Patient Survey information and data from ulcerative colitis patients.

I Pooped My Pants Experiences

May 2014 brings us the “I Pooped My Pants Survey” results. WOW Right!. 141 people talking about pooping their pants and what happened before and after and how it is not that bad after all. That’s right, it happens, and we all can move forward and laugh about it together.

Flu Shots and Colitis

Ever wonder what percentage of UC’ers get the flu shot? And…does the FLU shot have any effect on UC symptoms? Answers to that and more are all waiting for you here

colitis question and answer survey Oct 2013

791 Person Colitis Question and Answer Survey

Below are the answers to all the questions from the recent survey that took place in October. The participants this month are from 46 different countries. (I’ve listed all the countries in the video below.  All participants received an email to participate via the iHaveUC newsletter.) Like the previous survey, the questions were the exact questions that have been asked by other UC’ers who use… Read More »791 Person Colitis Question and Answer Survey

832 Person Colitis Question and Answer Survey

Below are all the questions and responses listed as a percent (%) from the 832 people who took part in the survey. MAKE SURE to check out the pictures that about 60 people sent in below as well…just to make sure you know what some photo taking colitis people look like:) AND, a special thanks to my own Gastro doctor (Dr. Neil Stollman) who was… Read More »832 Person Colitis Question and Answer Survey

Relationships with Colitis 2013 Survey Results

(IF YOU ARE WANTING SOME TIPS ON RELATIONSHIPS, THERE ARE SOME GOOD TIPS TO THINK ABOUT AT THE BOTTOM) In this month’s survey, there were 301 participants who have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.  There were two participants who answered “no” regarding having ulcerative colitis and their responses have been removed. AND, guess what… 218 of the participants this month are women (that’s 72%) and… Read More »Relationships with Colitis 2013 Survey Results