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Food and Diet Treatment

Here are some videos and food ideas that work for many people who are suffering from ulcerative colitis.

Finding Success with FODMAP diet

I’ve recently reached my five year anniversary of Ulcerative Colitis (yay?) Still currently have a colon, although it’s been a very bumpy ride! My doctor has begun pushing the surgery so I’m currently exploring all options before making a decision. Some more details: I work in higher ed marketing and am an active kickball and flag football player. I have been trying to get into… Read More »Finding Success with FODMAP diet

Your Doctor Might Not Know Crap About Nutrition

Meet Robert: 51 year old male diagnosed with U.C. Married, two kids. I am not a medical doctor but have studied much over the years about health and nutrition. I am frustrated in general about how most doctors do not spend time connecting sickness and poor nutrition. Instead they see medicine as the answer. I have worked in Central Asia for almost 10 yrs. with… Read More »Your Doctor Might Not Know Crap About Nutrition

Eating Right 4 Your Blood Type – John’s Colitis Connection

Below is an email that I recently received from John who uses the site too. I thought it was a great email and he gave me permission to post it for others to read. I think it will be helpful for some of you too. Adam, My name is John. I’ve had UC since 2007 (at work, and it was BAD). I didn’t tell anyone… Read More »Eating Right 4 Your Blood Type – John’s Colitis Connection