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Humira is another immune suppressing drug which is also VERY strong. It is one of the TNF biologic drugs. This is a new drug for Ulcerative Colitis patients, and is used more commonly with arthritis patients. Its taken via a subcutaneous injection, basically a small needle that goes just under the skin.

Humira, Will this Finally Work, I Can’t Take Much More

Meet Tina: Hi, I am Tina from Hampshire in the United Kingdom. I am 43 years old and a mother or two lovely children aged 9 and 11. I was diagnosed with UC nine years ago after the birth of my daughter. I am currently in a severe flare up which has lasted over 9 months. I am a teaching assistant in a local primary… Read More »Humira, Will this Finally Work, I Can’t Take Much More

Chasing After the Ever Elusive Remission

Christiana is in search of remission just like so many other UC’ers. She’s been through prednisone steroids, Lialda, and now her doctor is suggesting Humira to help with the UC symptoms. At 20 years old and a few years since her diagnosis, she’s looking for some outside help from other UC’ers.