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Chinese Food and Colitis ?

Does Chinese Food Mix With Colitis?

To each their own answer to this.  My current guess based off the Specific Carb Diet is that only somethings work well for colitis people like myself.  The days of mowing down noodles, and trying to stuff my face with as much fried rice, and spring rolls is long gone for now.  But I still miss Chinese food.  This post is about my current homemade version of Chinese Food.  Let me start by telling you there is no MSG involved, nor are there any fortune cookies on the table or one of those green mint chocolates that are so tasty.

My wife and I have started making our own version of Chinese food, which others might want to label as a “Stir Fry” or something along those lines.  Since we put in a tiny bit of “Chinese Five Spice Powder” that to us makes it Chinese.

Here are the ingredients:

Chicken Breasts, cut into small cube like deals, and then frying pan fried with some canola oil,

raw chopped up carrots, raw mushrooms, raw broccoli, red peppers, some garlic chopped, white or yellow onion chopped too.

Once the chicken is relatively cooked, but not brown, we throw in raw chopped carrots, then mushrooms, then broccoli, red peppers, some garlic, and come sliced how you like it yellow or white onion.  With a TINY bit of Soy Sauce(since that breaks the wheat rules) and a tiny bit of salt and some Chinese five Spice, it tastes really great.  We use a lid on the pan so the juices don’t all escape.

The video is below, enjoy, and yes, I have finally been able to take hard ones with Eating Chinese Again!

5 thoughts on “Chinese Food and Colitis ?”

  1. You might substitute San-J Organic Tamari (Wheat Free Soy Sauce) for your regular soy. Can be found at regular grocery stores like Safeway.

    Love your site……

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