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the specific carbohydrate diet is something that changes how you eat food, by changing what you decide to eat.


Introduction: Hi, my name is Isak, I am 27 years old, and I was diagnosed with UC during my final year at university about 4 years ago. I currently live in South Korea, and have been trying to follow the SCD for a few weeks. My Current Ulcerative Colitis Deal and Questions: I was diagnosed […]

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Don’t Give Up Hope!

Introduction: My husband has hypothyroidism, about 10 years now (& has alway taken the natural form of Synthroid, now called Westhroid). Don’t know if this is significant, but after reading Mak’s story, the thyroid connection made me decide to write the following… Husband’s Ulcerative Colitis: I do not have Ulcerative Colitis but my husband does […]

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