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Mesalazine both in enema and tablet form are very common ulcerative colitis medications which are prescribed after being diagnosed.

Mesalamine Yes or No? Influence of Combination Drugs

After almost 3 years of UC of our daughter we know, that UC fight is kind of alchymia. And for every person works other medication different ways. Our daughter had first flare up for more than 2 years continually. Medication – Prednison (about 3 month and AZA + Mesalamine continually). Last ½ year of these 2 years we stopped all medication and it also didn´t… Read More »Mesalamine Yes or No? Influence of Combination Drugs

To All the UC’ers With Families

Meet Didem: I’m a 25-year-old microbiologist recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis after 6 years of suffering. I like cycling (which I do every chance I get), I love red wine (even though sometimes it hurts me), and I spent all my spare time watching HGTV :) My UC Symptoms Right Now: Occasionally small amounts of blood, urgency, awful and constant diarrhea, bloating and gas. Colitis… Read More »To All the UC’ers With Families

Coming to Terms with Colitis

Introduction: My name is Jo, I am about to turn twenty three and have just been diagnosed. I finished studying Neuropsychology at university last summer and I am very lucky to be in a job I love already. Still live with my parents in England, I try to eat healthy and exercise regularly. I love going to gigs, painting, reading and walking. Symptoms: Frequently visiting… Read More »Coming to Terms with Colitis