Hi there! I was recently diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I had a flare up 1 month ago that sent me to the hospital, and another one 7 years before that. Other than that I am usually constipated or go normal to the bathroom. I was diagnosed with left-sided UC. Before the last flare up I ate everything and anything you can imagine and not have any problems. From my native Puertorican food to sushi to Indian cuisine. I could eat it all, and for being 5’1, 94 lbs girl I could pack it too! But when I was released from the hospital I researched and found out about the SCD diet. So, scared that I would have another flare up I have been following it since. However, I just ate a Godiva Dark chocolate bar with raspberry filling. What are the chances that this chocolate bar will cause another flare up?!

chocolate colitis

Submitted by “Glenda the Hungry Munchkin” in the Colitis Venting Area

More information on this diet at the: SCD Diet Page

Also, there is a section of the website called “Starting the Specific Carbohydrate Diet Experiences

8 thoughts on “Cheating on the SCD”

  1. Hey Glenda,
    Good luck with the SCD and getting your UC under control!

    I Can’t give you any recent firsthand advice on chocolate and flares since I’ve given it up about two years ago.

    I do miss it quite a bit, especially chocolate chip cookies, but the trade off of remission is well worth it I guess. Still miss it though…

    I would suggest to listen to your body, and if you feel that the chocolate disturbed your system, try to lay off it for a while.

    If you think that it didn’t do anything to your system, I would still lay off it for a while to make sure, and then potentially re-introduce it in SMALL SMALLL Amounts only if you must.

    Its a great idea to stick to the rules of SCD dieting very hard, especially when you are in the early days. I have learned my lesson twice now on that, and good lessons to learn I suppose.
    best of luck to you, and thanks for sharing your story.
    -Adam (i follow SCD for about 2 years now, and i’m medication free)

    1. Hi Adam,

      Just recently diagnosed with UC. Had the fortune of being friends with a UC sufferer for twenty years and she got me on the diet right away. No drugs yet, not feeling consistently good yet but am stable. Trying a cleanse in conjunction with the diet. Have you done one?

      I am pumped about controlling this thing and am so happy that I stumbled across yours and others Youtube videos. What a fantastic support group.


      1. HI Kristen,
        Whats up!
        Hey, I have not myself tried a cleanse. Sounds interesting though. let us know how that goes for you, and congrats on starting the diet! thats great:)
        I know it’s often tough for many people to start it, especially if you’ve never been on a diet before, and now are all of a sudden controlling what goes in…
        Keep it up, and keep us posted on how things go for you. Have a great day,

  2. Hey Glenda

    In my experience, it’s allll about quantity. When i am in remission I cheat all the time. I’m eating australian licorice right now! But I have found that certain things just don’t mesh with me…like pasta. I also tend to have symptoms if I cheat with “white foods” (bread, pizza, pasta, sugar, baked goods etc) in larger amounts or for several consecutive days. So it’s all about “within reason” for me.

    Good luck!

  3. I didn’t eat chocolate for the first year on SCD. In my second year, I ate a little for Christmas and birthday and from my third year onwards, I’ve allowed myself a single square of black chocolate per day. I usually have it after dinner as my special treat. It is organic and free trade, so it costs an arm and a leg, which is a disincentive to snacking.

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