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Starting SCD Experiences

SCD Healing Question

I am currently MED-FREE, that’s right I said it, I am not taking any medications to treat my Crohns and things have been going very well. I am following the SCD, 6 months strong baby, and as of the last few weeks have just started adding raw food back into the diet.

New to the UC Group

Jason’s 29 years old. Originally from New York, but has lived most his life in Southern California. And he’s new to UC. A DJ for 14 years and now working a morning radio show in Los Angeles is not easy, but the main goal is getting his UC under control ASAP!

When Will It Stop?

Kristen is a former Santa Barbara Fun in the Sun girl, now trying her hardest to get her colitis under control. Starting out with changing her diet even though her Mayo Clinic doctors don’t seem to believe in it. She might be onto something!