30 days after drinking his tea and being on a moderate diet he was cured. This was 20 years ago and he still eats and drinks whatever he wants.

    Fast forward to 4 years ago and I started having similar problems. I tried to control it with my diet and all that but at best always seemed to barely be treading water and not really making progress in healing. Again my dr. said it’s incurable and I’ll have to be on maintenance drugs the rest of my life. After 4 years of being stubborn thinking i could fix it all on my own I finally went to this same dr. who is thankfully still around. He made me a thick brown tea to drink at morning and night on an empty stomach and put me on a VERY restrictive diet (no meat, no fats/oils, no sweets, only cooked vegetables, beans, rice and grains). I began my treatment plan on October 15th of this November 4th I began having regular solid turds again! And when I say regular I mean daily, well formed bowel movements. This has continued till now (12/5) and i fully expect by mid to end of the month the dr. will check me and find that I am rid of the condition for good!

  14. A little more about my diet..I cook EVERYTHING!! I don’t eat any raw fruits or vegetables. I don’t drink anything cold..I drink water and even warm that up. The only other beverage i drink is warm rice milk with a little cinnamon in it. It’s rough at times but you have to stop agitating your body so the medicine can help it start the healing process…otherwise you’ll be contantly fighting against yourself and end up feeling frustrated and hopeless.

  15. Hello everyone. I want to apologize for not keeping you informed on my status. I remained on the Chinese herbs but didn’t really see any more improvement. Which is to say I still felt sick all the time, and I went into a deep depression with severe anxiety, which I am coming out of. I stopped taking the herbal tea and felt better for a couple of days but then the pain, bloody bm’s and D came back with a vengence. I started up on the tea again but decided to go see my GI again. The appointment was yesterday and he put me on Prednisone to be tapered off over the next few weeks. I gave it shot with Eastern medicine but it’s now time to find another angle. My GI also prescribed Apriso/or which I will start taking in about a week. I hope I didn’t create too much false hope for anyone. I would have preferred the holistic approach but it was not doing what I had hoped it would do. I am on my first day with Prednisone and I have heard that it takes a couple of days to kick in so I will write soon with the results.

    1. Hi Brent,

      How are you doing now? Did the drugs from your GI help? Thanks for being honest about your experience with Eastern medicine. I am currently living in China and often wonder about the many herbal remedies I encounter.

      Did you ever pursue the avenue of therapy? I remember your comment on my post. I’m sorry to hear about your struggle with depression. UC can be such a debilitating illness and it can be very difficult to remain optimistic– but I hope you find comfort in this community.

      All the best,

  16. Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to pop in and say that drinking green tea seems to help a lot, so I am not surprised by your results Brent. I was diagnosed with UC last October, but actually had the first flare up last August after eating a Jamaican chicken patty. So far I’m having less bloody stools and mucus, but that may be because I avoid milk, cheese, and other inflammatory foods like the plague lol. If not, then green tea really does help.

    I’m going to give myself a little test and eat pizza today to see how well I do. I’m going to have that with green tea to really put it to the test. Wish me luck!

  17. I seemed to have had a bit of blood after eating the pizza, but then when I drunk a full cup of green tea before eating more slices the day after, I didn’t notice any blood.

  18. All,

    I suffered with UC for 7 years. The best relief I ever had was with a Chinese Tea made by a TCM Dr., but the cost was too much (approx. $700 for a months supply). I found some chinese supplements online and started taking them 6 months ago:

    – Isatis Cooling
    – Flavonex
    – RF Plus

    All 3 of these can easily be found on In fact if you look up Isatis Cooling in the “often purchased together” section you will see the other 2 products. The first 2 are chinese herbs and the 3rd is just some basic stuff to coat your intestines and help promote healing. Since I began taking these products the results have been amazing. After the first month my symptoms vanished and over the past 6 months I have had no symptoms. I also went from 155lbs to 185 over the course of these 6 months, which is a definite sign my guts are healing! The initial cost to take it according to the prescribed dosage will run you about $200 per month, but after the first month I started tapering down and now I am only taking one dose per week, with the same results. So now the maintenance is only about $50/mo. With as much suffering as this condition causes, I would have gladly paid $200/mo, but it’s all the more exciting that it’s only $50. This is the longest period in 7 years I’ve had relief, and I hope this might help some of you as well.

