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Starting SCD Experiences

Know what it is – A Narrative by T.B.

No doubt. I saw you there. Staring me in the face. Faceless. Moment less. Lost less. Still. We met. In your time. And only yours. I touch you. And this, I cannot explain… What you meant to me. Laughter dancing inside my mind as we collide inside our essence. Come to me and take me in my whole for I am nothing beside you. But… Read More »Know what it is – A Narrative by T.B.

SCD Isn’t Actually The End of the World

So I have been on SCD for almost a month. It all started when I began to flare in January of 2010. The worst flare I’d had since the summer of 2009. I’d had mini flares, but this one I just couldn’t shake. Nothing was working. I tried cortisone enemas but I couldn’t “retain” them long enough to help. I tried going back on 6MP… Read More »SCD Isn’t Actually The End of the World

The Mysterious Recurrence

An update from our blog: Though John is feeling better than he was a week ago when he first began feeling intense cramping pain in his transverse colon, he is still experiencing GI symptoms. By comparison to where he was before the SCD, it’s nothing really. Just some chronic bloating, a little cramping when having a BM(bowel movement). There have been no stool changes, just… Read More »The Mysterious Recurrence

I Think the SCD Is Working!

I have had ulcerative colitis for almost 6 years now with flare ups consistently 2x a year requiring steroids each time (and as a result of steroids, I now have osteoporosis and I am only 31 yrs old..but it could be much worse, so I am thankful its not). I was initially diagnosed 2 months after my brother passed 2005..lost about 12 lbs in… Read More »I Think the SCD Is Working!