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the specific carbohydrate diet is something that changes how you eat food, by changing what you decide to eat.

Correct SCD Diet

Hi I am Helen (41y). Diagnosed 3 years ago. Recent colonoscopy in may 2016. I was very ill and 4 months I ate only (and I mean only chicken broth – without chicken). I lost 38kg. After that I started to looking for help and find SCD. Some more about Helen: I am very open minded. I look for way find out and I try… Read More »Correct SCD Diet

Natural Solutions – Homepath Experience from Allison

I decided to submit my story when I saw Adam’s facebook post requesting more stories involving naturopaths/homeopathic experiences. I am 30 years old and was diagnosed about a year ago. I have a mildly stressful job as a customer service rep but can at least leave most of my stress at work. I was diagnosed with IBS at 16 but my symptoms were occasional where… Read More »Natural Solutions – Homepath Experience from Allison

Trish is Going from Strength to Strength with Her Colitis!

Great Story from a long-term iHaveUC website user: Maybe it can help you too:       Hi Adam Hope you are well – as always thank you so much for all you do. I am going from strength to strength – Probiotics, vitamin D, Krill Oil, Curcumin and 75% SCD 80%of the time. I read on your post that a few people have found… Read More »Trish is Going from Strength to Strength with Her Colitis!

Fermented Foods – My Sister is All About It!

Hey UC’ers, March 6th, I received a late night facebook message from my sister Laura. The post below about fermented foods has the following: my sister’s message A video from a woman who is a food fermenting expert A recipe for the type of fermented foods I made today And a link to pretty amazing facebook group all about fermented foods And some more good… Read More »Fermented Foods – My Sister is All About It!