    1. Hello Daniel
      I’ve purchased the three herbs from Amazon and now after little more than a week of using them I can tell that
      1. the bleeding stopped
      2. more firm stools
      3. much less bloated
      This is amazing that I’ve ordered more to make sure I’m not running out of them
      Thank you again for your post

      1. Ben, this is great news! it took me 7 years to find the stuff and I’m so glad I did! Happy that at least one other person is having good results as well. I’ve had two family members come to me in the past 2 years saying they’ve been diagnosed with UC so I told the what to take. I don’t know if they’ve listened to me yet!

        So for me, I took it 3x day for a month, then it seemed like I started getting loose stools again..I don’t know why, but i started tapering down the dose and this seemed to do the trick! I would never suggest completely stopping so i’m going to probably take 2x week as a maintenance dose and if there is ANY hint of anything happening down there I’ll up it till things subside.

    2. Hi Daniel, thank you for sharing this valuable information. I am glad you are feeling better and most important pain and symptom free after a log battle with UC.
      I, myself have been dealing with the UC issue for approx. 9 yrs.
      I will order the same supplements. My question is, when you talk about 2x/week maintenance dose, how many pills per day of each supplement are you taking?
      Thank you,

  19. Thank you for sharing your experience so far so good after one week 3xday sure I’ll taper it down after couple of weeks
    No more blood and mucus and no more gas, bloating etc
    Note: I still taking one med call Lialda that didn’t help at all

  20. Hi, my daughter has been diagnosed ulcerative colitis. she is 14 years, very weak, 30 kg. I am looking for good medicine for ulcerativie colitis as well as improve her health and weight. please advice, she is too week to go to school.

  21. Jess,

    I don’t know what the tea was but I’ve been taking nothing but these 3 for over a year now and I have had 0 issues after 7 years of thinking I was just going to die early:

    – Isatis Cooling
    – Flavonex
    – RF Plus

    Read my post from January 11th (all these comments are replies to it) for full details.

    1. Hi Daniel Vondenstein,
      Thank you for sharing this valuable information and I’m glad you are pain and symptom free after a long battle with UC.
      I have also been dealing with the UC issue for at least 9 yrs.
      I will be ordering the 3 supplements you listed.1
      My question is, On your January 11th post you stated you take a maintenance dose 1x/week. When you say 1x/week, how many pills of each supplement is that?
      Thank you,

      1. Daniel Vondenstein


        Sorry I just got an e-mail about this reply today. When I was taking it once a week I was taking 3 Isatis Cooling, 3 Flavonex, and 2 RF Plus. Now I take it even less frequently!

  22. Im suffering from ulcerative proctitis and I’m taking Pentasa, I was back to remission for 2 month after been in hospital with blood transfusion and steroids. After new year I started a flare up again and driving me insane. It seems that the mezalasine stopped working, my GI recommended to start taking steroids again ! Which I don’t want to do. Next week I’m having an appointment with a doctor that works with Chinese medicine, this is my last hope

  23. Any updates on how anyone is doing?? I had my initial visit last week with a TCM practitioner and acupuncturist. I start my tea next week. I’m a little nervous being that I am on Simponi right now. Although he assures me it will be fine.

  24. Soooo long ago with the Chinese Tea (which didn’t work).
    Western medicine has kept me stable.
    I live in Thailand now and no major flare ups for a long time.
    I’m on Salofalk (mezalazine).
    However, I don’t want to rely on Western medicine any longer.
    My UC is not half as bad as others, but when first diagnosed it was the most painful thing I had ever been through.

    Recently I met someone here who suggested something called Pakad Dong which is some kind of pickled mustard available at the local markets here. All natural. The point he makes is that the cures lies in probiotics and getting your gut flora back to normal. Yoghurt, Kombucha, and Keffir yoghurt as well. Trillions is the key word.
    Relying on the Salofalk I just got lazy.

    With UC comes a host of problems such as depression, inability to fight bacterial infections, etc.
    I will try to remember to report back.
    It’s worth a shot.
    Shout out to Adam.
    Hope all is well.


  25. Thanks! Yes, I do the 24hr yogurt, fermented veggies and VSL. Been doing it for about a year now. Just need something to “heal” first I guess before my gut can reinoculate.

    I started the tea. So far so good. I’m early in so we will see if it helps. It’s a concoction of 3 Chinese herbs and taste horrible! But like I said nothing can taste as bad as this disease can make you feel.

  26. I understand the taste. Very bad.
    Every one of us is different.
    It works for some people I agree.
    Just not me.

    Keep doing what works.

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