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Remicade is a medication that affects the immune system and is prescribed for Ulcerative Colitis patients who are not responding to other medications. It is administered through an IV usually into your arm.

Bring on Remicade Round #4

Intro From Kyle (post #5!): Hello one again all my UC friends. I have missed you all and it is nice to be back : ) Hey everyone it is Kyle coming straight for the Pacific Northwest, the WA the be exact. I am a 28 year old teacher and youth pastor. I am married to an amazing God serving woman who puts up with… Read More »Bring on Remicade Round #4

Remicade and Health Insurance in the US

Introduction: I am Mo’ath, 27 years old, male from Jordan (google it if you don’t know it :) ). I am a Ph.D Computer Engineering student. Lives in Nashville, Tennessee. I have been diagnosed with UC two years ago. Some more about me: I am a full time human. A graduate student, play Soccer, Play Playstation, I go to Gym, Hang out with friends, do… Read More »Remicade and Health Insurance in the US

Remicade and Questions About My Treatment So Far

Meet Matt: Hi, my name is Matt I am from Christchurch New Zealand. I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (pancolitis) since May 2009 but had symptoms before that for about a year or so on and off. Just started remicade. Some more about me: Finished University have a BA in political science, history and a degree in economics (though wishing I had studied medicine… Read More »Remicade and Questions About My Treatment So Far


Meet Kyle, The Remicade Warrior: Back Again once again it’s the Remicade Warrior! Hey guys! My name is Kyle. I am 28 years old. I am a teacher and youth pastor from the wonderful wacky state of Washington, like that Alliteration : ) Yeah I teach Language Arts! I was diagnosed this past summer with UC, love Jesus, play hoops, love to read, and I… Read More »DING…REMICADE ROUND # 3