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Nearly everybody who has ulcerative colitis has parents. And more often then not, when people with UC are diagnosed initially, they tend to be at the early stages of their lives.

So, that is the reason for the section of the website devoted to parents of kids who have ulcerative colitis.

Some of the stories talk about the decision making that these parents are in the middle of, especially with regards to different types of treatments mainly in the form of medications and potential surgery that they are all faced with. None of this is easy decision making, but these stories should help to provide other parents with the reality that there are many others in the same situation.

Help from UC Patients Who Have Been on Remicade

My daughter was just diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. She is the oldest of 6. Some of my other kids have Gastric issues but we were very surprised with this diagnosis. I’m currently trying to adapt to the lifestyle changes she is going thru. She is 17 years old, and was diagnosed at the end of June this year. Pain, bloody diahrrea, tired, swelling from prednisone.… Read More »Help from UC Patients Who Have Been on Remicade

My Son’s Colitis – Cured by Staying Positive

As much as you undergo the stress and pain so do the ones close to you who actually care for you and also in a lot of stress being deeply concerned about you. But nothing is impossible to overcome if there is complete positivity and a proper diet and medications start getting reduced and clinical reports show a complete cure. Family and loved ones can surely be your biggest medication.