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science and research into the ulcerative colitis, or gastrointestinal world.

Interesting Future Thinking Inflammatory Bowel Disease and C-Diff Studies

Hey there UC’ers, I came across two studies earlier today, and I think they might be of interest to you as well. Since I’ve been following IBD in the science world, and specifically ulcerative colitis, there has certainly been some changes in how the scientific world approaches our disease.  It wasn’t long ago, let’s just roll back three or four years for that matter and… Read More »Interesting Future Thinking Inflammatory Bowel Disease and C-Diff Studies

Your Chances of Infection from Anti-TNF Treatments

Anti-TNF medications (humira, remicade, cimzia, Simponi for example) are the fastest growing treatment options (and most profitable for drug companies for treating our disease). You as a UC patient should for sure be familiar with what to expect in terms of potential outcomes and side effects on a range of things before getting started, or during treatment. This post contains links to several published studies by scientists who have outlined much of the missing information our GI doctors have not disclosed yet.

livestock farms IBD connection

Do Farms Minimize Your Chance of Getting IBD?

Is there something to the new research regarding people who grew up on livestock farms and their smaller probability of getting IBD in the future. Much has to do with exposure to bacteria at an early age when the immune system is developing, what do you think?

Can Stressful Life Events Cause Colitis Flares?

If you’re Hiroshi, Masaki, Yoshitaka, and a bunch of others from Japan who completed some research that was published in February of 2013…I’m pretty sure that you’re answer is going to be a big fat, “YES! Life events can indeed cause/induce colitis flares”. So once again, I was spending time reading through PubMed and another recent study was begging to be read.  It’s title is:… Read More »Can Stressful Life Events Cause Colitis Flares?