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6 MP

6-MP has been a common ulcerative colitis medication for many years and these are all stories which have been submitted from UC’ers who also have experience with this powerful medicine. Not all parts of the world use the trade name 6-MP, it is often known by other names such as: Purinethol, Purixan, and 6 mercaptapurine.

6MP…To be, or not to be

Meet Dallas: Married father of 3. I have been flirting with flares on and off since I was diagnosed back in the summer of 2011. I have been spared the true nastiness of this disease–I realize it could be much worse. Some more about me: I enjoy reading, hanging out with the family and early morning walks. I used to run long distance, but that… Read More »6MP…To be, or not to be

6MP and Away We Go

Meet Richele Lynn: Hi again! this is an update from my original story (Pooping Machine) I submitted about a month ago. I was diagnosed with UC about 7 yrs ago. I went for my annual colonoscopy in October of this year and woah what a mess in there. ouch! Just started taking 6mp a week ago, which is why I am updating my story. Some… Read More »6MP and Away We Go

24 Year Old with UC on 6mp – YESTERDAY Just Found Out I’m Pregnant!

Introduction: 24 year old with UC on 6mp, prednisone, asacol, and remicade and just today march 8, 2012 found out that I am PREGNANT. Worried some about being on the 6mp Pregnant While Taking 6-MP A little about my Ulcerative Colitis background….. Hello my name is Kelli and I have had UC for going on 11 years now (I’ve been on asacol the entire time),… Read More »24 Year Old with UC on 6mp – YESTERDAY Just Found Out I’m Pregnant!

The STRESS of the Big Apple

Introduction: My name is Andrea and I’m 28 from New York City. I’m a photographer/graphic designer/jewelry designer. I love being outside, either taking photos or working out! The New York City Colitis Experience: I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in September 2011. I noticed while on vacation over Labor Day, that foods just weren’t agreeing with me. I thought it was just a fluke and… Read More »The STRESS of the Big Apple