Chicago Dave’s Colitis Story

Chicago DaveIntro:

Sup fellow uc ppls
My name is Dave from Chicago
I had UC for about 6yrs.
Ulcerative colitis has taken a huge toll in my life n fighting back is tough.
I’m looking to gain info n help so I can beat uc down

Colitis Symptoms:

Loose and Bloody stools, Cramps

Dave’s Story:

Ok I hate hardcore medications like prednisone although for rough flairs I believe it has gotton me out of it.
Besides my medical methods I’ve been taking a homeopathic methods as well.
Very costlt when added up but u’ll do anything to feel better.
Ive changed doctors several times n even though they r good its hard to go back to em when facing the facts of no cure. So now I go for meds in desperate measures.
I’ve gained alot from herbal docs ann natrual docs as well and I keep up with most of their ideas but still no cure.
So after registering this fact I was abile to move on concentrating on maintaining remission.
With it came the scd diet n so far it put me in cool more than anything else I’ve tried, close to a yr.
I was happy. I still was on asacol during the diet but nothing more far as non homeopathic meds went.
I was glad I got off prednisone n lost my moon face n anxiety n all the other fun stuff.
I do feel strange eye problems. My eyes gets blurry n weak.
Ive googled this subject n serveral ppl experienced it n went further to get their eyes checked but every tests came back normal to them. I haven’t gone to get my eyes checked yet for this symptom fades in and out but I’ve got good gut feeling its related to uc, what u guys think????
Ok this is why iam really writing, I take oregano, silver water, ginsang, etc I know these build ur immune system.
Now I understand predn suppresses ur immnune system.
I feel if I take both of this meds it creates counter effects.
One boosts n one lowers, iam tempted to exclude to homeopathic ones out when iam trying to recover from a flairusing pred…

Could ppl give me feedbacks????

Its really tough going through life with uc n iam glad I joined this site
Shout out to adam

Colitis Medications:

asacol but changed to lialda recently
Colocort, only when flaired
Pred, only when flaired

written by Dave

Submitted in the Colitis Venting Area

2 thoughts on “Chicago Dave’s Colitis Story”

  1. Hi Dave. When I told my optomotrist that I had been diagnosed with UC (Several years ago), she told me to make sure that I came to her if I was having any eye problems because she said that people with IC can get a type of conjunctivitis that will not respond to what regular drs give you and that I should see her right away instead. Anyway, I would check it out and make sure your Opt. knows you have UC. Good luck with everything else. I am having some good results with the nicotine patch which you can find info on on this site on a different thread.


  2. Hi! I’ve got’Sj√∂gren’s Syndrome’, which is dry and sore eyes (and they get a little blurry too). When My UC flares it gets really bad and when I am not flaring everything gets back to normal. This syndrome is associated with auto immune diseases and can be diagnosed easily by an optometrist doing a simple eye moisture test. Good luck!

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